Kim Basinger in Playboy

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Kim BasingerKim Basinger Playboy 1983

Cover Model: 02.1983, 09.1987

Pictorials: 02.1983, 01.1988

Kim Basinger is also an American actress that once was a model. She was born in December 1953.

Throughout her acting career, she starred in Never Say Never Again (1983) as a Bond Girl, Batman (1989) as Vicky Vale and other several other movies.

However, her most important role was for the movie that brought her an Oscar as Best Supporting Actress is L.A Confidential (1997). The movie had a total of 9 other nominees and won only 2, but keep in mind that it came out in the same year as Titanic did.

The striptease scene in “9 ½ Weeks”, where she starred alongside Mickey Rourke, was one of the best scenes with Kim. It was a memorable hot scene and the song is iconic:


Kim Basinger posed for Playboy in 1983 to promote her new role as a Bond Girl in Never Say Never Again.

List of Movies with Kim Basinger

Gemini Man 1976 as Sheila Charlie’s Angels 1976 as Linda Oliver McMillan & Wife 1977 as Janet Carney
The Six Million Dollar Man 1977 as Lorrain Stenger Dog and Cat 1977 as Officer J.Z. Kane The Ghost of Flight 401 1978 as Prissy Frasier
Katie: Portrait of a Centerfold 1978 as Katie McEvera Vega$ 1978 as Allison Jorden From Here to Eternity 1979-1980 as Lorene Rogers
Hard Country 1981 as Jodie Killjoy 1981 as Laury Medford Mother Lode 1982 as Andrea Spalding
Never Say Never Again 1983 as Domino Petachi The Man Who Loved Women 1983 as Louise Carr The Natural 1984 as Memo Paris
Fool For Love 1985 as May 9 ½ Weeks 1986 as Elizabeth No Mercy 1986 as Michele Duval
Blind Date 1987 as Nadia Gates Nadine 1987 as Nadine Hightower My Stepmother Is an Alien 1988 as Celeste Martin
Batman 1989 as Vicki Vale The Marrying Man 1991 as Vicki Anderson Final Analysis 1992 as Heather Evans
Cool World 1992 as Holli Would The Real McCoy 1993 as Karen McCoy Wayne’s World 2 1993 as Honey Horné
The Getaway 1994 as Carol McCoy Ready To Wear 1994 as Kitty Potter L.A. Confidential 1997 as Lynn Bracken
I Dreamed of Africa 2000 as Kuki Gallmann Bless the Child 2000 as Maggie O’Connor 8 Mile 2002 as Stephanie Smith
People I Know 2002 as Victoria Gray The Door in the Floor 2004 as Marion Cole Elvis Has Left the Building 2004 as Harmony Jones
Cellular 2004 as Jessica Martin The Sentinel 2006 as 1st Lady Sarah Ballentine The Mermaid Chair 2006 as Jessie Sullivan
Even Money 2006 as Carol Carver While She Was Out 2008 as Della Myers The Informers 2008 as Laura Sloan
The Burning Plain 2008 as Gina Charlie St. Cloud 2010 as Claire St. Cloud Black November 2012 as Kristy
Third Person 2013 as Elaine Grudge Match 2013 as Sally Rose