Brunette Teen Shyla Jennings in 8 Videos


Would you believe this girl is 28 years young? Born on 1989 in Stuttgart Germany, they must have gotten wrong the birth year, because the numbers do pretense out of the usual order in German! At least pronouncing in a way we’re not used to, most of the languages read it from left to right, whether it’s hundreds tens or unit digits, there’s no exception!

So, Shyla is more a 1998 person to me, and don’t bust your brains out of your ears, it’s fully legal to fuck those girls! They’re finally allowed to vote, and consent to sex! Pedal to the metal with the Deutsch genes, we’ve got a pure European on our tables!

It’s a happy day for our continent because we’re exporting our services to the countries with better conditions! One man’s trash is another man’s treasure like they always say, and a lot of consumers will find rejoice in this promising babe!

Her exact date of birth is Friday 16th of June, so you can go ahead and wait for 2018 to congratulate this smoking bombshell on succeeding to survive in the deathly hallow woods of porn performing in the US!

Here’s a shortcut to her Twitter Profile, bookmark it, you’re going to need it!

Caucasian, 5’2 (about 157 cm, which is the height of 10 pineapples without the leaves) and weighing 43 kgs is the most you get from her body. Maximum, I suppose. What the hell happened in that parenthesis, what kind of a measurement unit found its way there?

Black hair, green eyes, normal body, dimensions within the casual border, 32B tits flatter than the hospital line, ass like two speedbumps you rack your nerves over when you hit it! But, unfortunately, these are only ones you won’t gonna hit! Heart-to-heart, it’s just the truth, as it’s applied to you, it is on me as well. I just accepted my faith.

The bright side of a girl with low specifications as there is a common fact that it’s mostly all natural. And over a busty blonde with lips stuffed with silicon more than a desktop computer, I’d always choose a full-natural like Shyla is. Fuck fake bitches (literally), this one’s what really counts!

Want more? Take a break and read this interview with Shyla Jennings by Slutever

FFF: How long has it been without a Fast Fun Fact? Well, the next fact isn’t as fun as it’s serious, but it’s a good justification for me to use my patented creation. Shyla Jennings exclusively does girl-on-girl scenes and there’s no declination to it. So, if a person straight as a line is reading this, just skip this article and read a mountain of others that you can find on Sex Top!

We’re going in no matter what, so wish us luck! The All-Girl Performer of the year will stand up to her name and to the nominations she got inducted in through the years! Sex Top Lists will help with these 8 fragments it collected from ancient Egypt, about Shyla’s 8 best videos! What a prognostication by those sacred people and Pharaohs, bravo, geniuses!

8. Fantasy Massage – Better Than Chocolate

It’s Valentine’s days in the world of Fantasy Massage back in 2015, and Karlie Montana planned a special gift for her beloved girlfriend Shyla Jennings! They were driving in Karlie’s Toyota to the extraction point and disembarked on a green field with an ulterior cabin among the mountains.

No, she’s not going to commit a crime by rape, she’s only going to lead her blindfolded to a massage parlor for special occasions! August Ames is surely not unprepared, her first victim is being lured to her massage table! Her only task is to wait for the right opportunity, and then strike with much force!

Karlie placed blinded Shyla on a massage table, right after she stripped her down leaving only her nice and smooth skin and the cloth covering her eyes (actually, it were only her hands like peek-a-boo). August Ames was rubbed her hands out of greed, and maybe because she put a significant amount of oil, spreading the oil coating she collected in her hands!

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Slap that amount on Shyla’s gorgeous body, August, and may the impact commence! Shyla couldn’t help but not smile, because she was taken care off by two goddesses, one with the red hair and the other one with the packing tits! She couldn’t wait for degustation phase, to lick on those tasty tits and if in luck, get some milk out of them! Exploitation of multiple goodies!

7. Bangbros – Toying Around

The Bangbros have spared some of their time to go toy shopping with their favorite two girls! It’s not the regular toy shop you’re thinking off, but it’s ration to go in that direction because it’s for two girls. Well, two adult girls, who have a bit odd interests, probably like most of the girls, but in a non-lackluster fashion, to express like that.

Danni Daniels and Shyla Jennings are so excited to get going and seek for the new lands of this world, plus the Bangbros can be a fun crew to hang out with! You’ll never know where you may end up in their presence!

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There’s an adult emporium where Bangbros get distributed with the finest sex stuff, so onto the emporium! They’re looking for some realistic cock-hard dildoes and some perverted utilities! After they checked out at the register, tossed some cash in, some change in the Bangbros wallet, and back to the studio for filming!

Lights there are less dim, so now we’re about to witness some excruciating toy usage, where the performers are top class! Bangbro A is always there to push his pupils to get it better, and by push I mean slam into their pussies like he’s leaving his cheating wife with the construction worker in bed! After executing them, of course. Wow, am I dark or what?

6. Reality Kings – Sweet on Shyla

In a cheek by jowl relationship,  Shae Summers and Shyla Jennings are talking things in confidentiality, trusting each other like superior partners which they are. Set an example for modern day’s standards girls, where miles razing the bonds and strings attached to one’s better half, no similar in their case!

Shyla has waited for long enough for her girl to come back and revisit her in town. Just when she arrived and they finally had their quality time, no large transition is made before they started kissing passionately and grabbing their best attributes! Shyla grabbed Shae’s perfect tits, and Shae… well.. grabbed, her, er… by the personality? I mean you cannot fuck a personality.

