American Brunette Gianna Nicole in 6 Scenes

Gianna Nicole brunette porn star lingerie photo

The seductive green eyed all natural beauty known as Gianna Nicole has been consistently blowing fans away with her outstanding performance. Gianna Nicole has a beauty that you’ll rarely see. She has long brown hair and a green eyed stare that will fill your skin with goosebumps.

This 21-year-old sex queen was born in Tampa Florida on the 16th of March in 1995. She has always been very naughty throughout her life and knew how to use her irresistible sexiness to her advantage. Her provocative pair of glowing eyes also made guys run after her. But not much else is known about Gianna’s personal life other than the obvious, she just loves hardcore fucking.

Gianna Nicole top Naughty America pornstar

It hasn’t been long since she entered the porn industry in 2014 and she managed to gather a huge army of supportive fans who adore her work. Only three years have passed, yet she is adored by most who have seen her perform. Few girls can match up to her natural beauty and her deeply seductive stare.

Her amazing bodily features are shaped perfectly to support her career. She has an amazing pair of natural 34C size breasts that always manage to steal the show and her round bubble booty is one to be smashed. She has rare hazel colored eyes and her long black hair crowns her beautifully.

Being as tall as 170 cm, having a weight of 55 kg and having 55 kg of weight explains why her body is so incredibly well shaped. Ever bit of her weight is dispersed evenly.

Tonight’s Girlfriend with Preston Parker

Gianna Nicole is the dream of a lot of horny guys because of her outstanding natural beauty.

One of those eager fans is Preston Parker who will have her as his girlfriend for the night. He has been waiting a long time to finally see Gianna Nicole in person, let alone spend some sexy time with her. Gianna has prepared for her date by wearing a pair of stockings and some sexy lingerie to ensure that he blows Parker’s mind.

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When the two of them finally meet, Parker is amazed by every inch of Gianna’s body. They don’t waste too much time with small talk and get straight down to business. Parker can’t help but worship Gianna’s  amazingly shaped bubble booty and tell her how beautiful she is. He made the girl blush and she responded by wrapping her lips around Parkers stiff cock.

Things got up to speed pretty quickly and it was rough pussy pounding from there. Loud moans follow as things get more and more intense as Gianna has her wet pussy wrecked hard.

This was one of Gianna’s sexiest dates. She went all out and made sure that her horny fan Preston and all the fans on screen get the best.

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The Teen-Aholics #04

Gianna Nicole has a date with two guys who are very eager to interview her and to have some sweet sexy fun.

Things start out with an introduction, where Gianna explains that she doesn’t do much to have such a wonderful body. The guys find that really impressive and even more so when some of her clothes start to slip. Things get smoking hot pretty soon and Gianna takes a cock right into her mouth, showing some of her impressive cock gobbling skills. She knows how to suck, that’s for sure.

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Her partner returns the favor, making her moan out louder and louder from all the joy she’s experiencing. Nothing can hold her back from going all out, so she strips her panties off and lets that big cock slip right inside.

It’s pretty loud as she gets that big round booty smashed so hard and she’s enjoying every second of the action. It’s all out rough sex and Gianna takes it further by pulling some shocking moves. It’s hardcore through every second!

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Sweetness In Boots

Brick Danger and his friend were just hanging out when the most incredible doll, Gianna Nicole walked by. She had such incredible looks that the two guys couldn’t help themselves from pulling up beside her to give her a lift.

Once she got in their car, the two of them complimented her nice body. Gianna was pretty much freaked out by the camera in her face and told the guys that she wants a thousand dollars in cash if they were to record her. The two of guys gave her the money to have the camera rolling.

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They invited her to their apartment and asked her to take all her clothes off for 2 grand. She didn’t hesitate and threw everything off. Things got sizzling hot soon enough and some sexy flames started to blaze.

Gianna started to suck on those cocks pretty hard and soon went all out, pulling some incredibly sexy moves.Brick and his friend were both very impressed with how well the girl did her stuff and it was all out hot sex from there.

The sexy 18-year-old teen got a serious pussy pounding and had her wet pussy wrecked in the process. Loud moans followed each of her moves as she kept this video sizzling hot all the way. You can check this hot adventure out by following the link we provided to!

Gianna Nicole Reality Kings pornstar

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Gianna Nicole Bounces on the Flesh Pole

BangBros has come with a seriously sexy treat this week, the beautiful Gianna Nicole. She is incredibly hot and has the perfect shapes for giving her fans a good time. Gianna is about to have a real hardcore experience with one of BangBro’s studs. She is ready to do some really nasty stuff and to take in even the most massive cocks.

Things get off to a great start fairly quickly as Gianna isn’t shy to do even the most hardcore deeds for a man. She wraps her nice mouth around that big cock and sucks on it intensely with every move she makes. Nothing can hold her back from making this man cum so she spreads her long legs and has her dripping wet pussy wrecked hard.

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She does a number of different positions and enjoys having her dripping wet pussy licked clean as well. Being choked doesn’t seem like a problem for her either and she can handle even the naughtiest action by the looks of it.

This was one of Gianna Nicole’s most hardcore experiences and she got her pussy seriously wrecked. This video was a fine addition to BangBro’s collection and it continues to amaze Gianna’s fans even today.

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Seduced By A Cougar with Julia Ann and Mr. Pete

Gianna Nicole was just hanging out with her boyfriend Mr. Pete. They were talking and having a laugh which eventually led down a sexy road, making them both want more out of their little date. Gianna was just about to take some of her clothes off and make take things to the next level when her hot MILF stepmom Julia Ann entered the room.

She saw that the two teens were up to no good and she wouldn’t let them do anything reckless without her supervision. Besides, he wanted to have fun with a cock for a long time now, and Mr. Pete seemed like an excellent guy for the job. He was lucky enough to share a long threesome with these two incredible babes.

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Once Julia Ann and Gianna Nicole took their tops off, things got pretty serious. They started out with some sweet oral sex and Mr. Pete was pounding Gianna’s pussy soon enough.

But Julia wasn’t about to stay out of the fun. She demanded that cock right away and did something shocking that Mr. Pete probably didn’t experience before! It was all out intense sex between the two of them while Julia Ann did everything to make it even better!

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Naughty Girl

Gianna Nicole was showing some of her all natural feminine beauty to the camera before Mick Blue has arrived. Today, she seeks to show the fetish she has for massive penises and gets right to it when she sees Mick’s massive wiener.

Before getting down to some dirty business, she lets Mick embrace her feminine beauty by slapping her big bubble booty on the couch. Her clothes slowly melt off and she starts to suck on it like a cock gobbling champion and works to get that cock to be as stiff as possible.

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Once it’s done, Mick throws her on the couch and spreads her legs nice and wide. Sticking that cock in makes Gianna scream out loud like a cute kinky girl and it’s all about rough pussy pounding from there. The girl really seems to enjoy every bit of the intense pussy wrecking she receives and gets closer and closer to an orgasmic experience with each move.

Her big bubble booty gets slapped pretty hard while she gets that big booty banged in doggy style. Gianna’s sexy adventure is intense all the way and it makes for an amazing POV video. You can check it out by clicking on the link we provided!

Gianna Nicole bubble butt brunette

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