8 Scenes with Nikki Benz You Must Watch


Did you know that the Benz company had this model as a secret since 2003? Mercedes really put the effort to it without anyone knowing that Nikki is their deed! Okay, jokes on the side, I should stop ridicule porn star stage names. But what a beast of an engine did they make on this girl!

A heart of a lioness! She actually did debut in 2003. Prior to it, she was a bikini girl/model and later a stripper. Then, as I looked into it, Nikki E-mailed, and yes, literally E-mailed (because that was the gadget of the ’00) a president of a porn studio, in which she was accepted months later.

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So, January 2003 was considered as Nikki’s first time doing a hardcore scene! Or any scene at all because the attribute hardcore is labelled on each and every of her scenes, so it’s an overage. Nikki Benz had been among the last generations of people born in the USSR. Born in Soviet Ukraine on December 11, 1981.

Surprise you that she’s an Eastern woman? That, by the way, explains a lot now from this that I’ve revealed to you. Only “Russkies” can get a popularity this big, in terms of global recognition. And you’ve probably heard about her a long time ago. She is a MILF legend most definitely.

The Amazing Body of Nikki Benz

Let’s reach out for her physique. Above all, she a blonde, and that’s an immediate advantage over every girl. Then comes her pretty face and rocking body! She’s got hazel-color eyes, a beautiful lined nose, sophisticated lips and a mild jaw. Frankly, Nikki’s almost 37 but her body tells a different story.

Some athletes’ bodies in their prime don’t even touch the point of Nikki’s athleticism, if you draw a graph dependent on time and body appearence. And her body is still in it’s peak currently! She’s got a developed chess and I’m not talking about the tits. Her tits are huge and fake, but her chest is strong!

A weak chest couldn’t hold those tits even. Nikki’s stomach and hips look better than Shakira’s. Her ass could’ve gotten more God power to it, but a small ass isn’t too big of a deal. She’s got a tight, mate-calling ass you’d be hauling like a ship for days. If you take a better view of it, she is quite small, only 5’5, so her ass is really proportional to her small body. However, she’s not petite material!

If you want more, you can find lots of cool facts about her by reading this interview

It’s so add when you find out the true height of your iconic porn stars. They always seem to be greater in your mind than in reality. I saw bar stools taller than her, but at least Nikki ain’t flat like a pole! She’s an lovely MILF, and in case she’s not the porn star on your good note, think twice with this article we prepared for you.

Earning Awards was Quite Easy for Her

But before we start, awards and nominations. As of 2006 officially, and up to this day, she receieved 15 awards including AVN, XBIZ, F.A.M.E. where 4 of those awards we’re the closest to the prize she could get, because she was a finalist those times.

Other than that she won 3 awards, 2 from NightMoves and 1 from XBIZ, and she was finally inducted into the AVN’s Hall of Fame in 2016. That’s all you need to know about her without intrusion into her personal life, which is not that important to us now. Some other time. 8 top scenes of Nikki Benz, exclusively on Sex Top Lists!

8. Naughty America – Dirty Wives Club with Ryan Mclane

Like the new concept and scheme of my porn star profile introduction? It’s longer, has more valuable information and they’re placed better than ever! It’s not sorted chronologically since it has no numbers, but it seems so well-organized doesn’t it? The three-way separation is key. Enough of self-appraisal.

Naughty America’s cooking some good looking vixen. There are lots of Mrs. Benz-es around, but Nikki is our one and only favorite blondy! And a NA favorite scene! She’s got a lot of scenes here, but this is my personal favorite, maybe of all NA! It was filmed back in July 2016, but the quality is like, 2033.

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I see the video quality more clearly than my future and that is with no prejudice to it. Nikki looks marvelous in her skin-color lingerie she’s wearing, preparing for her husband’s arrival from work.

He’s running late and she somehow needs to manage that desire and horniness, and vent it before the thing comes out of hand. Luckily, the hotel she’s staying in has a very helpful hotel room service, because they’re pledged to their clients to do anything to make them satisfied! ANYTHING! Long-dicked bellboy Ryan approves.

