Hot Brunette Eva Lovia in 6 Scenes

Sexy Brunette Porn Star Eva Lovia

Maybe you ask why Eva Lovia of them all? Well, for starters, when I got to check the Naughty America porn star biography of hers, I saw that she has a profile picture where her body is almost entirely covered. Just stockings, high heels, and a sexy outfit, everything black from the top to the bottom.

Eva Lovia brunette porn star

Combine that with her gorgeous, freckled face and eye lines, mouth, and nose, and you get a brunette with curly edges that you’d love even to dream of! She’s the paradigm that shows us a certain charisma, appearance and – inductively speaking – everything that counts.

This girl – she’s unique! Maybe I say that for all the porn stars, but it is true, every single one of them has their story behind them, which made them what they are today! And I am absolutely stunned every time I look at her! Eva Lovia has an amazing body, she’s athletic, has natural tits that aren’t too shabby, nor small, just perfect.

Her ass follows up, but still has a perfect curvy shape! She was born in Los Angeles, California, on May 29th, 1989. Standing at 5’3 (160cm), she fits into the petite category desired by many men.

When she first came through, in 2010, it wasn’t an experience to brag about. First, she began as a nude model and it was a pretty bad experience for her. They had some absurd requests from her, which she or probably anyone couldn’t do.

Later on, her own Lovia Enterprises did an outstanding job, trying to empower women by giving them control to be their own porn directors, help with the web designing, etc. Only to motivate them to squeeze through the hard life of being a woman, and eventually, succeed at things they’re striving for!

Other than porn business, she owns a complete business, a restaurant, and some other ventures. And this was everything I was talking about. She’s a big potential and an even bigger talent, which is probably hidden, besides most being revealed! Eva Lovia is much more than a porn star, and that’s because she is a great one, and she can be something even more!

You should watch her porn videos if you haven’t already. Grab the opportunity while you still have, because our train to movie review town is about to leave! There’s no obvious information about her porn rewards, nominations, and achievements, even though her career began in 2013, for sure, when there were cameras and all that stuff to make it official. Don’t believe your mind, believe in your heart!

Here’s an interesting fact instead: Did you know that in summer 2015, the pay free porn site Pornhub announced that they’re working on a project to create a first porn scene in SPACE! Of course, starring our girl Eva and the famous Johnny Sins, to get on the spaceship with her!

And this was a 100% serious fact, and the only thing that was standing between its realization is money. It was estimated that the total cost of the entire filming would be around 3.4 Million Dollars. Too bad it was promised in 2016, and wouldn’t you know, voila! It’s 2017 already. Such a waste.

There’s no time left, everyone board the choo-choo train!

Bangbros – Eva Is Ready To Get Dicked Down

Lemme introduce you to Eva Lovia through the eyes of the Bangbros! This beauty is posing in front of luxurious and legendary cars, presenting a quick tour of her provocative and sensual body and it happens outdoors, right in the middle of a nice woody background. And besides wood, there’s grass and bushes!

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You can comprehend this in a whichever way you like because it probably wouldn’t be wrong! It’s metaphoric and it isn’t – at the same time. Just to simplify. Around the hard parts, like stones and rocks (hard parts other than the Bangbros guy has), they’ve left a comfy blanket so Eva can lie down placidly and gently until a monster cock marches into her widegina!

It’s a sight for sore eyes when you see this perfect bisexual girl take something out of her daily routine! And that’s a penis. That intrepid girl!

Tonight’s Girlfriend Classic with Xander Corvus

This one, among not so many movies she starred on Naughty America (only 3 in total, to be specific), is the one with the most repute. Yet again, everything you find surprising about Eva Lovia is just proof that she’s a one of a kind. Girls like her today are pretty rare! Like I said, grab her, hold her, and don’t let her go. Watch the content of hers, from A to Z, in order to maintain your life.

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Xander Corvus is a busy guy, but now, he’s busier than ever. It’s the season. It’s in the air, the tension. So, he doesn’t have time to establish a long-term relationship with a female because of many reasons, so he isn’t like any other guy.

