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Joy, another girl from Maxim Nightclub, is a person full of life, outgoing and super friendly. She’s hilarious and always in a good mood, ready to joke around all the time.A great person to spend your time with, Joy also dances on the stage.

Joy’s not that slender, although her body is great and firm. Keeping a close eye on Vienna’s pay sex scene allowed us to notice so many girls so far. It wasn’t any different with Joy either.


She previously worked in Bar Schönbrunn for a long time and obviously under our radar. However, when Joy joined Maxim, she also became a person of interest for our lists.

We’re still searching for other beautiful black girls in Vienna, therefore this list won’t be this short for a long time.

Welcome back Bang Bus fans! Today we got a reverse bus featuring the ever popular Christy Mack. We go on the prowl for some regular guys and test if their claimed game is just a bunch of bullshit. In regards to the fellas we picked up, it looks to be all bark and no bite. From premature ejaculations to an affliction of thumb dick, will the men represent or fail? Watch and see! Enjoy..


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