Sexworking Nationalities in Vienna


Vienna’s current situation regarding the pay sex scene is pretty good, with an array of sex working girls from various countries that we’ll list today. However, due to European regulations and Austria’s take and interpretation on them only European citizens or people with permanent VISA are allowed to work as sex workers.

What is missing from Vienna’s sex scene and why?

Of course, a perfect scenery for Vienna’s pay sex scene would be the mix of all nationalities from all of Europe and even the world. However, this isn’t possible at the moment, either because of European regulations that prevent beautiful girls from former USSR countries to work here or because of the overwhelming number of Romanian girls currently working in Vienna.

Of course, there are other nationalities that would be highly appreciated in Austria’s sex scene. Especially Asian girls, or girls with Asian features. Unfortunately, because of the reasons mentioned above, girls from Asian countries aren’t allowed to work as prostitutes in Vienna, therefore Austria and its guests have to make due with one or the other girl with Asian features.

While most girls in this pay sex scene would like to be in high paying countries or cities, such as England, Dubai, Monaco and others, there are girls that choose Vienna and stay faithful to it. They choose Vienna for its financial stability and the resemblance to their hometown or country.

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Romanian Girls

Romanian girls are the overwhelming number 1. They can be found all around Europe because of a few simple reasons. Their beauty, nomad qualities and quick decision making are some of the factors that make them the undeniable number one nationality (in numbers) in Vienna’s sex pay scene.

Romanian girls work for a longer period of time

There are a lot of beautiful girls in Romania who agree to be a prostitute and the fact that they can pack their things and leave for another country gives them a certain advantage.

Also, the Romanian girls are willing to stay in Austria for weeks, months or even years by their choice if they feel comfortable about it and they make enough money. While girls from other countries choose to work for a few days, then return and relax in their own country.

These Romanian girls’ language skills are something to consider as well, mostly because of the Latin roots of the Romanian language which helps them a lot in learning a new language quite fast.

Why are there so many Romanian girls working as prostitutes?

Romania, in comparison with other European countries, is a poor country and therefore the decision or the pressure to pick this line of work is higher but the ambition is also higher. They thrive to be the best at what they do, mostly because being the best earns you the most money and reputation.

Also, Romania is a country with incredibly beautiful girls with great bodies and it’s also a country way bigger than Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic with more people living in it. Therefore, a lot of beautiful girls that could work in this line of work, as prostitutes.

Hungarian Girls

Hungary is close to Austria and traditionally a country that is friendly with Austrians as their neighbours.

The Hungarians girls are incredibly beautiful, but with a hot temper. Although they have the option to work in their own country, under legal status as prostitutes, Hungarian girls choose Vienna due to the financial advantages it presents.

Even for Hungarian girls, their home country remains their true home

Although they work in Austria, at the end of the week or after a couple of days, most Hungarian sexworkers choose to go back to their home country to relax with the money earned in Vienna and come back when they please or need to work some more.


Russian Girls

Our absolute favourite girls, Russians, are decreasing in numbers and now you can hardly find any girls from the former Soviet Union.

Only girls from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are allowed to work in Austria because of European regulations. Girls from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other former USSR countries are not allowed unfortunately.

Why are Russian girls so highly-praised in Vienna’s sex scene?

It would be a paradise for Vienna’s citizens and its guests if girls with Russian features would be allowed to work here.

The Russian girls are highly appreciated in Austria’s sexworking business due to their manners, conversational skills, education and lady-like behaviour. The Russian girls are different than the other girls, they want to be a part of the world they live in. They are also well educated and have a desire to adapt, to learn from Austria’s ways, from their culture.

Obviously, Russian beauty is something appreciated at a world-level. Their tallness and educated behavior are desired features in Austria’s sex pay scene.

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Bulgarian Girls

Bulgaria, a small country with a lot of beautiful girls is our number four on the list. Their girls are exotic, with a mix of Russian, Turkish and other appreciated features.

However, the numbers of Bulgarian girls is also decreasing in Vienna’s pay sex scene. The reason seems to be the same as for other nationalities: the overwhelming number of Romanian girls saturating the market.

Slovakian Girls

Similar to how Bulgarian girls are seen in Vienna, Slovakian as well as Czech girls are even more popular and desired than the Bulgarian ones. They’re also neighbours of Austria, therefore it’s easy for them to work there.

Czech girls got a lot of recognition lately thanks to the porn series, “Czech Streets” where allegedly real girls are paid to have sex in public. Whether it is directed or real, the porn movies shares more light on Czech beauties.

However, the number of Slovakian and Czech girls is also decreasing in Vienna’s pay sex scene.

Polish Girls

Polish girls, the girls that could be by nature amongst the favourites in Vienna. They could entertain the wealthiest of people due to their very high standard of education and because of what they’ve learned from their neighbours, Germany.

Not enough money and against their Catholic beliefs

Actually, it’s a crying shame that hardly any Polish girls find their way to Austria. The Polish girls are beautiful, tall and stylish. However because Poland is not that far behind Austria from an economic point of view, working in Austria presents a small financial advantage and not enough to motivate a lot of Polish girls.

Another reason for their disappearance from the Austrian sex scene is that Polish girls are raised with a strong Roman Catholic belief, which would come into contradiction with the job of a prostitute.

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