Kate Moss in Playboy

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    Kate Moss

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    Kate Moss was born in 1974 in England. Her potential as a model was first discovered when she was 14 years old, at the JFK Airport in New York.

    Throughout her career, she was best known for her slim silhouette (the heroin chic look or the waifish figure) and the fact that she was promoting the size zero in fashion.

    Around the year of 2006, size zero was banned from several fashion labels because of the risks it involves and the wrongful idea it spreads in the minds of impressionable youths.

    “ Kate Moss turned 40 years old when she posed earlier this year for Playboy's 60th year anniversary ”

    In 2005, media didn’t let Kate get off the hook that easily and took a shot at her party style as well as alleged drug use. Because of these allegations, Moss couldn’t carry on with her career as a model and had to be benched for a period of time. After everything cleared up and she was cleared of all drug use charges, she carried on with her career.

    Kate Moss was Johnny Depp’s most serious and longest partner in a relationship. Their relationship shocked the media and the world at that time. However, the two of them didn’t pay any attention to media and carried on with their personal life. A few years later, Kate left Johnny and their fairytale came to an end.

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