Courtney Stodden’s Sex Tape

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    Courtney Stodden, the singer who took everyone by surprise when, at the age of 16, married actor Doug Hutchinson (50 at the time) may now be involved in another scandal, one of bigger proportions.

    If Doug Hutchinson (check him out on IMDB) doesn’t ring a bell, then the weird roles he played definitely will: Percy Wetmore in “The Green Mile”, James “Looney Bin Jim” Russoti in “Punisher: War Zone” and other smaller pictures, Courtney Stodden

    The unique footages

    It appears that there’s indeed a sex tape of Courtney pleasuring herself (although we wished for Hutchinson to make an appearance too) and according to Vivid Entertainment’s founder, Steven Hirsch, the tape is one of the most unique footages he has ever seen and that Courtney looks amazing in it (those DD cup boobs must look great !).

    However, it might take some time until the sex tape can be legally distributed for the general public (since Courtney herself has to sign it off) so until then we can make due with her nude pics from all over the internet.

    Being in an odd marriage

    We truly hope that this new scandal won’t affect the Stodden-Hutchinson marriage, which already has problems of its own. According to Hutchinson, this marriage really shook his life – agent quitting, family disowning him and death threats from disappointed fans.

    It seemed like the only person defending this odd marriage was Stodden’s mother who said that Doug was treating Courtney with kindness and love.

    You can find footage of the married couple when they appeared (back in 2012) in the VH1 reality TV series “Couples Therapy”, searching for ways to fix their issues with the age difference in their marriage.

    Although the couple went through a rough patch in November 2013 and took some time apart to solve their issues, August 2014 saw them reconciling with plans to renew their vows.

    We’ll keep you updated with whether the Courtney Stodden sex tape is available for the public or not so stay tuned!

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