The 6 Best Brunette Pornstars of 2017


Clouds come after a sunny day, and vice versa, logically from Blondes we’ll get to Brunettes, but I have to be cautious not playing Russian roulettes and cast brunettes in a complete shadow by not over exaggerate their own extravagance just as same as I did with blondes!

I need to get these two dialed up together somehow, that you cannot extract one without the other, and that’s just what I’m going to do! 6 old/new hot names in this article, the same intensity regarding their fiery desires, ambitions and the will to be a top shelf pornstar!

The next statement is kinda risky to say, it may be under or maybe even an over, but typically girls in your surroundings are brunettes. It’s more usual hair color than blonde, even though white girls that are prone to tanning, naturally gain the blonde color caused by sun rays. That’s when they get brighter from the base along the length of the hair to the tip. Not intellectually.

Sadly. So, your imagination that the next-door neighbor girl might be a pornstar is able to come true… if you think hard enough and causing auto-skitzofrenia. Is that even a possible cause of this disease? Anyway, I’m just coherently putting together everyday life events with our urge to watch porn often. It has something to do with our vivid imagination of ideal surroundings, formed in our minds.

Blondes, on the other hand, are purer, you’re unlikely to find a resemblance of a pornstar to your own friend than in a brunette, but it’s all conditionally speaking, and yeah, I forgot. If you’re Nordic, your pretension to have blonde hair is greater, so this doesn’t apply to them. Around every corner, there’s a blonde, whether a guy or a girl or maybe even a Viking.

Woah, I possibly created a new concept – Viking porn! All rights reserved, everything that you say may be used against you… oh, wait that’s the custody law in America. I took it way to far in order to show the evident insignificancy between blondes and brunettes, albeit the equivalent values and preciousness to the porn industry.

It’s not a difference like BBW and Petite, where one has a great advantage over the other in terms of popularity, now it’s all in question which social groups are likely to prefer one. Brunette/Blonde is a 50-50, win-win situation, that does in the end, it comes down to different tastes in women. However, in that case, is 51-49 or some marginal divergence.

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6. Eva Lovia

Wow, look at those scientific paragraphs in the introduction! I should write tractates on social constructions in the porn industry, regarding psychological, physiological and other kinds of crap to prove one irrelevant thing, which I usually don’t. Just skim through if you just want bad bitches instead of my bad bitching.

Eva Lovia is at it again, the beauty pageant winner, of my world at least. Miss Lovia has that sharp and tense stare that makes you uncomfortable if you endure long enough before a meltdown. Is it an acquired skill or she’s just born with it – we’ll never know.

All I know that I feel a bit ashamed after watching her hardcore porn like I’m not even worthy enough to watch her get nailed by a black guy that’s got an 11-inch monster snuck up her pussy and peeping through her mouth at the other end! That’s why I cover my computer’s camera, well, that, and because they’re spying on us, Snowden.

Did you know that Eva was the first female pornstar to work on a project of shooting a porn movie in SPACE! Alongside Johnny Sins, of course, which guy is crazy enough to do weird stunts like these, no wonder he’s bald and features in a variety of functions of society. He’s a plumber, a cop, an astronaut, worker, office clerk, etc.

Well, Johnny is the male version of our girl Eva, believe me, she’s done more for the sake of the industry than you think. Read it in her full article, after you’re finished jerking off in the very beginning because we’ve got pictures, and they are HOT AS FUCK!

  • Click here and visit the PornCodex profile of Eva Lovia

5. Lily Jordan

Don’t let vanity eat your personality because Lily Jordan is yet again on the main display of Sex Top and she’s only 19-years-old! You’ve gotta broaden your views and perspective, check around the corners, use Lily as a resource and pick-up her large leftovers, instead of complaining how in the world did a girl this young get so popular?!

Tune in, it’s 2017, 1998 kids aren’t kids anymore, and that years wasn’t 10 years ago anymore. Lily is almost a full-grown adult, well, excluding her intimate parts (excluding once again – the pussy), but implying on her tiny, perky tits and cute ass. I give her a couple more years for her cells to finish off that 155 cm building, like guys that keep finishing inside her mouth!

