Hairy Twatter

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    Everyone’s favorite magic universe, the world of Harry Potter, transformed into a porn movie by DreamZone. Although it’s a parody, director Jordan Septo kept close to the magical world and carefully chose his cast.

    Features Some of the Top Pornstars

    The main role is played by Seth Gamble as Hairy Twatter, who’s on the look for a spell that would give every girl on campus a bush for their pussy. His friend in need, Ron is played by Tyler Nixon and the last one to complete the main cast is Hormone played by the “innocent” Jessie Andrews.



    The cast also include Hella Trix played by the lovely brunette Katie St. Ives; Sammy Grand playing Winey, Ron’s sister; Logan Pierce playing the “not-so-goofy” Neville; Tara Lynn Foxx as Luder; Nora Skyy as Janine and Michael Vegas as Draco.

    A Top Quality Porn Parody

    In his search for the magic bush spell, Hairy has a “meeting” with Hella Trix who promised to give him the spell after he pleasured her enough. A few minutes later, with both of them exhausted, Hairy learns the spell he needs:

    For this bald pussy, I do not care. Give me much much hair! Do it now, do it in rush: give me a big big bush!

    This leads to the other women at the Whore’s Wart’s School for Witches and Wizards experiencing an over-night growth of hair on their “twats”, making them hornier than they already were.

    In the other scenes we can see Hormone and Ron spending some “quality” time together, the same goes for Winey and Neville, Janine and the “boy who came” Hairy and Luder and Draco, every pair having their separate scene.

    All in all, this is a well-done parody, with a lot of effort into costumes, accents, scenery and music. A porn parody totally recommended for everyone, especially dedicated Harry Potter fans.

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