Lucy Belle

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    Lucy Belle is a wonderfully beautiful woman that was born in Romania but decided to make a career out of a hobby in Spain and very soon got noticed worldwide. This dimpled brunette has a body made for pleasure and natural tits that will do many things in front of a camera.

    Before making hundreds of films she began with a great performance in her sex audition and showcased her energetic and enthusiastic personality when it comes to sex.


    The 28-year-old brunette is also referred to as Melody Trois and has no relation with the Czech porn actress Lucy Bell. Her perfect body gets the attention to many but it’s her willingness to joggle with DP, wide opening anal, orgies, creampies facials and lesbian hot sex on water rafts that surprise us.

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    Memorable movies

    lucy belle posingLucy really loves to fuck and be fucked and it shows if you take a peek at one of her many films. Within 8 years in the business, Lucy provided us with films like “Aphrodisiac” and the trilogy “Private Life of Lucy Belle”. She is a “Private” babe appearing in many of their movies.

    In “Aphrodisiac (Harmony)” she has a scene called “Dragon’s Den” where it’s all about BDSM. Lucy is brought by two guys that are wearing leather masks to a massive black guy. They start feeding her and soon they start fucking her. She looks great and so does her pussy, watching her get fucked gets you horny really quick.

    One of her memorable movies is one made in the POV style, where she and a guy are searching for a place to fuck in Budapest in public. After showing her panties and playing with her tits at an outdoor restaurant, they finally find a place where she sucks his cock and he fucks her and cums on her.

    Sexy attitude

    Her sexy attitude really gets to you as she passionately stares into your eyes while deep throating. She never forgets about her partner, always delivering her full attention to the people around even though it’s a guy or a girl.

    She has made many lesbian scenes, foot fetish, BDSM related, not to mention DP or gaping asshole. She could have a dick in her mouth, one in her pussy and another one filling her ass and still give a handjob without any problems. What’s best about Lucy? She would actually love all of this.

    The difference between Lucy and many other porn stars is that she really gets into the scene and you can tell that she actually loves to suck and be fucked. Lucy is making her name famous slowly but safe.

    She never did anal before starring in porn films and she lost her virginity when she was 18 years old, on her birthday as the “perfect birthday gift” for her as she described it. She is one of the best newcomers. She is perfect in a combination of nasty, crazy, sweet and beautiful.