Pamela Anderson in Playboy

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    Pamela Anderson

    Cover Model: 10.1989, 02.1991, 07.1992, 08.1993, 11.1994, 01.1996, 09.1997, 06.1998, 02.1999, 07.2001, 05.2004, 01.2007, 01.2011.Pamela Anderson October 1989

    Centerfold Model: 02.1990.

    Pictorials: 07.1992, 11.1994, 01.1996, 09.1997, 02.1999, 07.2001, 05.2004, 01.2007, 01.2011.

    Pamela Anderson is an actress with both Canadian as well as American citizenship. Although she’s best known as an actress, she also did modeling, producing and writing.

    She was first discovered at a football match in Canada, when a live video of her wearing a tight t-shirt was shown on the big video screen. This has led to her first appearance in Playboy’s October issue as the cover girl.

    Following that moment, she decided to take matters into her own hands and move to LA to pursue her career as a model. Pamela has posed for Playboy for a whopping number of 11 Cover Photos (1 extra issues with either Pamela or Jenny McCarthy), 9 Pictorials and 1 time as a Centerfold Model.

    Pamela Anderson still is the number ONE model in Playboy in terms of numerous appearances.

    For her first two appearances in Playboy, she still had natural breasts. After these two photo shoots, she decided to “enhance” her physical appearance.

    Pamela did not do only modelling, but she got into acting as well. Her first major role and one of her defining ones was in Baywatch as C.J. Parker which she played from 1992 to 1998:

    Next on her list of major roles was that of the main character in V.I.P., the role of being Valery Irons.

    She didn’t escape the sex tape controversy either. A sex tape containing Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s honeymoon celebration was stolen from their home in 1995 and made her the talk of the internet:


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    Then after the initial scandal with the Tommy Lee sex tape, another one was supposed to appear on the internet. One before the marriage with Tommy Lee. A sex tape with a musician Bret Michaels. A cut version of merely 60 seconds made waves on the internet and its frames appeared in the Penthouse magazine:

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    Many might mistake Bret Michaels in this sex tape with Kid Rock. They look a lot like each other, true, but he’s not in that sex tape. Pamela dated Kid Rock after she was done with both Bret Michaels and Tommy Lee.

    Pamela is an Anti-Fur activist as well as a convinced vegetarian and she also attends marathons.

    List of Movies and TV Shows with Pamela Anderson

    Married with Children 1990 as YvetteCharles in Charge 1990 as ChrisThe Taking of Beverly Hills 1991 as Cheerleader
    Married People 1991 as TerriTop of the Head 1991 as RomonaMarried with Children 1991 as Cashew
    Home Improvement 1991-1993, 1997 as LisaDays of our Lives 1992 as CindyBaywatch 1992-1997 as C.J. Parker
    Snapdragon 1993 as FelicityRaw Justice 1994 as SarahBaywatch: Forbidden Paradise 1995 as C.J. Parker
    Naked Souls  1996 as BrittBarb Wire 1996 as Barb WireThe Nanny 1997 as Heather Biblow
    V.I.P 1998-2002 as Valerie IronsFuturama 1999 as DixieScooby Doo 2002 as Herself
    King of the Hill 2002 as CyndiLess than Perfect 2003 as Vicki DevorskiBaywatch: Hawaiian Wedding 2003 as C.J. Parker
    Scary Movie 3 2003 as BeccaPauly Shore is Dead 2003 as HerselfStripperella 2003-2004 as Stripperella
    8 Simple Rules 2005 as CherylNo Rules 2005 as HerselfStacked 2005-2006 as Skyler Dayton
    Borat 2006 as HerselfSuperhero Movie 2008 as Invisible GirlBlonde and Blonder 2008 as Dee Twiddle
    Costa Rican Summer 2010 as HerselfHollywood & Wine 2010 as Jennifer MaryThe Commuter 2010 as Female Guest in Hotel
    Package Deal 2013 as Dr. Sydney ForbesJackhammer 2014 as GroupieUnity 2014 as Narrator