Hot Blonde Teen Kylie Page And Her Best Scenes

Kylie Page sexy blonde porn star

In life, from time to time, you have to stiffen up and turn the Page, no matter how hard it is, you need to move on. Kylie Page is a fresh out of the oven teen blondie, just turned 20 earlier this February 13th and a year and a half has passed since her debut.

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Born in 1997 in Claremore, Oklahoma this hot babe brings us home some refreshments to the industry with her youthful appearance and skills. This is the future of our beloved porn, and it’s looking pretty bright!

It’s surprising to notice that the ’97 kids are now 20-year-olds, time flies so fast! This girl developed into a bombshell! If you take a good glare, you’ll see a lot of naughtiness in her brown eyes and the eyes never lie, they’re windows of her soul!

Kylie must have been working out when she was younger, it’s not that easy to achieve a body like hers. A little bit sporty, athletic type, but still curvy and really sexy. The golden middle, if you prefer. You can see her thickness and it’s so hot when she puffs up her chest, makes her already big, natural tits even larger!

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She likes to wear hot, tight lingeries that bring out her curves. Another crucial ASSpect is that she has a nice bubble butt which continues on to her sexy thighs. Compared to her height of 5’4 (162 cm) and overall size, her legs seem pretty long so when she wears high heels, it’s like a cherry on top. It emphasizes her sexy curves even further.

There are still leftover years of her full development. For instance, I’ve been comparing her breast size from last year and this year with my hawk eye, and I can arguably come to the conclusion that they’ve become pretty big naturals. It’s not that noticeable, but I’ve taken a big shot and focused for good to do this tiny research. Maybe her ass will become more bubbly as well!

I think it is too early for her to win some prestigious awards. However, slowly but steadily, she’s gripping those titles and until she wins it, the fight is not over! Oh, just to mention the FFF (Fast Fun Fact) quickly, these newer porn stars usually have more aliases, and Kylie’s other nickname is Bonnie Kinz, so if that rings a bell to somebody, man, you really are a true porn fan!

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Or the fan of Kylie, which is basically the same. She still is categorized as a teen and I guess no change is vivid because she looks quite young, and usable by the teen porn sites like Nubiles or such. For 2 or 3 years she will get where she belongs, Co-Ed girls all the way! But by then, many things will happen, things like this review of her current Top 9 videos on some of the biggest porn networks. Let’s see what we have here.

9. Joy Riding With Kylie Page

This is one of her introduction lines and yes, she’s old enough to drive! Riding shotgun is the BangBro who is filming this young and fearless gal who’s titties are like two airbags. Science says that it’s the most effective way to cushion a heavy car accident. But here at BangBros, nothing is accidental.

They are en route to their headquarters in Miami where she will unleash her full potential in joy riding! Her proud face can be recognized from far and she has a full right to be that way. I know I’d be if I had those titties (of course if I were a girl). She stated back in the car that she likes big dick but the skeptical bros are about to find out!

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While pressing his cock against her tits, putting his cock into her mouth, and then dipping it in her pussy, will show her endurance and the real cock-striving she has! If she, however, thinks that everything is over when he pulls out, it means that she’s totally unprepared for another throat slicing experience!

The rookie days of a porn star’s career where always the hardest. It’s a test to show if you can make it, and Kylie’s tests came out to be very positive as she is a destined slut!

8. My Girlfriend’s Busty Friend with Johnny Castle

Next up is a difficult task with Johnny boy. Kylie is taking a shower at her friend’s house, not even having a clue that someone could be in it. It was actually Johnny Castle who thought it was his girlfriend showering. How naive and convincing.

He sneaks up in the bathroom unnoticed, pulls aside the shower curtains and the moment he does it, his jaws drop to the ground. Since he’s a good boy, he went off to the room to hide his embarrassment. But before it, he took a good look at Kylie’s well-soaped body and round, slippery boobs.

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She hasn’t noticed him ever since and when she finally turns off the water, he goes hiding in the room, still peeping for the good parts. She was drying off, then applying oil to her cans and then catches him with her stunning look. Johnny was paralyzed behind the bed and he felt guilty! But, there’s no need to feel guilt when Kylie is around.

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Momentarily, Kylie wanted to suck his dick, but only if he first sucks on her oiled nips. A fair trade leads them to a complete partnership, and they had rough sex on the passionate violet bed while Johnny’s girlfriend wasn’t around. Oh, Kylie Kylie, you make people so sinful.

7. Not In That Dress

Everyone had the dilemma what to wear in a solemn party of a close friend because you have to look amazing when you’re around close people, displaying yourself in top class! Kylie was going through that slutty period so she dressed up according to her current taste. Fortunately, she has a strict stepmom, Tanya Tate, who stumbled on her daughter dressed so openly and provocatively.

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She was standing shocked at the moment she saw her and immediately demanded her deluded daughter to change, all spoken in a sexy, British accent. Kylie was a bit cocky but resisted to fight. She went to her room to change and her new attire was a complete black dress shaped to her body in which she looked hot as hell!

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Mom wasn’t there to rate her appearance next time so she changed back to even sluttier clothes and that’s when Tanya came into her room to get even more shocked than before! Tanya just had enough of her, grabbing her from behind and squeezing her breasts like “Is this what you want to spill out in public” or something like that, then taking her bra off and sucking ludicrously on her nips!

They lay on the bed for a better daughter-mom talk and Tanya Tate was the Disc-Jockey with some rapid fingering skills! Like every protective stepmom, she forces her to eat her pussy in order to channel those negative manifestations, like a counter-initiative.

She then puts things in a scissor form and fucks her daughter like they were the naughtiest lesbians ever! Don’t you love step-family relations? There is no lying within them! Always on to the point, directly leading to a hardcore fuck!

