Olive Glass from Naughty America

Olive's Office Porn Scene in Naughty America

Olive Glass reminds me of those classy chicks from old, vintage porn, where the ladies then had curly black hair, with something like a bowl cut on the front. Other than nostalgia,Olive does arouse some other things in people. Don’t be upset! That’s just a normal reaction, when you see a sexy, smoking hot babe from Naughty America.

Olive Glass is also a model who loves creating images! Check out this awesome interview with Olive by Areopagitica where she talks about her photos and career as a model

As for her attributes, she doesn’t have anything that’s out of the usual, or something that only she possesses and other girls drool all over her powers. On the contrary, Olive has medium sized tits, a fine ass, and she’s good looking, that’s for sure. The specialty that she has is, just what I wanted to say, the vintage girl spirit that revolves mainly around the stockings.

Also, here is Olive’s Instagram with amazing photos, go ahead and follow her for regular updates

That means that stockings, lingerie, and socks fit like it’s smithed for her. But boy, oh, boy, even when you take all those clothes off, you have a beauty. Olive is the golden middle that everybody wants. The overall goddess. She’s born on February 18, 1990, and she’s a Starlet.

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Olive Glass & Johnny Castle in Naughty Office

This movie in which Olive stars in was published on the 13th of October, 2016, and in the scene, she’s working in her office that she shares with Johnny Castle. Their desks are separated by a bulkhead, and Johnny decides to spy on her colleague a little if she’s doing something naughty. Lucky for him, he caught her right in action!

fingered herself a bit to relieve the stress from work, supposedly, and when she spotted that Johnny is looking, she probably said “Why not join?” to him. It would definitely be an even better experience. Naughty Office has a classic porn plot that never gets old!

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