Introducing Bree Daniels With A Few Videos

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An incredibly sexy pornstar with an utterly fuckable body. Bree Daniels has been very naughty throughout her career with girls and boys alike. She does lesbian videos most of the time but you can also see her in girl on boy videos where she fucks men’s brains out pretty well.

Bree was born on November 18, 1991. She lived in Montana in a small town before moving into a big city. Once she got established there, she started modeling at fifteen years of age. She was a beautiful blonde girl by then and most of her classmates found her very attractive.

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Once she turned into an adult, she started her career in the adult industry as a cam-model, showing off and masturbating for random guys on the internet. That’s when she got discovered by an agent who contacted and invited her for an interview.

She flew out to Los Angeles, where she embarked on her sexy journey. Bree Daniels has been featured in many magazines, showing off those incredible curves and titties more than a few times.

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She soon began working with companies like “Club”, “Barely Legal“, “High Society” and “Hustler“, creating a solid career for herself. Her first hardcore video was made in 2010 and she has been active ever since.

Brees exceptional bodily features make her very attractive. She is a tall babe with 170cm height and has 51kg of weight which is spread evenly across her body. She has beautiful big and perfectly round breasts which are probably her most attractive features.

Her left shoulder is covered with a stylish tattoo that has can be associated with her wild personality. She was born under the Scorpio zodiac sign which would explain why she loves to dominate girls in her videos.

Bree has taken part in many dirty movies and we have gathered her most honorable mentions. Here they are!

9. Slutty And Sluttier #23

Bree Daniels has a sweet date tonight with one of her girlfriends, Kayden Kross‘, an incredibly sexy blondie with an amazing cleavage. They have been hanging out for a while, blowing a few kisses from time to time but their relationship hasn’t got too serious yet.

Bree thought that it’s about time to have something incredibly sexy happen between the two of them, so she made some serious moves. Kayden isn’t one to say no when a girl tries to seduce her and lets this sexy doll play her game. Things started to roll after a few passionate kisses.

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Kayden made Bree’s nipples harder when she started to lick her delicious pink pussy. Once she licked that twat clean, Bree started worshipping Kayden’s amazing pair of breasts in her own sexy way, taking things even further.

Bree was a bit shy at first but she didn’t show it. But now, Kayden’s confidence and passionate kisses have helped her go with the flow. She has shown a lot of deep lust and passion for this sexy blonde woman as they both shared their hottest girl on girl adventure. Tonight was a night that both of them enjoyed to the fullest as they kept things smoking hot all the way! Bree was left shaking when Kayden finished showing her all those special moves!

Manuel Ferrara did a fine job directing this incredible lesbian movie.

8. Grade A Rubdown

Bree Daniels loves a woman’s soft touch and that’s why she had to choose the All Girl Massage parlor. The girls there really know how to give a proper back rub.

Her masseur is Rilynn Rae, who asks Bree to undress from top to bottom and lay that beautiful body on the massage table. She sparks a conversation, telling Bree to exhale and tell her where she feels the most tension.

Bree tells her that she feels a bit of tension in her shoulders and Rylinn gets on the case right away. Their conversation continues as they both elaborate that they know each other from somewhere. As it turns out Bree has attended to the same massage class that Rilynn did.

Rylinn admits that she grew very fond of her beautiful body and all of its sweet feminine features. Bree is blushing from all the nice compliments she is getting and feels Rylinn’s hands slowly moving between her legs.

The erotic massage is getting incredibly naughty and things only escalate from there. The two of them show each other some of their immense passion, making sure they enjoy themselves to the fullest.

7. Five Star Chicks

Bree Daniels and her team of sexy chicks have got together with a well-known photographer Sammie Rhodes to make a really sexy photoshoot happen.

They’ve made some sizzling hot pictures, showing a lot of ass and titties. The scenery was nice so they figured they should stay on the spot for a while and enjoy themselves a little more. Most of the girls were already eager to have some sexy fun.

Things start out slowly with a few kisses but the girls can’t hold themselves back from grabbing hold of each others booty and sweet titties. Bikinis fall off and things get more and more intense each second.

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Everyone just wants her dose of pleasure and they get it, they get it hard. Each babe uses her own unique way to please the other’s pussy. They finger those fuck holes and lick every clit in sight. Some of them scream out loud from all the intense pleasure they’re having.

Bree loves to eat some pussy and she goes all in, making sure that these girls have an amazing orgasmic experience.

Bree Daniels Reality Kings threesome video

6. Tonight’s Girlfriend with Richie Black

Richie Black has a dream of being a rockstar who gives backstage passes to sexy girls. Tonight, Bree Daniels tags along to fulfill this desire and she’ll be Richie’s most devoted fan girl.

She welcomes Richie with open arms and legs and asks him to take his pants off so she can get her hands on that big old dick.

