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Lena Paul lesbian girlsway scenes

Although Lena Paul is relatively new in the adult film industry, she managed to enjoy an ascension due to her provocative body. This busty woman is 25 years old, and she was born in Florida. The porn enthusiasts appreciate Lena’s 32 double D big tits. When she entered the porn industry, the appealing girl has promised to herself that she won’t be that type of woman who will change for the others. She wants to be original, and she doesn’t like to be like the other typical porn stars.

This hot porn star said that porn industry had helped her to discover her sexuality and she feels more comfortable in her body since she has entered the adult film industry. Lena has discussed about her first intercourse, mentioning that she lost her virginity when she was 19 with the guy who was her boyfriend at that time.

The hot porn star Lena Paul has been selected as The Girl of the Month for November 2018 by Girlsway and Bree Mills. Lena Paul is the main figure in her own GOTM Showcases scene-two breathtaking girl scenes in one. The provocative co-workers who have been selected by the porn star are Carter Cruise and Ashley Adams.

Lena Paul has declared that it was an amazing autumn for her, and she thanks a lot to Girlsway for this amazing feeling. The gorgeous porn star said that “Showcases” is one of her favorite productions. One of the reasons is that she has a fetish about hazing. Lena Paul didn’t hesitate to confess that it was a great pleasure for her to have sex with two of her favorite porn stars from the industry. She had an excellent time. We should mention that this sexy girl is still a newbie.

She made her Girlsway debut in 2017 with Squirting Stories 2: Squirt Bukkake. Her latest production is Dovefucking 101. Regan Foxx is Lena’s co-star, so everybody can image this video is an exciting one.

Top 6 GirlsWay Scenes with Lena Paul

6. A Close Reunion

Lena Paul is spending her free time on a social network. She doesn’t really like what she sees and she even regrets that she logged in. She changes her mind when she accidentally finds a provocative picture of Casey Calvert with whom she had a nice experience during high school. She decides to call her, and the things will develop in a positive way. When Casey Calvert answers the phone, she immediately recognizes Lena’s voice and she is happy to receive the call.

The hot women even make a plan for the next day. When these two attractive girls meet, it is obvious that we will have the chance to see an astonishing lesbian scene. Casey Calvert and Lena Paul have an interesting conversation about the past. Not long after, they start to touch and kiss each other with lust. The moment when these gorgeous women undress themselves is full of intensity because their perfect asses and tits are revealed.

The ass licking scene transforms this lesbian porn video in a breathtaking one. Lena Paul fingers Casey’s tight pussy who feels excellent. The viewers will be completely delighted when they will see the astonishing fisting scene. Both Casey Calvert and Lena Paul are two of the most famous porn stars and their performances will be always appreciated.

Lena Paul in lesbian scene

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5. Squirting Surprise

Cadence Lux is desperate because she is not able to reach orgasm anymore. She calls Lena Paul telling her that she fucked a guy last night, and she didn’t feel nothing. The woman is afraid something wrong happens to her, so she asks Lena Paul’s opinion. Lena has a simple explanation for this problem. She considers the men are just incapable to satisfy a woman. Cadence still believes that something is wrong with her vagina, but Lena is determined to prove her the opposite.

She asks Cadence Lux come over to her house to try some sex toys that she has. This invitation is the trigger of an amazing lesbian scene. Cadence is a little bit reticent, but she accepts the invitation. The scene when Lena teaches Cadence how to use a vibrator is really appealing. The provocative blonde listens to Lena’s tips and touches her pussy with the vibrator. She still doesn’t feel nothing and Lena decides to show her the correct way.

The blonde rubs her hairy pussy hair until she squirts. Lena Paul decides to take matters into her own hands. She licks and fingers the blonde’s pussy until she cums. Now, Cadence is released that everything is ok with her vagina and the both girls go to the next level. The facesitting and scissoring scene are very intense because the girls squirt and experience multiple orgasms. Both girls have big tits and round asses, so the viewers will be thrilled to see them in action.

two girls squirting fully naked

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4. Squirting Stories Volume Two: Squirt Bukkake

Zoey Monroe, Luna Star, Natalia Starr and Lena Paul are four popular porn stars. The fact this production offers us the possibility to see these gorgeous women in a girl-on-girl porn video is incredible. After a provocative dialog the sexy girls begin to kiss and touch each other. The hot porn stars get undressed revealing to the audience their nice boobs and big round asses. The way how all these girls are licking each other pussies is very appealing.

