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[formatp]Leigh Raven[/formatp] was born on November 11, 1991 in Menifee, CA. She is currently among the most popular figures in the porn industry. Before entering the adult film industry the sexy brunette had graduated from Paloma Valley High School. This young porn star has already managed to attract a lot of fans. The ones who have seen her videos declared that watching her fucking is indeed an exciting experience. Leigh Raven is an appealing woman and many persons are delighted to see her performances.leigh raven nerd and sexy

The sensual girl admitted she had been a big fan of porn before she became a porn actress. She has been always interested in the porn industry because she was fascinated by the people who are able to express their sexuality. The young performer has a lot of potential and she won different awards, including “Inked Awards Feature of The Year”,  AVN Best Comedy “Cindy Queen of Hell”.

The porn enthusiasts have compared Leigh Raven with the other porn stars, and they consider she could be the next Bonnie Rotten. Both girls focus on the same style, but they have different personalities. The fans are trapped in the middle because they cannot say which one is better. The sensual Bonnie Rotten say she is an open-minded person and she started her sexual life when she was only 12. By the age of 16, she had sex with multiple male partners.

This detail has intrigued the fans and released their fantasies. The hot Bonnie remembers that she was very sexually active, banging everybody and having sex with all her girlfriends. She also confesses she had a lot of fun that period. As a performer, the hot starlet has won a lot of awards, including “Best Group Sex Scene”, “Female Performer of the Year”, “Kinkiest Performer”, “Superslut” and many important titles. Bonnie Rotten has performed for a lot of years, and her name is known at a large scale.

Leigh Raven is considered a newbie, but she has a lot of potential and the viewers consider she can reach at least the same level of popularity. Leight Raven and Bonnie Rotten are for sure two of the most appealing porn stars. Both of them are covered with tattoos and we already know there are a lot of persons with this fetish out there.

They love sex, and they still have a lot to prove. Both porn stars are appreciated by the audience because they act naturally, bringing something new in the industry. Their perfect bodies and the way they perform are amazing. For sure they will become the next porn goddesses.

Top 8 Videos of Leigh Raven

8. Pin Up Lesbian

[formatp]Leigh Raven, Kayden Kross manages to create an impressive porn video that will turn on every single viewer. Leigh’s body full of tattoos   is very provocative and her perfect shapes make the sex scene even more appealing. Pin Up Lesbian is a splendid production where Leigh Raven acts naturally, demonstrating that she doesn’t have inhibitions. A girl on girl porn video with a blonde and a brunette can only be exciting. Leigh Raven knows how to please the hot blonde, so she licks her pussy with a huge appetite.[/formatp]

Kayden Kross’s big tits are sensually kissed by the provocative brunette who enjoys the experience. The sexy blonde decides to turn back Raven’s favor, so she asks her to lay on her back. Kayden Kross offers an astonishing oral sex, and the sexy brunette is ecstatic. The moments when Leigh Raven experiences orgasm are breathtaking. It is visible that the porn star isn’t simulating and her loud moans are real.

The fingering scene is really intense and the way Kayden Kross’ legs look with those high heel shoes will transform this video into a success. The facesitting part is another incendiary moment because it is clear that these horny girls are satisfying each other. Both porn stars are very talented, and they have many other surprises for their fans.

leigh raven lesbian high heels

7. Squirt Queen’s Soaking Anal Threesome

[formatp]Adriana Chechik, Leigh Raven and Markus Dupree are the ultimate trio, so everybody has a lot of expectations from them. The nasty Adriana Chechik walks almost naked on an empty street, making viewer’s imagination run wild. Her natural tits and her sexy bikini will captivate for sure the audience. The two hot girls wear harnesses which means they adore rough sex. Leigh Raven’s tongue bifurcation it is the secret element of a kinky sex scene.[/formatp]

Adriana Chechik is laid on her back, rubbing her shaved pussy, squirting all over the floor. The porn video becomes even hotter when  Leigh Raven and Markus Dupree join. This intro shows to the audience that an amazing wild sex scene is about to start. The climax is reached when the porn star squirts in Markus Dupree’s mouth. He is not stingy and passes the liquid in Leigh’s mouth. There are a lot of persons with this kind of fetish, and they will be definitely satisfied. The two porn stars are fucked one by one.

