The Misleading Vienna Escort Cartel

Introduction – The Escort Agencies of Vienna

Vienna is a big and renowned city, the pay sex scene here is full of diversity, so there is nothing strange in the large number of escort agencies offering their services. But things are not always how they seem.

The odd thing about Misleading Escort Websites in Vienna

So, here’s what happening in Vienna right now. There are a couple of escort websites that look very similar to each other and have the same girls listed as their escorts. Still nothing strange right? However, they are in fact multiple URLs under only one agency.

They are mostly part of a strategy meant to deceive clients into thinking that there are new escort agencies on the market.

How does this escort websites “strategy” work?

1. Easy to make websites

For those out there that don’t know, it’s quite simple and fast to build a site, especially an escort one. There are free or cheap templates available on the Internet that look nice so it’s only a matter of days before such a website can be up and running.

Escort templates

2. New names and modified photos for the girls

It’s easy for the girls to receive a new name and to modify their photos slightly. There are even agencies which don’t even bother to modify their photos.

3. The variety of prices

The very same agency runs a bunch of websites with different prices, so as a client you may end up paying up to 50€ more depending on where you book the lady from. The escort, who in the end will get the same share as if you booked her from the cheaper agency.

The procedure is basically this, you call at the number displayed on their website to book a girl, right? But in fact, you are calling 1 or 2 telephonists on one of their 8-12 mobile phones (every one of them labeled to an escort site).

4. Clever names means a bigger popularity

They always come up with smart names to be more visible and present but the truth is that they are also trying to trick Google a little with KeyWords in the name of their URLs.

By doing so, they push other agencies back that don’t resort to this type of strategy.

Who did it first?

In Vienna, the JustForFun group was the first to use such a strategy. They started their business roughly 20 years ago, with the early 2000s being the period when they started building the site network. Apart from running various misleading escort websites, they used almost only fake photos of their girls.

Now, all that is left from their days of glory are their domains which are for sale.

Who are the targets for this strategy?

They are mostly targeting new clients like foreigners visiting Vienna or locals that are inexperienced in the pay sex market.

So, if tourists or people that have no connection to the pay sex scene in Vienna are the targets of this strategy, what can they do to avoid falling into this clever trap?

There are mostly two or three things that can be done about this, know every website on the market, research on the Internet about the respective website or just book on recommendation only.

URLs of the Cartel

Escort Websites

Every one of these sites is meant to mislead potential new clients by tricking them into thinking that this is what’s fresh and new on the market. When in fact, they’re just copies of other sites, handled by the same management.

The tricky part in all of this is how to learn to avoid such websites. It’s really not that hard:

  1. You can keep track of every escort website (which might be a little hard for new-comers).
  2. Search over the Internet, especially on Vienna Sex Forums, about the sites from which you’re about to book.
  3. Stick to the agencies you know or those which have been recommended to you.

In conclusion, all you have to do so you don’t fall in their clever trickery is to improve your self-awareness and to use only respected escort websites.

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