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Chloë Sevigny giving blowjob in artistic movie

Chloë is an American actress known for her roles in American Psycho, Zodiac and the HBO Series, Big Love. However, she’s also known for one of the most controversial movie scenes, an uncensored scene of her giving a blowjob in “The Brown Bunny” movie.

Released in 2003, “The Brown Bunny” was a movie directed by Vincent Gallo. He also played the main role. The movie was released at the Cannes Film Festival and it caused quite a stir among movie enthusiasts and critics.

The final scene of the movie featured Chloë giving a full blowjob to Vincent Gallo:

“ I fully support this movie, no matter what critics say ”

Although media and critics had no mercy for Chloë after this movie, she stood by what she did and said that the movie was a piece of art and should be treated that way.

Few years after this scandal, after her agency left her as a client and no one thought she would get another role for a long time, she starred in HBO hit TV series, Big Love. There, she played the role of Nicolette Grant, the second wife of a polygamist family.

Chloe Sevigny naked photo shoot


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