7 Former Pornstars who are Still Popular

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The porn industry has always created controversies, especially if we take a look at famous former porn stars. The truth is that only a person who has worked in the adult film industry can really understand and have a complete picture. Stigma and porn were all the time linked in the human mind. It is a fact that porn consumption grows due to readily available adult content which is flooding the internet.

There are a lot of former porn stars who accepted our invitation to discuss about how their lives were changed after porn. The majority of the persons who had a career in the adult film industry agreed that being a porn actor is just a profession and nobody should judge you because of that. Read the article below in order to find amazing and interesting stories told directly by these famous porn stars.

7. Sasha Grey

Sasha Grey is among the famous former porn stars who managed to create a solid name in the porn industry. In May, 2006 the sensual brunette made her debut in the adult industry and she managed to attract a lot of fans due to her provocative body. This impressive woman won a lot of prizes.  2008 was a successful year for her, becoming the youngest porn actress to win the AVN “Female Performer of the Year” award and “Best Oral Sex Scene”.

Sasha Grey retired in 2011 from the porn industry, but she still remains one of the most important figures due to her appealing performances. At this moment, the ex-porn star describes herself as an all-around creative person because she is acting, she is involved in the music industry and she is also writing. This hot woman wasn’t a typical porn star because she had attitude and she knew which was her place in the industry.

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Sasha Grey wants to change people’s opinion about porn actresses. She declared that they are like any other woman and sex is not the only word from their vocabulary. The former porn star believes that sex is still a taboo topic, considering that people should be more wisdom regarding sensitive topics.

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6. Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone is an astonishing Bollywood porn star. She was born in Canada, but both her parents are Indian. Before she became one of the famous former porn stars, she had worked at a German bakery and she studied to become a nurse. When she entered in the adult film industry, she declared that she will only film girl-on-girl sex scenes. Her first porn video was titled Sunny and it was released in  2005.

Even from the beginning, the appealing girl managed to attract a lot of viewers. This provocative porn star is the most searched celebrity on the Internet after Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan. Sunny Leone is that type of person who doesn’t allow people’s prejudices define her. She considers that every person is different and nobody should tell others what to do. When she had discussed about her porn career, Sunny Leone declared that she wanted to find a job that could provide her what she wanted.

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The best solution to earn a lot of money in a short period of time was to enter the porn industry. The former porn star confesses that her brother has been always supporting her, being next to her each time she needed. We cannot say that Sunny Leone has totally exit from the porn industry. Her webpage is still selling her porn videos and the fans can enjoy her exciting body.

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5. Asia Carrera

Asia Carrera is a notorious name in the porn industry due to her prominent career. She performed between 1993 and 2003 and her incendiary porn videos had a huge success. In the documentary “After Porn Ends”, this appealing woman has discussed about how her life is after being a porn actress. Asia Carrera is an iconic figure because of her gorgeous body and the fact that she is a very intelligent woman.

The former Asian porn star declared that her blog is like a therapy. She likes to be in touch with her fans and to bring them fresh news about her future projects. Although Asia Carrera retired five years ago, there are a lot of fans who still want to see her in action. That means she had a big impact for the porn audience. The most interesting part about this amazing porn star is that she has an IQ of 156.

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This detail demonstrates that porn actresses are not that type of women who aren’t smart enough to work somewhere else. Another interesting detail about Asia Carrera’s life is that she ran away from home when she was 17. She was thinking differently, so she decided to start  a new life from scratch. Asia can say that she had an important role in the porn industry. Even though she is retired her performances will remain in her fan’s memories.

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4. Houston

Huston is a famous former porn star who can be named porn’s queen. In 1999 she achieved the performance to have sex with more that 620 men. “The World’s Biggest Gangbang 3” was a sex marathon that will remain in history. When she had announced what she was planning to do, nobody believed that it is possible. Finally, the hot blonde has demonstrated that she keeps her word. The porn star was all the time full of surprises.

