Clara G

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    Clara G is a lovely lady performing for over 9 years and starting her career in 2001. She has an exquisite body and a face that screams lust but she mostly prefers the company of sultry lesbians. Her looks resonate with a tanned cougar who loves all her sexual toys equally.

    Her body is slim yet well-built and her natural tits compliment her stunning appearance. Clara really loves pussy and you can tell by the way she handles the huge dildos that she pulls out in every video.


    Having Fun With the Girls

    Usually, a strap-on is what gets this hot blonde going. The rumor is that her husband is the only one who fucks her in films and they agreed for Clara to only have fun with girls. Her lesbian friends are the luckiest when you see what she does to satisfy them.

    fisting action with Clara GHer skills and abilities got better over the years, dedicating to the lucky girl an entire sexual frenzy that gets orgasms over orgasms for her. The kisses are intense and passionate especially when it’s the sweet lips that kiss. Here’s what you have to expect before you search for Clara: some great fisting, an amazing pussy stretching, but plugs and delightful squirting.

    Clara at the Beginning

    You should start off by watching the film “Blacky & Clara G Fist Flush” in which Clara fists so good Black Diamond and then she fists back. When they perform solo fisting, Clara squirts over Black Diamond in a way that will leave you thirsty for more.

    It makes you want to be there and make it last longer. If you are more of an ass fan, Clara has videos where she plays with her ass, squirts milk out of her ass and fuck herself with a double penetration toy.

    She Has a Playful Attitude

    The stunning blonde has a 10/10 body and a playful face that works very well with the camera. Some would consider a negative the fact that she doesn’t talk that much but most of the time there’s no need to because her eyes fuck you through the camera.

    Her collection of toys will leave you amazed but wait until she uses them and really gets you amazed. Not to mention the best part when she squirts milk through her asshole. Although it’s enough to see her slim and hot body that will get you turned on regardless of what she is doing.

    Highly Talented in Bed

    The skillful actress has a mesmerizing way of teasing you while she undresses which leaves us to the next step. As soon as she is naked you can admire her amazing boobs and the way she starts to play with her pussy until it’s time to fist fuck herself.

    When the dildo comes in you really just can’t stop staring because she usually lubricates it by sucking it while deep throating.She then fucks herself so hard and she doesn’t stop there because she pulls from her set of toys another one which she uses to pound her asshole. When she finally gets to orgasm she squirts all over.

    Watching Clara is an actual treat and you could never go wrong with this skilled stunner. She has done dozens of films and all of them are different. Different toys, different uses and different friends that can only get Clara happy as she exercises her practiced methods on her female friends. Don’t miss this gorgeous lady who knows her way around a pussy and a cock.