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    Valentina Nappi oily ass sceneValentina Nappi is the personification of beauty. A young girl, born on November 6, 1990, with a silky smooth body and amazing curves. She was born in Naples, Italy, so no wonder that she’s beautiful. Italian genes don’t lie. A straight-haired brunette, with natural, medium tits and a big ass is a perfect girl for many men, and even people.

    On top of her looks, Valentina is considered an intellectual porn star, so her personality counts even on the inside! She studied fashion design, and she entered the European porn industry in 2011, and in 2012 she was a playmate in Playboy – Italian edition.

    As for her intellectual life, she has written some essays about gender equality in Italian and stands strong with her attitude. Besides that, Valentina likes to relax from all that commitments, with some porn filming. Her favorite scenes are mainly gangbang scenes, where her record is 45 men at the same time.

    Quite a challenge! Valentina now lives in California, where the shooting of her videos goes down. She prefers the American porn industry rather than European because they shoot more movies and it’s more professional.

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    You’re damn right Valentina, that’s why you made a right choice because Naughty America is a land of opportunity. She has some sassy videos, reviewed below.

    7. Valentina Nappi & Preston Parker in Ass Masterpiece

    It must be an honor for Valentina Nappi because she can star in these series, just because of her ass that’s out of this world. Don’t get the title wrong, it’s all about pussy crushing.

    The main focus of the camera is her ass, just that. She uses some extra oil to get that film light that’s reflecting on her ass, making her ass even bigger and shinier than ever. Valentina Nappi & Preston Parker in Ass Masterpiece was posted on June 23, 2016.

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    6. Valentina Nappi & Ryan Mclane in Naughty Office

    The Naughty Office series has just expanded! Watch Valentina work late, adding those extra hours of work, for real things. Ryan Mclane, her man, had plans for the two, but since she can’t really go with him, she decides to make it up to him by letting Ryan fuck her on her desk. Good thing that there wasn’t anyone else present, so they had the whole office for themselves. Valentina Nappi & Ryan Mclane in Naughty Office was posted on November 21, 2015.

    Valentina Nappi in her new scene

    5. Valentina Nappi & Preston Parker in Neighbor Affair

    Valentina has some back problems, and since she knows that Preston Parker, her neighbor, is a chiropractor, she invites him over to help her with her spine a little. But Preston Parker doesn’t know in what trap he’s leading himself into because Valentina has more than just a back problem.

    She just lacks some hard cock at the moment. Preston has some other impressive skills up his sleeves, other than being a doctor. Valentina Nappi & Preston Parker in Neighbor Affair was published on October 27, 2015.

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    4. Valentina Nappi & Mark Wood in Tonights Girlfriend Classic

    Another classic business man issue starring Mark Wood. He hates the fact that Valentina Nappi is an Italian girl, and that most of the time she’s out of US, so Mark is very glad when he has work to do in her home country, where he can call her to drop by at his hotel room for the night. He adores her beauty, her body, especially her feet.

    She’s aware of his fetish for feet, so she garnishes her sexy legs with sexy stockings and polishes her ass with sexy lingerie. Everything on her fits well and looks sexy. Nevertheless, at the end of the night, Mark Wood fills himself with feet and pussy and empties it through cum, and everyone is happy. Valentina Nappi & Mark Wood in Tonights Girlfriend Classic was posted on July 8, 2015.

    Valentina Nappi footjob

    3. Valentina Nappi & Dane Cross in Naughty Office

    Dane Cross is the IT guy from work, the know-it-all, and he responds to a call from Valentina, the new employee, who has password problems. He comes by to her computer on her desk to fix the issue, restarting it, and while they were waiting, Valentina decides to make up for his efforts by inviting him to eat with her.

    She was up for some Italian food ( what a coincidence) and bingo! That’s Dane’s favorite food (also a coincidence)!

    After he accepts her offer, she proceeds to sit on her desk, spreading her legs, and letting Dane know that pussy is the only Italian that he’ll get. How unfortunate for him. But, you are what you eat, Dane. Valentina Nappi & Dane Cross in Naughty Office was published on April 16, 2014.

    Valentina Nappi new Naughty Office scene

    2. Valentina Nappi & Bill Bailey in My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend

    Bill needs to pick up his dad’s girlfriend Valentina from the airport since his dad is on a business trip. When they’ve got home, he gets a call from his dad, informing Bill that he won’t come for the rest of the night. He wanted to tell Valentina that his dad won’t be arriving soon, but on his way, he accidentally walks in on her changing.

    After he apologized to her and went to his room, he started to jack off to Valentina’s hot body. Then, Valentina walks onto him while he was jacking off and she confesses that she never gets dick from his dad because he is too old. Feeling sorry for her, Bill decides to comfort her a little bit and gives Valentina a dick that she deserves.

    Valentina Nappi & Bill Bailey in My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend was posted on the 8th of April, 2014.

    Valentina Nappi and Bill Bailey

    1. Valentina Nappi & Bill Bailey in My Sister’s Hot Friend

    This movie is one of Valentina’s oldest, where she had a trimmed, bushy pussy. It looks good on beautiful chicks, I can tell you that, in case you don’t like your pussy to be hairy.

    Bill has an obligation to take his sister’s friend Valentina around town a little bit, while his sister is away. He keeps giving her some ideas, but no matter what he says, she turns him down.

    The only thing that she wants to do, in order to waste some time, is Bill. She’s starving for his cock, and Bill just has the perfect time to fuck her like crazy, when no one is bothering them. Valentina Nappi & Bill Bailey in My Sister’s Hot Friend was posted on March 7, 2014.

    Valentina Nappi hairy pussy