The audience was thrilled when Huston filmed for Brazzers after 10 years of break. The producers declared that she revolutionized the adult film industry. Houston was the first porn actress who has received a $1 million paycheck, becoming the most popular public figure at that time. Another unique thing that was done by this astonishing woman was that she sold the trimmings of her labia for $50,000.

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Due to her authentic ideas and her style, Houston was named the Goddess of Porn. She deserves this title and nobody can deny that. Nowadays, the former porn star is a church going mother who has graduated the nursing school. Although, the porn videos are behind her, she still does webcam performances. Houston has also published an autobiography where she has written all about her life and her spicy sex scenes.

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3. Raylene

Raylene was born in 1977 in California and she became one of the most famous former porn stars. She debuted in 1996 and her first scene was filmed with Mark Davis. “Shane’s World #4”. This astonishing porn video is still appreciated by the audience. Raylene managed to attract a lot of men because she is a nice person with a provocative smile. Before starting her career in the porn industry, Raylene was a stripper.

Our famous former porn star decided to step forward and she has begun to shoot porn scenes. This hot pornstar declared that she likes anal sex and she enjoyed every scene that she filmed. The provocative porn actress has an intense lifestyle. She appeared in 224 videos, she was married, divorced and after that married again. Raylene is currently living in  San Fernando Valley and she is still involved in the porn industry.

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Although she retired several times, the exciting Milf couldn’t stay apart from the adult film industry. Raylene is an experienced woman, who gave all her best, managing to become one of the most famous porn stars. Due to her charisma and her sexy shapes she will feed the audience’s fantasies long time from now on. The young generation of porn actresses has a lot to learn from former sex goddesses like Raylene.

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2. Skin Diamond

Skin Diamond was born in 1987 and she filmed a lot of successful porn videos. Currently, she is known as Raylin Joy. The former porn star retired from the adult industry and she became a writer, singer and actress. Her debut in the adult film industry was in 2009 and she filmed her first sex scenes with Joanna Angel and James Deen. She was one of the most impressive porn figures because she is a gorgeous woman and an outstanding actress.

Skin Diamond declared that she was attracted by sex from a young age. The appealing girl mentioned in an interview that she lost her virginity when she was 17. The former porn star admitted that she is bisexual, enjoying girl-on-girl sex. When she was a high school girl she used to date older guys, considering that the age is nothing but a number. This sexy girl has a lot of tattoos, but her favorite one is the Phoenix on her back.

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Skin Diamond affirmed that she wasn’t expected to enter in the porn industry and it was more like and accidental situation. The gorgeous woman admitted that she was very nervous when she filmed a porn scene for the first time. She declared that when you have sex on-camera is more different than real life. Skin Diamond retired when she was 30 because she was eager to start a music career.

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1. Bree Olson

Bree Olson filmed more than 280 porn videos between 2006-2011. The hot blonde managed to attract the audience due to her outstanding performances. The gorgeous woman had an affair with the actor Charlie Sheen and there are numerous rumors regarding their relationship. Bree Olson admitted that being a porn actress has affected her chance to have a normal life. She has also declared that people consider her a slut and sometimes she doesn’t want to leave her house because she wants to avoid people’s malice.

Bree Olson, one of the famous former porn stars advises the young girls to think twice if they want to enter in the porn industry. She informs them that you can never work with children and you cannot work in a medical field after you do porn. These are things that should be taken into consideration by those teenage girls who want a career in porn. From Bree Olson’s point of view, there’s nothing wrong with porn. The only problem is that people have prejudices and they don’t understand this profession.

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The hot blonde managed to make the transition from the adult industry to mainstream industry, but she admits it was very hard. Bree Olson stated that when she entered the porn industry, she was a dumb and horny teenager. The ex-porn star told that she considers herself a very sensual and sexual person. The only thing that this amazing woman wishes is that people should change their mindsets and see this profession from another angle.

bree olson number one of famous former porn stars

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