There are plenty of people following the posts on Lily Jordan’s official Twitter Profile, click here to join the fun

Did I piss you off by saying that her ass is cute? How else could I have described it? I tell you, she definitely practiced volleyball, there’s no way she got that from her mamma! These newer generations are getting freakier and tweakier, rebellions in heart and soul, fighting their own way to prove their point!

Lily fights multiple dicks by conducting her ideology in order to reach her goal, but the media is irrelevant, the finish line is what matters. It’s a Latin saying, on top of all. Nevertheless, the best porn a young lady can show is where she experiments her sexuality on other various lesbian peers! That video is hidden somewhere in the full article! Good luck finding it!

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4. Riley Reid

Riley, will you stop stealing other pornstar’s toplist places? Why do you have to be so perfect, dammit! That’s it, I’m suing Florida for developing cyborg-girls that are taking over the porn industry, creating perfect bitches to climb the ladders of porn fame!

It’s all a big conspiracy behind, and yes, I’m talking about Riley’s ass addressed to as “Conspiracy”. You’re plotting her ass, yes (you wish). This petite cutie is ready to swing your racket in a way Serena does, but with more firepower, and obviously with louder “AAAAH!” after each swing!

You’re choice is who’ll be at the other end of the court (hint: Chanel Preston) and the umpire is the reigning porn studio that provided you the best of a porn star! Top quality babes, top quality performing, top quality production and films. Where else can it be found rather than Sex Top Lists?!

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3. Jennifer White

Finally some refreshment! Jennifer White hasn’t been yet quoted or taken at the fingertips of my hands, so there’s a first time for anything! A bootylicious brunette, couldn’t have kept her virginity sacred, losing it somewhere out there at the age of 16. Am I capable of writing this start? Is that legal? Hope so.

Jennifer was born in 1988, however, her role of a Teenager in porn never gets old! She’s that pale immature girlie that’s about to get black quills punctured through her pussy, leaving traces of jabbing, jamming, bruising and slashing behind! That’s what you get when you talk to strangers, kiddo!

The XCitement magazine was awesome enough to invite Jennifer to an interview and you can check out the result right here

She’s that kind of a pornstar which commits to your heart like a minion, then gets her pussy brutally raped by kilometers of dick and all that virginity and innocence is gone. Everytime. The same heart she embraces gets torn to pieces of lost love. Jenny, you bitch! That pussy is required stitching after each hardcore sex video! Did you hear the moaning noise she makes?

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2. Ashley Adams

Things are getting outta hand! And no, I’m not talking about my “thing” and my “hand”. Plus, I need to two hands to type on my keyboard, right? Or maybe I’m using voice command? Who knows!

If anything Big Tits, Teen, Petite and who knows how more categories she belongs to, Ashley is an excellent Brunette just as much! This doll doesn’t look like an Earth-like creation. 34DD, curvy, nice ass, facially pretty, a decent height and underweight, and above all – A PORN STAR!

It’s like the maximum exploit of all her inputs for porn! The output is – refined! In much better light than she actually is! Ashley is an astonishing performer, the recoil, after getting swung and thrust in, is empowering me to become a pornstar too, because I want a piece of that ass, and her Oscar-winning acting! I’d feel like a man reborn after plowing her with my blade!

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1. Chanel Preston

Chanel’s got something charming reffering to her appearance, seeming more mature than the rest of her coleagues. A serious, but sexy face, she’s like the girl of your dreams that keeps cheating on you, but she’s too of a severe character to get mad on. You forgive her over and over again, and she keeps screwing with other men.

You wouldn’t get neglected just as well, but you’d never feel special around her. Just like the first member in a series of numbers. You are the first, but still apart of a bigger collective. That’s why I enjoy Chanel’s cheating videos the most! It gets me on that with this proper ignition, I could motorize a car easily like, adding one Horse Power. Get it? I’m a horse in my transitions.

As you might expect, Chanel Preston has an incredibly huge list of porn titles available on IMDB! Click here and see it yourself

Beside her sharp personality, Chanel’s got big fake tits, two hummocks on her behind that you’re willing to ski downhill on, and her sex skills are impeccable! She’s not a tugger nor a choker, she sucks that dick just right, sliding her tongue slowly and feeding herself with the tip. She knows what a guy wants!

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