7. Evil Angel – Anal Dream Team

Mike came early this article, but not as early he’s able to do! During the filming of this scene, he probably felt a bit uncomfortable to have such greatness in his studio, from all the teenies he hosted for such a long time. Nikki’s presence is kinda intimidating if you ask me, even from the viewers stand!

However, Mike is a strict professional so he coped with her just right, but as I saw he was the first one eating ass instead of letting chicks do that to him. It’s surprising, every single one of us established our eyes to witness a girl eating a man’s ass, but the tables have turned when the porn star is Nikki Benz!

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Welcome to her studio, Mike Adriano, a clear takeover! Nikki looks on point like she always does, blonde hottie! In order not to humiliate him, she did lots of stuff to him so he can remain a dominator, busting his nuts with her planet tits, then sucking his cock dangerously!

Mike slurps juice from her pussy to show us and conclude that he’s one wackjob who likes pervy things! Then, some green grease goo was found inside Nikki’s tight ass once he got the thrust inside her. He even consent eating that crap from her ass after she inserted some sweets there! The product coming from her rectum is questionable, but good enough for Mike Adriano. Yuck!

6. Bangbros – Nikki Benz First Ever Creampie!

Here, if you wondered how her first creampie went. Allegedlly, it happened with the Bangbros, just like anything crucial for a porn star’s career – achievements and boasting around that you got fucked by the Bangbros! Let’s say that they’re being honest with us and that Nikki had a great time here.

She officially said on this video that this is her first creampie ever, but you’ll never know with these guys. Maybe they held a gun aiming at her from the back of the camera, so she was compelled to say what they demanded. Once she finished her rigged line, pop goes out the titties!

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The white tank top almost became a bottom, but it couldn’t from the stripped skirt she vestured to cover her tasty ass! Not so much later, even her skirt got an in memoriam, so it was a ass degustation for the bro sitting right beside her! After some good roleplay, Nikki Benz is down on that cock like she was praying! Two hands were required to tame that beast so she wasn’t shy of it.

Then, a in-depth cleanse commenced when she deepthroated it whole! After a good suck, comes a great fuck! The cock was lubed up so it can slide in easily in her already-extended puss! Nikki’s boobs are the same size of her head each from this angle! Maybe it’s even so in real life! I admire them!

5. Reality Kings – Lesson Learned

Big Tits Boss featured by Reality Kings was a legendary segment of the site! I’m not sure if they’re running this anymore, or is it good as it was, but this scene is… a O.K.! The video was shot with a toaster, but with an excellent one! Nikki was on her computer and she just stumble upon a problem as soon as the camera started to roll.

She called in her assistant Billy Glide to glide that issue out. She pointed at the computer screen to show him some claims that were related to him, however, his eyes were looking straightly at Nikki’s huge rack which was quite expressed not to be noticed.

Sadly, Billy Glide is not performing anymore because of an unfortunate accident. Read more about it here

She comprehended his act as sexual harrasment at work where she were an object, so she stood up and pulled his tie to the table, where she rested her huge ass and pulled up her fancy attire so Billy could dig in! But before that, he must lick her postal stamp of a nipple on that huge tit, so he had to do what he was obliged at work! After she got her red panties out of the way, so it was a clear path for our guy Billy!

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A Swedish buffet for him while we don’t get shit from this far! He ate her pussy, then she reciprocally ate his cock all the way to his balls! Deep throat Nikki has a thing for the dicky, so she got back to the table after kneeling and sucking his dick, so Billy dropped off all those false accusations against him.

The allegations were disregarded and he was yet again a liberated guy. That’s how he felt after dropping a load on his boss as well. Nikki’s knockers got glued together once Billy got his white stuff all over those globes! Good luck washing that up, you filthy whore!


4. 21 Sextury – Chilling With His Willy

A bourgeois life is a life indeed. It must’ve feel good to be Nikki Benz or Monique Alexander, the owner of this huge mansion among the hilltops of beautiful United States. A spacious mansion, a pool, enormous yard in the back paved with designer rocks, stones and decorated with flowerpots on glass tables.

Nikki was visiting her friend Monique and we’re not sure of her real intentions, is it because of her money, crib or Monique herself, but all we’re aware of is that these MILFs wanted a small cocktail party to go down at Monique’s. Until the pool guy showed up to ruin everything, because he took away the tail from cocktail.