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Since outdoor sex practice can be a bad misconduct, they relocated the sodomy insides, where no eyes will be harmed! But God’s will! God saw your affection for them tits, Shyla, he created them for you! But, please have mercy on them children who need breastfeed milk, you’re draining the life through Shae’s D-knockers!

After a pause, they trained their mad DJ skills on their pussies and it seems like a great musical career awaits both of these girls! If their pussy was a disc spinning, they would’ve composed Mozart!


5. Team Skeet – New Toy For Shyla

What did you expect from a lesbian article? I never knew, nor had a thought in my life that I’m going to make gay articles in the future. Well, modern-day standards imposition is for the blame, I’m just here for these nasty videos!

For a moment there I got abstracted and when I got back to this world server, I thought I watched some crazy Youtube tutorials. A girl grabbing her wire Wii remote in an odd shape, and as soon as it started vibrating I knew that it’s not meant for swinging rackets on Wii Tennis.

Without AFD, we wouldn’t know that Shyla also has Spanish descent too! Crucial info found on Adult Film Database Official Site!

It kinda looks like a microphone, how come I didn’t think of that at first… Well, it says much about me, right? Shyla’s dildo licking is a mating call for dicking, but girl you must stay consistent in your actions! One dick would crush all of your career dreams, turning you into a fraud!

But, our girl is committed to her imaginations and desires, and she has her eyes on the prize! A solo performance wouldn’t mean any harm, so why not? Shyla was about the stripping from her tight half-sweater or whatever that knit is made of, revealing her nice tiny tits!

For that a size, she’s got nice circular shapes of those titties! But, after she took off her denim shorts, that’s when I got distracted! With all this being said, she adds more commotion with a portion of cream that she spread on her body! This one girl show is getting a 10 star from me, I personally do not prefer these, but this is excludingly surprising!


4. Evil Angel – Dana Vespoli’s Real Sex Diary

Dana Vespoli, a director, a performer, avant-garde, one-of-a-kind, scouted on Shyla Jennings from the moment she entered the porn game! All that she wanted is to attract Shyla to her studio for some fun time together!

That late 2015, her wish was granted from the stars, and we’re talking about porn ones! An honest footage will be covering their interactions, and you can see that proud and excited look on Dana’s face acquiring the guest of such magazine load!

Dana knows just what to do with a pussy like hers, she’s been putting an effort in those inserts, movies envy her! It’s plain pleasure and satisfaction for Shyla’s part, where her duty is to sit back, bunchy outs her behind and let Dana do the rest.

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Of all the lesbian scenes I’ve watched, this has to be the one with most emotions and sentimental values! Dana can’t get her head away from drowning in her pussy, and after a nice and smooth climax from Shyla’s side, a long-awaited hug is at the backend of the scene!

It’s so cute to see them hug while lying naked and collided like they’re made out of one body! Especially with the ending delivery: “Guess I’m going to buy you flowers now!”, on which Shyla smiled distinctly!

3. Twistys – A Pleasant Surprise

Shyla stayed at home Friday night to watch some horror movies all alone, and that can be a double-edged sword because it’s risky! That means she’ll get no dick on Saturday, plus she’ll be scared to bones!

That’s why she dialed her bestie Celeste Starr to come over and help share the fright! Once she went in through the door, they hugged so compassionately I almost let a tear out of me! They held hands and went through the hailstorm of horror together, but everything’s a half when you share it with the ones you love!

Celeste went to the kitchen or something, but without a good reason, probably plotting some mischief. Shyla went on an excursion in search for her, while Celeste was hiding, and when the right time came, she scared her to screams! A nice foreplay for what’s yet to happen, they started doing their lesbian ways and there are no words to describe this  Sapphic joy! See for yourselves!


2. Girls Way – The Rivalry

I never get to understand rival best friends, maybe because I’m closeminded, maybe because I don’t look at anyone as competition, because, there is no any! All in all, either I’m narcissistic or stupid, both can be fatal.

Shyla and Kristen Scott got the instant relationship. Kristen was always under the margin worse than Shyla at something, and she was fiery jealous of her! She couldn’t think of a thing that keeps them together, but she remembers quickly that she’s in love with Jenna!

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At least she can show the larger amount of love she’s able to provide to her fellow rival, and that’s intangible! A suitable place to do so is the bed, and Kristen is passing-by on a red light, putting on display how to perfectly run with scissors, gaining huge consequences! They almost learned a new move – Squirting! Scissoring can be so much powerful influence in a girls life!

1. Sweet Heart Video – Mother’s Love Society

Two concerned MILFs are talking about their own stepdaughters’, Misty Rain thinking about how to smooth things out with her Shyla, since she’s great with Tanya. The problem is: Shyla is so spoiled, that Misty can’t cope with her!

Misty talked to her MILF friend for advice, and just when they finished and when Misty was left alone, Shyla went by marching in, complaining that her mom took away her ????, I haven’t understood a word she said, due to her high-pitch voice which is annoying as hell! But from the words of her mother, it’s a pipe used for smoking pot. It all adds up now!

Read more about Misty Rain, get yourself going, get to know as much as porn stars! Click here for her Wiki article now!

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There’s no way of in engaging in positive conversation, so a fight is inevitable. Thankfully, Shyla strike first, pushed and pressed her mom against the wall and started molesting her sexually!

Boom, the other scene is in bed, when they finally reached the maximum level a mother and daughter are able to get in their correlation! Happy endings make me so happy! And end me, essentially. Dark, dark, dark,… thoughts… To be continued…

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