The poor guy has to bling the hotline if he wants some love to be shared with him. And what more would you ask for than love of Eva Lovia? Other than that, she will give him a chance to seize her for the night, and make that night a thing to remember for the rest of his life!

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Monster Curves – Sexy Shaker

Her brilliant smile with pearl white teeth makes you take a good look at her while saying to yourself: “This one can’t be anything else but a fallen angel!”. It seems like she’s fed up with softness and kisses and cuddling with girls, as her natural instincts finally kicked in and she got hungry for the dick.

And Reality Kings had the honor to feed the starving babe! But first, they want to walk her around while her being followed by super-resolution cameras, and I can’t even say that she’s wearing anything in the yard of this huge mansion.

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Eva Lovia has the face of a girl you want to date. But don’t get heartbroken when she takes in the D like it’s the best thing of her life, leaving you virtually jealous. I know how you feel guys, just let it out of your system. It’s better than keeping it inside.

Eva got naughty, so in the end, she got the thing that she deserved and believe me, the guy liked it pretty much!!!

Eva Lovia flexible pussy licking

Evil Angel – RAW #21

Let’s get ready to rumble! Manuel Ferrara is back, been there done that, and he’s completing his RAW collection, adding Eva Lovia to the trophy cabinet. His giant cock is the test which the best porn stars take, and usually pass because they wouldn’t be the best if they couldn’t take in Ferrara’s monster cock and his amateurish camera and filming.

I envy his lifestyle. He’s always eager to stick his cock inside a fine ass, while I’m sitting here writing about his legendary achievements. I mean, we both then have a great life, but his experiences are just way better. Other than a porn star, he’s a star porn star of his movie’s that he directed.

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Do you follow me? But he’s not the topic we’re currently discussing, because Eva is, – and everything that I thought of her, now put together – she’s simply amazing! Having her around your bed sheets is a moment when you’ll realize that you have done it! She’s a goddess!

Dirty Wives Club with Xander Corvus

Eva and Xander are already back and they bring us a neat Dirty Wives Club scene. She is looking for a swing partner and don’t worry, she had strict agreements with her husband first to bring in another meat to join them with their sexy time.

But before Xander can join, Eva wants to explore Xander’s body a bit so she invites him over earlier. She had just found him on a swinger site and I can tell you that’s she’s quite impressed with him. If her husband lets Xander pass, he’s on a role here!

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Naughty America does make fantasy scenes which can only be found on the internet, however, there’s always some truth hidden between those lines. If you don’t know for sure if those fantasies exist, don’t judge based on your surroundings because it is called Naughty AMERICA. Remember, there must be a certain someone that lives the life we see exclusively on NA! But be happy because we have our luck, and it’s in NA’s dirty hands!

Ass Parade – Lesbians With Big Butts

This is the thing for what’s Eva mostly known for! Straightforward lesbian sex! Nothing else than that! She and her girlfriend Keisha Grey are bouncing their bouncy asses in front of the Bang camera, both wearing some hot boxers/thongs, where Eva’s is orange and a bit wider than Keisha’s yellow, thinner one.

They play around with their own bodies there, hardly waiting for the next sequence, where they can finally taste each other’s tits and pussies. Doing simple math equations you get 4 enormous, and natural tits, with nipples 1/5 of the total size of a single boob and they just hang on their chests, looking directly in your eyes. It just makes you want to suck all of them dry! I’m a boob guy, so this is a normal behavior of mine. But even if you’re not, you have to respect to these cans!!! So soft and attractive like a magnet.

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Bangbros knows how to surprise even if there isn’t any “surprise material”, let’s say. Until you watch the full movie. You probably now think that it’s nothing than a girl on girl action. We’ll you have to think again and open your mind for something new, so those good things can happen to you! Back again with the rhymes!!!

Hey people this week on assparade we have these two badass white girls oiled up and dicked down. In tdays feature we have Keisha Grey & Eva Lovia. I promise your gonna love watchin these phat ass ladies work. .

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