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Salutations, dear friends! I gathered you here so you could witness one of Australian’s finest sprinters… oh, wait, we’re not talking Olympics here. Well, to be honest, this one’s not a waste as well! In fact, this one right here which I’m looking at Naughty America is more qualified than any other Melissas there are!

And she’s only 21! Sports-wise, the manner isn’t clear enough for me to determine if she could run a 100m sprint under 10 seconds, but at least she makes me go under 10 seconds! Self-betrayal is the dumbest thing to do, but I’ll do the right cause just for Melisa’s sake!

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The reason why I mentioned other Melisa’s is because there’s more than these 2. Melisa Moore is a retired porn actress, so I suppose this was a polite gesture to sacrifice your creativity for the industry’s legend!

This Melisa Moore comes from Texas, born on May 22nd, 1996. She is still a girl under maintenance, so go easy on this poor thing, she’s got a lot to prove, and we don’t want anyone losing it at this early age. Because who knows, maybe’s Melisa has a great potential!

Judging by the looks of things, or her, to be precise, I think she’s winner-material in this porn game, going all-in or nothing! It’d be a disgrace if we don’t nurture our youth, so I’m adamant on the terms of developing young people!

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Melisa’s top priority is her general beauty, which she emits as from the inside, the same on the out! Billowing hair that’s gradually succeeding at going blonde, from her root to the tip, but she’s a natural Brunette. She is 5’4 (162 cm), but her body says differently. In the head, she’s even more completely differing from the pattern! (illogical conclusion to boast my point).

She’s mature as a 30-year-old, looks underage, but on average, she is what she really is. Her tits are Perky but at a cost of size. They’re small like a basketball size 3-4. Petite body is what describes her, and there’s no avoiding it. A medium ass like a cherry on top for her, making a balanced total.

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Believe it or not, and I’m talking to myself too, but she’s allegedly Latina. I’d never even thought about it, at first catch I would say Caucasian without a doubt, but when I consider her face insight, she has some Latina finesse. Green eyes, specific face shape, hair, mouth, nose, it all adds up.

To talk about Latinas and their skill in bed would make everything I say an understatement, albeit an overage, who am I to speak about the goddesses of porn? They invented bestiality! I’m just here for the pussy, just like the rest of you, so why not dig into this top 10 list I extracted like a coal miner! Every coal may look identical, but a good miner knows what’s the best for people!

Sex Top Lists presents to you:

10. Pretty Dirty – Helping The Helpless

In this modern day era, everything can be offensive, so in order to gain (objective) popularity, both negative or positive, I’m gonna act offended because of the ambiguous title. Pretty Dirty, you should be ashamed of yourselves! From your CEO, by the camera-guy, and all the way to the toilet cleaner, water bearer, and bench/couch-warmer.

I call it even-Steven on this because I became offensive as much. Disregard this. Melisa, right? Nice to meet you, digitally. Hold your horses, because it’s not the helpless we think they were having a notion on. It’s just Melisa stuck in a slump.

Brad Knight spots and assesses the situation (haha, ASSesses, I should’ve thought of that earlier), so he, as a good citizen of the United States, reaches out for the fallen ones! It’s his duty as a citizen, almost a jurisdiction for the society’s well-being! He sees her struggle with the utility that helps her walk, and no, I don’t know what’s the word for it in any living language.

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They switched on the dishwasher role, broomer and all those things maids do, and essentially, any housewife ever. Brad knew the consequences of trying to be nice, but what could the guy do, seeing a twenty-year-old walk like a fossil.

What’s more to it, the ignorant motherfucker thought he would stay a maid, but unlikely, he had so much more to do! He has to do Melisa! Suddenly, she retains possession of her legs, her pussy was open like a door that has a huge sign for Brad that says “Enter Here!”. Maybe Brad’s capable of miracles, so, you know fam, hit me up when you’re free… just in case…

9. Evil Angel – Sweet Slut Aces Her Audition

Oh, how odd! Hardcore vaginal slash anal penetration with a hairy pussy, thankfully, a trimmed asshole, and all that done using fingers, slimy tongues, and a slippery dick. Really uncommon for a Mike Adriano’s production!

