Kristin Kreuk Sex Tape

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    ou’re only strong when you’re standing behind a stable, functioning mass! Apparently, Actress Kristin Kreuk has been accused of calling off and recruiting innocent young women to join as sex slaves as members of the Muslim sex sect. Recently, the leader of the organization was arrested, and just the day after he was brought to justice and accused of sex trafficking. Reporters have slammed Kristen for being a ‘Human Resourcing’ body in that criminal organization. She publicly denied the claims on her Twitter profile.kristin-kreuk-sex-tape

    The cult, going by the acronym name of NXIVM, is allegedly formed back in 1998. It was recognized as a cult in 2007, and it was imposed to the light because of New York Times expose last year. She deceived the women that joined the group, convincing them to think about the group as a self-help organization where they can climb the ladder to enlightenment. The sect, with their leader Raniere also had strict requirements for women. So those who don’t meet the standards are forced to, let’s say, lose weight to meet the requirements of their boss.

    Prior to this vile news outbreak, long before it drove off to destruction, NXIVM was offering to people their section ‘Executvie Success Programs Inc’. Those were programs that teach you the philosophical and practical studies which are necessary to you if you want to acquire such skills on the road to success. People have been baited on it, enrolling to these courses and one of them was Kristen Kreuk. That’s the only thing she hasn’t denounced, she did attend those courses.

    Kristin’s colleague provided support for her friend, telling that she could have never been part of the inner-circle of the NXIVM. As for the boss Raniere, he’s facing federal charges filed in Brooklyn, regardless of his public denial on his website.

    Before we put Kristin into dirt, let’s summon back what we have and haven’t known about her. Kristin is from Canada, born in December 30, 1982 in Vancouver, later settling in Toronto where she currently lives. She’s mostly known for her TV series Smallville where she played Lana Lang. Second-best role in opinion was in the teen drama Edgemont, and third considerable role was in Snow White: The Fairest of them All, where she landed the main role.

    She was also in Eurotrip, which I genuinely watched, but she was cut, appearing for a couple of minutes of total screen time. She was the cheating girlfriend of the protagonist, played by Matt Damon.

    The Sex Tape


    he sensational stories patron’s – Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack co-stars of Smallville, have both been accused of recruitment, on which Kristin denied her parttake in it. However, a sex tape that has seen the light recently of her being fucked by a Muslim guy, judging by his overall appearance and hairstyle. I mean no harm to the Muslim people, but NXIVM is a sect, and this is the sneak peek into their evil dungeon.

    Krisitin is clearly seen getting her pussy wrecked by this Muslim who literally had hair all over his body, including his entire arm from shoulder to the tip of his fingers. He wore a condom, and it seemed that Kristin enjoyed him embarking her pussy as he slowly bends towards her for a kiss. Talk about branding women! This is a total enlightenment, don’t you think? Using women as sex slaves and objects to fulfill your selfish desires truly disappoints people of dignity, of this mankind we know of today. Dear Krisitin, you don’t need a cock up your vagina to reach for the heavens, sincerely, Sex Top Lists.


    The sex tape lasts about one minute, then it shows some comedic dancing of a group of people which is commonly used in internet memes. I suggest you watch it and face the latest outbursts of inhumane disgust. Experience blissful shine-through on Sex Top Lists, but about your sexual urges, not some kind of a Zen deception that lifts your soul or something like that. Sex isn’t rocket science, you know.