Leslie Glass

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    Leslie Glass was a model, erotic actress, exotic dancer. She was born on October 4 in 1963 in Baltimore, Maryland in the USA. Glass graduated from the Mercy High school, in her early ages she modeled for Merry-Go-Ground and she was a skateboard champion which she also taught to others as well.

    When she was 19, Leslie started to work as a bartender at Hammerjack’s Concert Hall and Nightclub. It was a rock and roll-oriented nightclub in Baltimore- one of the biggest nightclubs there. Being considered one of the sexiest dancers there, helped her reach fame very quickly. Later, Leslie became a dancer in the Memories Club in Dundalk.

    Leslie Glass

    After her dancing career, she was the round card girl at boxing matches and also posed for a Playboy pictorial. In February 1992, Leslie became the Penthouse Pet of the Month. She was added to the Penthouse Pet of The Year Playoffs in 1993 and in 1994 she became the Penthouse Pet of the Year Runner-up.

    After signing a contract with Vivid Video, Leslie began her career as a porn star:

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    In 1996 Leslie got married to Ghyslain Lacoste. Leslie was later diagnosed with colon cancer, in 1998. When she was diagnosed she was already in the 4th stage of cancer. After a surgery, Glass was given only 2 weeks.

    Leslie tried a new experimental cocktail of chemotherapy drugs. It worked, but after cancer stopped responding to the drugs, she lived for 2 more years. During this short but yet long time, she showed up on TV shows where she talked about the fight against cancer.

    Leslie Glass died on August 4 in 2000 at the age of 36.