It’s a question about persistence when you’re trying to prove your dexterity at Mike’s home fields, and no, I haven’t experienced it so that I know how is it. I just have a high IQ empathy level so I see when a girl is in a (satisfactory) pain!

Melisa was on the edge of bursting into tears, as Mike tears her pussy up with his broad dick which can transport multiple people on the same time, if they hypotetically attached themselves right to the unique vehicle!

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Mike was really grim regarding the attitude towards Melisa, as he rapidly punctured that already popped hole of hers! She managed somehow to sustain of dissemination! Then, some wise-guys show up to comment that she’s not good enough for porn! This girl is an airplane! That’s how big of a load she can carry to fly off to the Heavens, the place where she takes us after!

8. All Girl Massage – Sex Wedge

It’s so neat to have a relative on some higher position, or at least at a position that can help you out overcome some difficulties. Case like Kate England’s just that, her chiropractor is both her sister-in-law and her consultant. Psychological one. I don’t know what does a masseuse have to do with it, but Kate’s opportunistic comprehension is confusing.

She goes by for massage, and some advice on her marriage along the way. Long story, short, Kate sprained her back muscle and she suffered hars pain ever since. It was time for a visit like this one, because it’s ruining her sex life, just as much it inflicts damage to other aspects of her life.

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Melissa is aware of the situation’s severity, so she places a wedge as a back support so that Kate can form an adequate position, to spring out those muscles so that they can be accessible for the professionals! The thought of leading herself in a nasty position with a sore back, Kate already felt that she’ll break in half!

However, on the other hand, Melissa knows her brother, and she knows that he’ll find a replacement for her very quickly if she doesn’t at least try to get rid of her physical problems. It’s a great dilemma, but Kate made up her mind for the greater good!

She makes an odd shape of herself, but that’s correct in terms of medicine. Melissa gets down to business, and yeah, Kate’s business too! She takes off her panties so that she senses her ass-skin better in order not to harm it, but the oils will help a lot! Melissa starts rubbing her ass and from an unsuspecting occasion, it makes a U-turn and all of a sudden, Kate doesn’t need a man to please her dry pussy!

7. Naughty America – Dirty Wives Club with Lucas Frost

It was a night of heavy drinking and partying for the duo, Lucas Frost and the unnamed Melisa’s husband, who got home late after a mind-wrecking hangover! The hubby goes to his room, while Lucas settles for the guest room.

Melissa’s quite jealous of her husband and his youthful behavior with his pal Lucas. She doesn’t allow strangers sleeping in the house because doesn’t really know Lucas much. Instead of kicking him out while he was the most vulnerable, sleeping, she slithered her hand under the bed to give him a wank!

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A nice wake-up call for Lucas, as NA describes it, he simply couldn’t believe that a postponed after-party began so late! Or early. He didn’t want to ruin his “unattainable” friendship that he had with his college buddy, but, who rejects a smoking hot babe, especially when she’s already underneath there, preparing to suck your cock like she’s slurping up life points juices!

6. Twistys – Hard Worker

Again with the chores, huh, Melissa?! This time, she’s able to do her obligations by herself, and this time, as a friendly guest to her stepmom. She knocked her front door offering herself as labor around the house, and Olivia Austin appreciates the concern so much!

After a long scrub and house cleanse, it’s time for her reward, a soaking bath with her sweet stepmom! She first gently touches her on those E-zones, and I’m not talking about some economy zones! Olivia knows those spots on her own daughter, so she proceeds coordinating Melissa like she’s her pet!

Filling the bathtub with warm water, she started scrubbing that smooth body of hers, but she couldn’t help resist not to drench herself for a moment. Little did she knew, she was already soaking downstairs, you know what I mean, so what difference does it make after entering Melissa’s private area?!

They started kissing and I hope you know where it all leads to! If you’re not sure or wonder how it all looks like, voila, this blue set of letters will guide you to a secret world!


