Best sex studio for sex without condom in Vienna

Studio la Chica in Wien


Sex Studios are a common occurrence in our very liberal country of Austria where sexwise money buys you all the carnal pleasures you want, mostly at a reasonable (or not) and often cheap (or not) price. And the center of all sexual liberty is the actual capital Vienna, of course, where the sex scenery is indeed colorful, versatile and very impressive.

The best sex studios in Vienna are waiting for you, check them out in this article!

Sex Studios are just one form of sex systems in Vienna and in Austria. There are many others which will be dealt with in other articles on


Yes, really. The prostitution setting in Vienna has made lots of dramatic turns in the last couple of years mostly due to the fact that prices were going down and services were given away cheaply or for no additional costs at all. Great for the customers in theory but bad for the girls and therefore not ideal for the industry as a whole.


1. Studio Rembrandtstraße 12 in 1120 Wien

2. Studio Engerthstraße 208 in 1020 Wien

3. Romanogasse in 1200 Wien

4. Studio La-Chica – Penzinger Straße 95 in 1140 Wien

Check out the official site of Studio La-Chica HERE!

Studio la Chica in Wien

5. Studio Relaxe – Stolberggasse 21a in 1050 Wien

Click here and take a tour on their site!

Studio Relaxe in Wien

6. Herklotzgasse 6 in 1150 Wien

While we try to provide only top lists of this case, we really can’t vouch for those places… definitely not all of them. Of course, we have done our homework and all the research necessary to make a list and a verdict, however, sex without condom is not our cup of tea and we will not test what we find morally questionable.

None-the-less, given the research that was gathered through various channels, we think that the ranking is accurate and that the top listed Studio Rembrandtstraße is indeed a good studio… even regardless of its AO-policy.

There are, of course, many more studios in Wien which sometimes condone AO and have the one or the other sexworker who does offer sex without condom that didn’t make the list. This can be for a number of reasons.

References and reviews of those studios can be found on various blogs and websites.

A good review about Nataly who works in Penzingerstraße 95 at the moment can be found on this blog post. 2 interesting blog posts about Maya and Lorette in Rembrandtstraße can be found on this blog.

Lots of information but also lots of blabla and spam can be found in the – the whole forum is in GERMAN, though.

And all the AO information is put together in this article, make sure to check out this one as well!

Here are reviews about

Emi and Elise

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