Markus’s big dick does a good job and the girls enjoy it so much. Anal sex couldn’t miss in this spectacular porn video. Markus Dupree hardly fucks Adriana Chechik’s asshole while Leigh licks her pussy. The facesitting and scissoring scenes are the most appealing and transform this porn video into a complex one.

anal threesome with leigh raven

6. When Katrina Met Leigh

[formatp]Leigh Raven is already known as a bad girl. This porn video demonstrates this once again. The brunette’s attitude is one of the reasons she managed to attract so many fans. The sexy porn star manages to bring something new every time. Even from the beginning the situation becomes exciting because Leigh Raven licks a dick made from ice. This hot porn star looks amazing, and she wears a provocative black underwear. Katrina has the ability to approach things differently.[/formatp]

This is the reason why she has obtained a good place among the most popular porn stars. Katrina Jade and Leigh Raven start to brutally kiss each other, they lick their own spit and these scenes will receive for sure a positive feedback from the audience. These gorgeous brunettes share a long dildo, trying to stick it deep in their throats. The both porn stars have natural tits. The part when they lick and bite each other’s nipples for sure will make fans pressing the replay button.

The porn stars have all the necessary abilities to create an astonishing performance. The hot women demonstrate it again through an incredible fingering scene. Katrina Jade fucks Leigh Raven with a huge strapon, transforming this video into a hardcore one. These two incredible porn stars succeed all the time to meet the audience’s needs, accomplishing all their dirty fantasies.

lesbian leigh raven dildo

5. Leigh Raven Prove Something Scene 4

[formatp]Leigh Raven used us with hardcore productions and Prove Something Scene 4 is a porn video that doesn’t disappoint us. Due to the fact she is tired of claiming to be  a conservative person, Leigh Raven makes a video in order to show her true face. Ramon Nomar and Toni Ribas are the two men who will benefit from  Leigh’s split tongue. The way this hot brunette gives blowjob is amazing, demonstrating that she is professional. It is known the audience likes deepthroat scenes.[/formatp]

Leigh Raven is that type of porn star who enjoys having big dicks in her throat, so the fans will appreciate this production. The horny brunette is fucked at the same time by Ramon Nomar and Toni Ribas. She wants them to fuck her in a wild way, asking to be slapped and choked. One of the moments that will turn on the fans is when the horny porn star is fucked from behind.

The double penetration part is very appealing because everybody is involved and they live intense sensations. Leigh Raven sucks the men’s big dicks ass to mouth and she gets prepared for a 69. This porn video is very complex, and we can say that it will represent a huge success.

leigh raven dual penetration tattoos

4. Tomboys and Tattoos!

[formatp]Nikki Hearts tries to cheer Leigh Raven up starting to kiss her passionately. Not long after, Leigh lays on her back and her pussy gets licked by the horny brunette. Both girls look great with their natural tits. The fact their bodies are covered with tattoos will delight many persons. This lesbian porn video gets more provocative when the girls change the roles and Leigh Raven licks Nikki’s tits with an amazing appetite. To see these gorgeous porn stars on the same couch, satisfying each other is for sure an incendiary feeling.[/formatp]

The cunnilingus part of this porn video is very appealing because the girls have learned how to master it. Leigh Raven stays in doggy style position while Nikki Hearts is fingering her shaved pussy. The both porn stars have big asses and the scenes with them having sex on the sofa will remain a lot of time in their fans’ memory. These two hot girls aren’t shy to unleash their desires. This is visible in their performance and for sure the porn enthusiasts will appreciate their approach.