The producers have definitely been very inspired to gather all those beauties on the same couch. The most exciting fact is that nobody is left apart and this lesbian scene is very complex. The porn stars enjoy 69 position because it allows licking each other’s pussy. Lena Paul is the central figure of this scene. She has her pussy fingered by the other girls, so she is the first one who squirts. One of the hottest moments is when she splatters the blondes with her squirt.

One by one, the other women start to squirt and all of them are wet. The facesitting and fingering scenes are astonishing because the girls are on cloud nine, experiencing breathtaking moments. The end of this incendiary porn video is one of the best, because the girls cum simultaneously, in a perfect timing. Nobody can deny the fact this lesbian scene isn’t one of the most provocative.

lesbian foursome squirting

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3. Dovefucking 101

Reagan Foxx is watching some porn when she notices Lena Paul, who is her step daughter. She cries on the terrace, and the supportive mother goes to see what happens. The hot Reagan Foxx asks her stepdaughter to come inside and tell what bothers her. The innocent Lena Paul confesses the girls from the school make jokes because she is virgin. The young girl is lucky because her stepmother agrees to show her few tricks.

They begin to kiss each other, and Lena touches her stepmother’s big tits. She is thrilled to discover the art of sex, so she licks Reagan Foxx’s nipples with lust. Lena’s round ass is so provocative and a lot of viewers will be delighted to watch this production. Reagan Foxx asks her stepdaughter to lay on her back. When she licks her hairy pussy, the inexperienced girl feels amazing. The most appealing part is when Reagan Foxx rubs Lena’s pussy with her nipple.

She demonstrates she is an experienced porn star. The facesitting scene is very sensual and both women have a great time together. Reagan Foxx is eager to show a lot of new things to her stepdaughter. The scissoring part will trigger for sure a lot of boners. Lena Paul and Reagan Foxx are very popular in the adult film industry because of their original productions.

hairy pussy big tits masturbating

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2. Step-Sister Booty Sniffer

Lena Paul has a nasty fetish. She likes to smell her step sister’s panties. While is sniffing the underwear, Lena Paul gets caught by Jenna Sativa. She is surprised to see what kind of nasty habits her sister has. The positive aspect is that Jenna Sativa is an open-minded girl, so she admits she has a crush on Lena Paul. The hot porn stars go to the bedroom where they start to kiss and touch each other. Lena Paul is excited to see how Jenna’s pussy gets wet.

The way Lena Paul’s big ass looks is astonishing, and for sure this porn video will be well received by the fans. The hot girls change the roles. Now is Jenna Sativa’s turn to please her step sister. She does a great job by licking and rubbing Lena’s pussy. This girl-on-girl porn video is very impressive due to the fact the both porn stars act so naturally. They have no boundaries, so the porn enthusiasts are thrilled to see them in action. 69 is one of the girls’ favorite position.

They know how to satisfy each other, experiencing unique moments. The way Lena Sativa fingers her step sister’s shaved pussy is very appealing. For sure the fans will hit the replay button.

step sister lesbian ass

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1. One Taste is All it Takes

“One taste is all it takes” is very provocative, even from the beginning. Lena Paul is so embarrassed that her stepmother doesn’t wear bikini, but Kendra Lust says she won’t change her habits. She takes her step daughter’s hand and puts it on her warm pussy. Lena Sativa is shocked by this gesture because she didn’t expect that to happen. The busty Lena sniffs her hand and she realizes that her mother’s pussy smells incredible.

She gets horny, licking the fingers that touched Kendra Lust’s pussy. The excited porn star goes to search her mother’s panties because she is eager to feel again that breathtaking smell. Kendra Lust enters the bedroom and catches her stepdaughter when she was licking her bikini. The mature Kendra Lust understands what Lena Paul really wants, so she asks her to come closer. An exciting lesbian scene is about to start and the fans will appreciate for sure this production.

The horny young girl licks Kendra’s pussy with a huge appetite, transforming this scene into an appealing one. The entire video is very intense, but the facesitting part is truly astonishing. This lesbian porn video is really provocative because the girls feel so comfortable with each other. Both Kendra Lust and Lena Paul are professional, transforming this girl-on-girl porn video into a masterpiece.

surprise lesbian sex

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