5. Bangbros – Amateur Gets Two Mouthfuls

I hope you get it now when it comes to the depreciation of the youth, however, it’s a general manner, it’s not only in porn! Rookies always get tortured the most, and that’s what makes them shine the greatest later! Let’s have our fingers crossed that we’ll see this horse we’ve bet on, on TV screens more!

This is quite an entertaining video, yet it’s so… soft! Bangbros can sometimes be rough and tough as nails, but only when it’s the Bangbus or other several shows of theirs. This time, it’s like I’m seeing couples having some sex, or better yet, making love! This can be appealing to some people, just like it is for me, and for a change, I’ll give this one a unanimous 10!

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It’s unanimous because I’m the only one marking it, and yeah, the authoritarian privileges are mine for the taking! Melissa got jumped and humped on, but everything in a temperate tact! By the way, I am in love with her tits, they look so natural and untouched! Nature’s biggest beauty!

4. Reality Kings – Sexy Slumber

College days in America seem so delusional and imaginary! Utopian situations which possibility is tending to reach 0! However, that tendency is the reason why we always expect something to happen in real life, and that’s why we love watching porn! Everything can happen.

Mellisa was at Kandace Kayne’s house, staying and releasing a hard stench because there was no sign of her leaving anytime soon! It occurred that Kandace’s brother, Chris Strokes was in the same house at the right time when Mellisa stumbled upon him chilling in the kitchen, while she was grabbing some water. Literally water, this isn’t kind of a slang guys.

Chris picked up where he left her off, catching the babe looking as gorgeous as she was in college! He had to compliment her looks, but it’s all concentrated in the tight jeans she was wearing, revealing too much of her curvy ass!

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She went back to the 2-level bed and started masturbating. Of course, porn logic. Chris heard the moaning from the other room, and Kandace didn’t hear shit below her, on the same bed! Chris entered the room to create chaos and so they tried (and failed) to fuck hard without Kandace noticing! It was so quiet, you could hear their blood flowing through their veins, duh!


3. Girls Way – Lesbian Research Study

You never know what a human is capable of just for some capital he can gain in return… Shyla Jennings was broke as fuck and she sought for a job online, browsing through the lists of demanding jobs. She settled for one at a lab, where she would be a test subject.

The experiment was about physiological effects of lesbian porn, of course, run by two girls, Melissa Moore and Serena Blair. As self-advertisement, they turned on Girls Way on a computer, sit Shyla on a chair and carefully placed biofeedback on some neuro bullcrap movement.

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After some time they applied an electrode on her clit to see the stimulation she’ll get from extreme lesbianism! Some questionable feedback info they got back, it’s possible that Shyla’s gay, even though she has a boyfriend and told them the opposite!! Shyla’s affections got even more fired up, and the only thing she wanted to get now is Melissa’s glorious tits in her mouth!

Repeat that again, dear, you aren’t gay?


2. Reality Junkies – Fair Exchange

Define “Reality” please, I have uncertainty here. So, yet again, Melissa Moore got a job, however, it’s a normal one, on the contrary to the previous video. It’s a job in Fresno, whatever the hell that is, but all we know she needs a ride to get there.

An coincidental Bill Bailey appears, ready to drop her off, but he failed to do so as he first swept her off her feet because he told Mellisa that he plays the guitar. It turns out that Melissa is a singer, so they have a lot of musical things in common! She suggests that they go back at her place and create a two-man band! When they got backed, they probably mixed up the gang concept, reffering to it sexually.

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Bill’s dick must be a microphone, because Melissa’s singing like an angel on it! However, I think she needs to move away a little from the mic, she’s drooling on the head!

1. Sweet Heart Video – Fuck Me Im Scared

Oh boy do I love Brandi Love’s recognizable face. Like I’m seeing a stepmom which I don’t have. Brandi’s talking to her shrink about a recent event which happened with her beloved daughter Melissa.

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She saw a mouse and flew by to her, jumping like Scooby-Doo on Shaggy, which got Brandi hyped that she needed to dispose of that, projecting it on her daughter! She carried her to the sofa in the living room, and that’s when they neurotically started humping each other and scissoring like they did it way before!! That’s what you call motherly love and care…

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