Madonna in Playboy

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    Madonna, born in 1958, is an American Icon of Pop music. By her real name, Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone, was born in Bay City, Michigan. Being the third child from a total of six taught Madonna how to behave properly when she had a clear objective in her mind.

    Sadly, her life was struck by a tragedy, when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Madonna was only 5 years old when her mother couldn’t keep on living and passed away at the age of 30, in 1963. Her motherless life was a hard one.

    Madonna’s father would soon remarry, but the new step mother couldn’t compare to her real one. Not agreeing with the new rules imposed by her step mom is what made Madonna be the rebel she was: wearing revealing outfits and rejecting any religious beliefs that have been imposed onto her up until that point.

    In her high-school years she was a perfect student, a straight A student. And yet her only real passion was dancing. She was offered a full scholarship in 1976 at the University of Michigan for their dance program. During her years there, Madonna had the opportunity to perform alongside Pearl Lang, a famous choreographer in 1978. She was easily persuaded into dropping out of college to continue with her true passion, dancing, in New York.

    Madonna started off as a dancer in the early stages of her career and it’s been a few years until she signed with a record company, as a singer, in 1982. Since then she has been a very busy woman and made a hit out of almost every song she wrote, produced or sang.

    Through her life, she was and still is a singer, a songwriter, an actress and the idol for almost every girl out there.

    The photos used in the Playboy issue of 1985 were actually taken several years back. They were taken in 1978, in a period when Madonna needed money and didn’t think of the consequences. Although they caused an uproar in media, Madonna didn’t even flinch. She didn’t care what the media thought of her or her past.

    List of Madonna’s Albums

    Madonna Released in 1983Like a Virgin Released in 1984True Blue Released in 1986
    Who’s That Girl Released in 1987Like a Prayer Released in 1989I’m Breathless Released in 1990
    Erotica Released in 1992Bedtime Stories Released in 1994Evita Released in 1996
    Ray of Light Released in 1998Music Released in 2000American Life Released in 2003
    Confessions on a Dance Floor Released in 2005Hard Candy Released in 2008MDNA Released in 2012


    List of Movies with Madonna

    A Certain Sacrifice 1979 as BrunaVision Quest 1985 as Club singerDesperately Seeking Susan 1985 as Susan
    Shanghai Surprise 1986 as Gloria TatlockWho’s That Girl 1987 as Nikki FinnBloodhounds of Broadway 1989 as Hortense Hathaway
    Dick Tracy 1990 as Breathless MahoneyMadonna: Truth or Dare 1991 as HerselfShadows and Fog 1991 as Marie
    A League of Their Own 1992 as Mae MordabitoBody of Evidence 1993 as Rebecca CarlsonDangerous Game 1993 as Sarah Jennings
    Blue in the Face 1995 as Singing telegram girlFour Rooms 1995 as ElspethGirl 6 1996 as Boss #3
    Evita 1996 as Eva PerónThe Next Best Thing 2000 as Abbie ReynoldsSwept Away 2002 as Amber Leighton
    Die Another Day 2002 as VerityI’m Going to Tell You a Secret 2005 as HerselfArthur and the Invisibles 2006 as Princess Selenia