The facesitting part is really astonishing because Leigh Raven uses her split tongue, producing an amazing orgasm to Nikki Hearts. The two porn stars feel comfortable with each other and for sure we will see more interesting videos with them.

tattoos lesbian small tits

3. Lily and Leigh’s Gaping Anal Threesome

[formatp]The first seconds of this video are enough to convince every viewer that it contains quality porn. Lily Lane and Leigh Raven are in the backyard. If we add a sunny day and the fact they wear nothing but knee high socks, we have the perfect recipe for a good porn scene. Both girls are covered with tattoos. Their big tits and round ass are very attractive and will certainly cause a lot of boners. Leigh Raven has a tough look and her short haircut makes her more provocative.[/formatp]

These hot porn stars go to the bedroom where they rub their hairy pussies. The way they lick each other’s sexy feet will be a supreme sensation for the enthusiasts. Lily Lane licks Leigh Raven’s tight pussy with appetite, transforming this lesbian scene into an intense moment. These two nasty porn stars like wild sex, so they enjoy slapping, spit and talk dirty to each other. Leigh Raven introduces her split tongue into Lily’s asshole. Those images are truly astonishing.

Mark Wood appears and begins to lick the women’s assholes. The brunettes are able to share Mark Wood’s big dick, so they give him an amazing deepthroat. Mark fucks Leigh in her ass while she makes an incredible cunnilingus to Lily. This scene is appealing and it demonstrates these girls enjoy to be fucked in a wild manner.

leigh raven in anal threesome

2. Sneaky Sharing

[formatp]Nikki Hearts and Leigh Raven are kissing with passion. For sure another incredible lesbian scene is about to start. These two porn stars are very popular, and they don’t disappoint their fans. Leigh Raven slaps the brunette’s big ass, putting her hand into her black panties. The fans will easily understand this is only the prelude of a hardcore sex scene. Leigh Raven’s split tongue does its job also this time. Nikki’s asshole is licked deeply by the gorgeous brunette.[/formatp]

The way these two naughty girls lick each other’s pussies is very impressive, satisfying the fans’ dirty desires. When Xander Corvus enters the room, Leigh hides because the girls don’t want to get caught. Xander begins to rub Nikki’s pussy, kissing her big boobs. The horny brunette gives Xander a blowjob  while Leigh Raven is still hiding under the bed. While the man is laid on his back having his dick sucked by Nikki, Leigh Raven comes out and starts to lick the brunette’s pussy.

This scene is very intriguing because it makes us curious to see what happens next. Xander Corvus fucks hardly Nikki Hearts while Leigh is on the sofa, masturbating herself. This threesome manages to be very exciting due to its complexity and performers’ involvement.

leigh raven threesome hairy

1. Leigh Raven Prove Something Scene 1

[formatp]Leigh Raven tries to blend in, pretending she is an ordinary woman who wears glasses and a business suit. In an awkward nightmare she goes to her boss, introducing her split tongue into his nostrils. The man takes off her clothes, revealing her incredible body which is covered with tattoos. The hot girl wakes up confused. She is in Owen Gray’s office, where she feels comfortable. Now, she can be herself and shows her real face. Like any other performance of Leigh Raven, Prove Something Scene 1 is a breathtaking porn video.[/formatp]

Riley Nixon is wrapped in pink bondage tape. On her body there are applied suction devices. All these ideas make this porn video very original. The brunette’s split tongue licks Riley’s big tits and nipples. This video begins to be more fascinating when the girls tease themselves. Leigh Raven and Riley Nixon suck Owen’s big cock. They also lick the man’s asshole and give him a deepthroat.

These hot porn stars lick each other pussies, while Owen fucks them one by one. Leigh enjoys ass-to-mouth, introducing the man’s dick deep in her throat. Leigh squirts all over Riley’s face. This moment is an incredible one because everything looks so natural. At the end of this amazing threesome, the girls share a big quantity of cum and kiss each other with intensity.

leigh raven anal tattoos threesome

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