6. Extreme Gamer Girl

A hardcore gamer would say that she definitely isn’t one of the true Gamer girls. Jealous cocksuckers. Kylie loves to spend her free time with video games, then she can just let her mind be and relax. This time she was at home alone all by herself, took a cardboard box and sheltered herself from any exterior factors. Until her boyfriend, Brad Knight arrived back home, devastated because she’s in front of the TV again playing some lousy games.

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Her room was a total mess and he told her before to collect the dirty laundry from it but she didn’t listen. In order to make it up to him, she untied her college girl top, flashed him with her soft and big titties and told him she’ll do anything after he finishes with her. From a mad boyfriend, Brad turned into an obedient puppy so he did what his animal instinct told him.

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He took out his cock and shoved it down his girlfriend’s throat. Then she continued to hold the joystick while he was on her pussy pounding it hard and strongly and she barely could keep up with the gameplay. It turns out she really is a fanatic! The only pose she couldn’t do while playing is the doggy style as she needed her hands to hold off the forceful impact. Gaming is the future, Kylie Page is the living proof!

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5. Training My Masseuse

The parlor professional Kalina Ryu was talking to her new masseuse Kylie Page about the regular stuff she did with her previous professional. Stop at the point where Kylie Page is doing her intro speech, she made a mistake trying to remember the line when she directed her eyes to the roof like a normal person would do.

Professional acting – is what I call this! Who cares, she’s wearing a hot white shirt and her cleavage part is connected with laces, protecting her tits from bursting. Anyways, when her client told her she wanted a tissue shiatsu massage, the typical ironic look followed it up. I swear, I chuckled in that moment.

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It was a sign for Kalina that the only thing she will be getting is a regular massage with vertically placed hand punches, or whatever you call it. When the rubbing began, Kalina was negatively surprised how bad Kylie is, especially when she proceeded to elbow her spine which hurt her essentially.

Kalina suggested they could swap roles so that Kylie learns a thing or two. She takes off her sexy shirt and starts rubbing her shoulders. Within a blink of an eye, Kalina is totally naked, diving into the deep! That’s what you called a real massage, where there’s no difference between the masseuse and the client – a reciprocal favor!

4. I Have A Wife with Preston Parker

How many times you thought about banging your good friend’s girl? None? Liar, liar, pants on fire! Admit that at least once you were at your buddy’s house when his girlfriend was around and every time you made a secret eye contact, nasty things came into your mind! I have wondered if the girls felt the same, at least thinking about some naughty fantasies

That’s mostly the case on Naughty America, the sparkles are usually mutual. Preston Parker was at his good friend’s place and when he was conveniently away, his girlfriend Kylie Page tried to flirt with Preston every time she got the chance to. Until she crossed the line and Preston shared her a piece of his dick!

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They got just enough time for the complete experience and when he was about to finish, he pulled his dick out of her doggy style and jizzed all over Kylie’s ass and pussy! Make sure you wash that well, sweetheart, we don’t want any awkward moments if your boyfriend founds out that another guy has been spraying his gf!

3. Kylie’s Got It Going On

Some hidden place in America, they located this shooting where they exhibited their best teen girl at that time, summer 2016. She was blonde more keen to being blank and had the boobs of a mother of 10. She was wearing suspenders attached to her sexy lingerie like a classic BangBro intro, then they took her inside for a spin.

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She sucked dick for more than 10 minutes which is quite impressive and 3 times longer than the time under she got her pussy demolished! Her pussy is more used to having a cock in it rather than being left empty. She’s an obvious sex addict, the way she waits for a sexual eruption reminds me of, well, kids in Africa desperately trying to get water when it rains.

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2. The Art Of Older Women, Part 2 Scene 1

Kylie is a novice wife and on top of all that suffering a young wife can get, her husband is even cheating on her! And he’s not even being mysterious about it, it’s an open-type of adultery and she can’t do anything about it until she one time just had enough seeing him with other women.

She called her divorce lawyer, Alexis Fawx to quickly fill out those forms and papers and get everything that she can from her husband, strip him skin-naked as well as the property, ascribing all of it to herself. The bastard was even having an affair with her 70-year old sister! Wouldn’t you believe that? She even brought evidence – women’s underwear covered with his dick’s DNA!

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Alexis was quite concerned for her client so she decided to calm her down with the scent of her pussy! Kylie very gladly accepted her offer and found out that after all, she has some interests in women! Devastated Kylie just bent over the vast table where they’ve led a serious conversation, her lawyer fingering her pussy in the meanwhile!

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It was so satisfying for her, they just had to settle things down to the very end! It was a nice pussy-to-pussy pummelling and I don’t think Kylie will ever have problems with men again! No men equals no problems! Sometimes I feel ashamed of being a guy. Until I turn off the lesbian porn window and shut down my computer.

Kylie Page top pornstar in lesbian scene

1. My Sister’s Hot Friend with Tyler Nixon

Tyler was always the best match for a family feud due to his long hair, manly look but still prone to youth. Kylie calls him to help montage her webcam (oh what a pleasant surprise, oh what WILL she do with that thing, I ask) because he’s an IT genius plus her friend’s brother, and – on top of that – he’s kinda hot!

Poor Tyler didn’t know what was going on and for what purpose did she used her camera so when he finished installing it, he stayed to see what’s she up to. He stared from the other room, while she was stripping down and posing in front of the cam. When she catches him drooling over her, she calls him over and starts a live cam show with him!

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More the guys in the show, more the profit, she gets banged and gets even more money than she’ll do posing solo! There’s no possibility of a bad outcome if he joins her! Except when he literally cums on her! That’s what I call a money shot, even more literally!

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