RockStar Richie gives Bree a lot more than just a backstage pass and she really enjoys it. Bree gets her amazing pussy pounded pretty hard and works her big and well-rounded ass in never before seen ways. Her sweet bubble booty got fucked pretty hard and her big natural breasts sway as she takes it all.

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This hot date in a hotel room gets pretty dirty once Bree and Richie get more serious. Bree licks his balls and deepthroats that big cock many times before taking a facial. They kept this wild date smoking hot all the way, making sure that it had the happiest ending.

5. Mia Loves Girls

Bree Daniels just met a sexy blonde exchange student called Mia Malkova. She will share her apartment with her as long as they go to the same college.

Bree is no stranger when it comes to having sex with girls and she also has a keen eye for beautiful feminine features as well. She has seen quite a few beautiful curves on that flawless body of hers.

Mia also had a spark in her eye when she met Bree, maybe she shares the same craving as Bree does. It’s only a matter of time before she makes her move and tries to have some quality sexy time with this girl.

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It was the first night they’ve spent together in Brees apartment and the two of them agreed that they’ll take the time to get to know each other better. It didn’t take long for Mia to admit she likes girls in a sexual way. The stage was clear.

Bree marked the start of their lesbian adventure by giving Mia a lustful kiss on her mouth. Both of them went with the flow from there, letting their burning lesbian lust drive their action.

4. A Thing Of Beauty

Innocent red haired teen Bree Daniels has been caught by two lesbians, Karlie Montana and Sinn Sage who have been craving to have some hot sex and sodomize a young girl like her. They caught and dragged her into a tunnel where they stripped all of her clothes to get a taste of that sweet body.

They started slapping her sweet round ass and feasting on her big tits and already hardened nipples.

Bree didn’t know what to do with the situation. She was overwhelmed by both the fear of these two wild women and the lust she was feeling. She started to enjoy what Karlie and Sinn were doing. Their intense pussy licking skills made her really enjoy the whole action.

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The two girls were already moaning and going as rough on each other’s hot pussy as they possibly could. The tunnel was filled with the moans of lustful lesbians and soon even Bree joined them. The three of them had a really hardcore adventure and made some sexy art!

3. A Woman’s Touch

The friendship between Bree Daniels and Malena Morgan is something that goes way back in time and they finally get to reunite after a long long time. They travel down memory lane, talking about all the fun times they’ve had and all the good that they shared.

Some sweet emotions start bubbling up as they talk about the dirty things they did and the long nights they’ve spent together. They stare deeply into each other’s eyes and know that both of them is thinking about the same thing.

Emotions explode as they blow their first hot kiss and start to grip each other’s round ass. They hold each other firmly when Bree suddenly throws Melena on the bed, spreading her legs nice and wide as she intends to eat her dripping wet pussy. A few good licks put things on the right track and Melena returns the favor when she has a chance.

Nothing can hold her back from embracing Bree’s beauty and she works her fingers pretty hard to make sure that her dripping wet pussy is pleased to the absolute max.

The two of them had the most smoking hot lesbian adventure that you can check out at RealityKings.

Bree Daniels in lesbian scene Reality Kings

2. Serena Loves Bree, Scene #01

Curvy brunette Serena Blair has had a dirty desire for quite some time and she craved to share that fantasy with a girl. A girl who has sweet natural tits and beautiful eyes just like she does. The girl of her choice is Bree Daniels.

Bree has a lot more experience in dirty deeds, especially when it comes to doing them with girls. Her sweet ass has also been stretched quite a few times so she knows how to stuff booties in a way that they will stretch. She is more than happy to show Serena the ropes and teach her how to have proper anal sex.

Serena leads her into her room, then Bree strips all her clothes and shows her the plug she has brought with her. Even Serena understands where this is going, so she spreads those long legs nice and wide and lets that girl penetrate. always serves you the daily dose of HD Anal Porn

Once she is in, the show is on the road and loud moans follow her every move. Things are getting incredibly hot between them which was something worth catching on video. What an intense lesbian fuck!

1. Dirty Wives Club with Johnny Castle

Bree Daniels doesn’t always do girl-boy videos but when she does, it is a work of hardcore art. Today she is having a date with a famous male pornstar, Johnny Castle and she has dressed up wonderfully for the occasion, to say the least.

Johnny has anticipated this wild fuck he is about to have and he has a stiffy as soon as he looks at Bree. Not much is covering her all-natural body and she sees that Johnny intends to rip it off her.

The two of them start to wrestle while blowing some hot lustful kisses until Johnny gets to stick it in.

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Bree feels that massive stiff dick inside her and starts humping on it, riding wildly. Nothing can hold her back from living this hot adventure to its fullest and her pussy is getting the most intense pounding she has had in quite some time.

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