6Toplist Cheapest Studios

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6Toplist Cheapest Studios
1. Studio Wichtelgasse 43
2. Studio Markgraf Rüdigerstraße 29
3. Studio Goldschlagstraße 125
4. Studio Johnstraße 16a
5. Bäuerlegasse 29

In Vienna’s very diverse pay sex market there are many different places to choose from. We know that in today’s economic climate money can be tight sometimes. For this very reason we want to present you with the 6Toplist Cheapest Studios in Vienna.

Please bear in mind that we do not encourage you to always look for the cheapest offer. At the same time we do not think that cheap must necessarily equal bad quality. At the end you must find out for yourself which place is the right one for you.

This listing is ranked by the cheapest offers that we know and not a quality ranking.

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1. Studio Wichtelgasse 43

1170 Wien,

  • 30€ for 15 minutes of sex
  • 25€ for 10 minutes of only blowjob
  • Do not allow sex without condom (also called bareback, AO sex)
  • The only one of them with a website

The whole pricelist:

  • 10 min. Blowjob without (BW) – 25€
  • 10 min. Sex – 25€
  • 15 min. BW + Sex – 30€
  • 20 min. BW + Sex – 40€
  • 30 min. BW + Sex – 50€
  • 45 min. BW + Sex – 75€
  • 1 hour BW + Sex – 90€
  • 1 hour BW + Sex with Jacuzzi – 120€


  • Kissing +10€
  • Golden shower +10€
  • Prostatamassage +20-30€
  • Anal +30€
  • Domina +20-40€

2. Studio Markgraf Rüdigerstraße 29

1150 Wien

  • No website available for them
  • 15 minutes = 40€
  • 30 minutes = 60€
  • 60 minutes = 100€
  • AO sex available for the same price

3. Studio Goldschlagstraße 125

1150 Wien

  • Same as Studio Markgraf Rüdigerstraße, no online presence on their own website
  • 40€ = 15 minutes of sex, with or without condom
  • 30 minutes = 60€
  • 60 minutes = 100€

Both number 2 as well as 3 on the list have a solid reputation because they are cheap and don’t have a price difference between protected sex and AO sex. This doesn’t mean that they’re the place to go to.

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4. Studio Johnstraße 16a

1150 Wien

  • They are without website as well
  • Big studio, but not too nice
  • Plenty of girls that change regularly
  • 15 minutes = 30€
  • 30 minutes = 50€
  • 60 minutes = 80€
  • 20€ extra for AO sex
  • Most of the girls allow sex without condom

5. Bäuerlegasse 29

1200 Wien

  • 30€ = 15 min
  • 30€ extra for AO sex

Actually, we don’t recommend any of these studios, because they are the cheapest and most of them offer sex without condom. AO sex is not safe, although it feels better, and cheaper doesn’t mean better.

We suggest you try going to one of the Best Studios in Vienna and see if there are any differences between them.


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