Best places to have sex with a sex doll in Vienna

Sex with sex dolls is becoming more and more popular each year, and this is true for the Vienna sex scene too. Sex with dolls has been something that already started to be introduced back in the 1980’s, but with the recent innovation of the dolls, they have become more popular. Lately, more realistic dolls are made, even some that can interact to being touched. These dolls for sex have started to be introduced in a few brothels in Vienna and some people have enjoyed these types of services. If you are interested in learning about the best places to have sex with a sex doll in Vienna, this post is for you! Keep on reading the article to find the places that offer the best sex dolls in the city!

Laufhaus Vienna

At the top of our list is definitely Laufhaus Vienna, as they are not only one of the most popular Laufhauses in the city, but they have also started offering sex with sex dolls too. Located at Angeligasse 111, this laufhaus has been serving clients for many years, but they have only recently introduced sex dolls to their repertoire. According to our knowledge, the sex dolls have their separate rooms where they can be booked by clients who are interested in this service. However, since we are not too into sex with sex doll, we do not have any first-hand knowledge. There are around 40 rooms available for the girls, as well as the sex dolls in this laufhaus.

At the time of writing, there are currently three sex dolls on offer: Babsi, Stella and Romy. In fact, there’s a completely separate part of the Laufhaus Vienna website dedicated to these sex dolls. The “Puppenhaus Vienna” currently offers these artificial girls to the clients for 80-100 euros per hour and they can be booked just like any other girl in the Laufhaus.

sex dolls in laufhaus Vienna

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The Kontakthof laufhaus in Vienna was actually the first establishment to introduce sex dolls to the city’s clients. The laufhaus is located at Erlaaerstrasse 37 and it has been operational for a few years, serving real girls to clients. In fact, Kontakthof is among the oldest laufhauses in Vienna.

The brothel’s owner decided to purchase two lifelike sex dolls a couple of years ago. According to our knowledge, there have been a lot of clients who went to Kontakthof specifically to have sex with one of these sex dolls on offer. In addition to sex with dolls, some of the girls at Kontakthof offer sex without protection, but we would never recommend this, not even with sex dolls. One of the most important factors of running a sex doll brothel is properly cleaning the dolls after each session, as they can easily transmit sexually transmitted diseases.

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Laufhaus Rachel

The last entry on our list is Laufhaus Rachel, which is located at Triesterstrasse 176. This laufhaus has also been operational as a regular laufhaus for years, but recently, they have introduced sex dolls for clients as well.

There are around 28 rooms available for girls in this laufhaus and clients who want to have sex with the available sex dolls can take them to any room that is currently free.

The interesting thing about Laufhaus Rachel’s sex dolls is the fact that in addition to renting the sex doll out for a session clients who are interested can also outright purchase the dolls.

Currently, there are six dolls on offer, but there are many others that can be ordered for purchase too. When it comes to buying these dolls, the prices are right there on the website and clients can choose to customize these realistic sex dolls. For example, before a purchase, a client can decide on the doll’s eye color, nipple color, how much pubic hair the doll should have, as well as the type of vagina that is in the doll (solid or removable).

There are numerous pictures of the sex dolls in various positions on the Laufhaus Rachel website, so if you are interested in having sex with one of these dolls, Laufhaus Rachel might be the place to visit.

sex dolls in Laufhaus Rachel

Sex Doll Scene – Conclusion

There you have it! These are some of the best places to have sex with a sex doll in Vienna. In addition to the above mentioned places, FKK Goldentime has also tried supplying customers with sex dolls; however, they have stopped offering it after a while. As we do not have any insider knowledge about this, we can only speculate that they stopped offering sex with sex doll services because of the hygiene concern, but we don’t know for sure. So, if you would like to try sex with a doll, choosing any of the above mentioned places should suffice.

One more thing that you should remember is that you can just as easily get an STD from a sex doll as you would from a real woman, if the sex doll is not cleaned properly. We cannot guarantee that the dolls are being cleaned after each session, so you should definitely use a condom even when having sex with a sex doll.

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