Best Black Girls in Vienna

black girls in vienna

So far, we’ve shown you Vienna’s share of beautiful girls in this article, and now it’s time to talk about the black ladies of Vienna’s pay sex scene.

These beautiful and full of life women that enlighten us each day with their humor and way of life.

Obviously, there are other black girls in the Vienna’s sex scene, but this is a Best List. Whenever we’ll see another black beauty, we’ll let you know that the article’s updated.

And now, here’s our opinion about who are the Best Black Girls in Vienna

Annabelle from Maxim Wien

Although in her pictures Annabelle has her faced blurred, we have seen her beauty first-hand, at Maxim Nightclub. Annabelle can really be compared to Naomi Campbell (another black beauty covered in our Best Models to pose for Playboy article).

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By a landslide, the most beautiful black girl in Vienna, Annabelle is a really gorgeous girl, tall and slender, with a beautiful face and a great and elegant body.

Annabelle has a funny personality with a very good sense of humor but she’s more of a quiet person. Although not obvious at the first glance, Annabelle’s almost as hilarious as her friend, Joy. Joy and Annabelle are friends and work together at Maxim and the pair is recommended to be booked together.

Annabelle on the stage

Annabelle, despite the fact that Joy can be seen quite a lot on the stage, unfortunately, has not yet been seen dancing on the stage, which is a pity obviously.

Cherry from several Laufhauses

Born in Brazil, Cherry has been working in Vienna for more than a decade, with a few of stops here and there. But she’s back recently and the rumors of her wild and almost taboo-less service that she offered years ago spread quite fast.

A few years ago, when Cherry worked independently, everything was possible with her. However, that was also the times when she was asking rates up to 300€.

Cherry with big tits

Nowadays, Cherry accepted to work in Laufhauses () for the most common low rates. Obviously, she’s not that young anymore and not as pretty as some other sexworking girls out there. But she has something that others might lack, and that is experience and her general way.

Joy from Maxim Wien

Joy, another girl from Maxim Nightclub, is a person full of life, outgoing and super friendly. She’s hilarious and always in a good mood, ready to joke around all the time.A great person to spend your time with, Joy also dances on the stage.

Joy’s not that slender, although her body is great and firm. Keeping a close eye on Vienna’s pay sex scene allowed us to notice so many girls so far. It wasn’t any different with Joy either.


She previously worked in Bar Schönbrunn for a long time and obviously under our radar. However, when Joy joined Maxim, she also became a person of interest for our lists.

We’re still searching for other beautiful black girls in Vienna, therefore this list won’t be this short for a long time.

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