Brittney White from Naughty America

Brittney White spreading legs in her new scene

Brittney White is the porn icon from the newest generation of porn stars. She’s a sophomore from the Porn University, and she brings some impressive skills to Naughty America while having a great career ahead of her.

By new talents, I mostly imply on her height, which is only 5’1 (155 cm), however, that just makes her more compact for fucking! By the way, she is black, has black hair, brown eyes, has a big ass and big tits. [url name=’naughty_brittneywhite’]Brittney[/url] has all the good stuff beginning with b. Quite a teenage dream for boys.

Her coevals must have thought about her very recently when they went to high school and when they get home back from school; if you know what I mean I would love to go in a class with Brittney. Who wouldn’t? Seems like a friendly character.

Take a look at these hot pictures of Brittney White on Instagram, she really likes to show those huge boobs

Ok, back to her age. Brittney White was born on 19th of March, 1997, in Florida, USA. She’s only 19, but she fucks like a pro (which she is, but more like a veteran pro). Her performance raises the question: where did she learn all those sleek sex moves? I told you, she’s got some natural, God-given talent.

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Brittney White & Sean Lawless in My Girlfriend’s Busty Friend

Brittney here is absolutely gorgeous. She looks like a black sex goddess. This scene was published on October 7, 2016. It features Brittney and Sean Lawless doing some dirty jobs. The scene is a classic one, where Brittney called her friend’s boyfriend over to her place, because she needed help to move some furniture, and everyone knows that only the couch will be moved here, and not in a way in was first intended.

Old, but gold. Who even cares about the plot, Brittney is magnificent in this one! With her narrow hips, big tits and fucking skills, you’ll barely be focused on any other thing. But anyway, My Girlfriend’s Busty Friend was released on October 7, 2016, in 4k HD!

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