That’s when the dumbed down MILFs knew that they have to fight over the pool guy’s cock, because he seems like a cute guy, plus he’s eager to put in work on that pool! Provoking him on the poolside, going full lesbian, a guy really starts questioning himself if he’s gay or is just so comitted to work that his dick died.

He got his answer once he got a green light to approach these 2 pairs of cans, and they barely arranged themselves so that they get equals amounts of cock. Except for the pool guy himself, he possesses his own cock 24/7.

The two bitches almost got into a catfight who gets to suck the dick first and at the end a compromise has been settled – his cock was thick enough for two, so it was a simultaneous blowjob! Get ready for a diplomatic quarell on who’s climbing on that dick first, because this is survival of the fittest! Both of the girls won, swapping victory cum at the end! Happy ending!


3. Naughty America – 2 Chicks Same Time with Puma Swede and Alec Knight

When Naughty America cooks a scene like this, you’ll get everything out of your system and feel like a man reborn! 2 Chicks Same time is my top 3 Naughty America fantasy niches, however, the storyline isn’t developed as such and I don’t advocate it to even be better than it is.

Nikki and Puma are chilling in a flamboyant bar where the cool people hang out, and they just heard that the bar patron has a lenghty tool which he’s willing to use in special occasions. They seem interested so they wandered around the house to find him sitting on a couch in the back.

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The bar’s visiting hours are almost over, so these gals are tuning their huge tits and soaking their pussies wet to a 100% just to try out this rumored stud. Alec Knight hardly waited for an opportunity like this, to have to cougars pounce all over his dick, so he uses every moment of it!

The MILFs were dressed like plain hookers with their tied lingerie and sex-machine clothes, so Alec’s cock was all the way up! Plus this is a remastered version, the quality is right on the spot!

2. Evil Angel – Lex Turns Evil 04, Scene 02

Lexington Steele is back on track and we’re on his prolix train and he is wacking Nikki Benz and Romi Rain with it! Yes, his dick is one oncoming train ready to penetrate into the tunnels of these two bitches! Is it because of Lex’s good looks, charm, his blackness or thick cock, I’m not going deeper into this topic, but you gotta give this man credit for even touching the goddesses!

Lex is the man each way you put it, he has his own studio, his own tremendous quality of filming and camera, and he left the rest to the right hands. Nikki and Romi are eager to jack off that stiff treant of a dick! Lex knows his role in this game for sure.

Romi was wearing a hooker dress, more of a yellow fishnet if I want to sound more polite, but that thing’s concept wasn’t intended to hold up tits, not for a second! Romi’s tits are gigantic and were falling off to the sides, while Lex was banging her ass and collecting her tits behind.

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Nikki show how obstinate she is, so she climbed to the top of that mountain 11 inch dick, and had descended like a kid down a slide, happy as anyone can be! The only difference is that Nikki shows her emotions oddly, by moaning and groaning, but happiness comes in all shapes and sizes!

When she gets to the bottom of it, a new challenge she has to face – climbing back up again, plus repeat that action multiple times until Lex volcano erupts! Then they say the porn industry is an easy game…

1. Bangbros – Pussy Domination, Nikki Benz vs Prince

Not an article passed badly that ended with a Bangbros scene, so I’ll use the talisman yet again. But with a true reason, not a made-up one like this. This scene is priceless, and I literally saved the best for the last.

I’m not sure if I shall I consider April the 7th, 2015, a sunny Tuesday, a holiday and formalize it as a holy day, but there was something in the air that made Nikki Benz appear like a girl that occurs in your dreams… That beauty is astonishing… I have no words to it.. Like she’s an fallen angel, who’s about to sin.

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With a black guy that has a cock hanging to the floor, so it’s all justified. Her holiness takes her man for a lapdance tour, and only a loving chick oughts to do things for her beloved ones. Later in the house, because the lapdance was on a chair in the yard, Prince Yahshua rode Nikki on the couch like the cowboys returning to their homes in the West.

Check out this crazy interview with Prince Yahshua by HotMovies

She’s the last ride out of this joint and he’s demolishing her pussy, and when he cums, he CUMS! Nikki almost drowned in those strange liquids!

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