Peta Jensen’s Best 6 Videos


If I had a dollar for each time I found video masterpieces material of Peta Jensen, I’d be richer than the king of Swaziland. Peta keeps coming back to us like a dog digging up its bone archive from the ground

Talking about animals, you’ll be needing a Peta to shelter your animal for sure! Fuck those flat skeletons which the dog eats, we’re all in it here for Peta and her treats!

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Naughty America was forgotten about for some time recently, and we’re gonna resurrect them right here and right now! Their style of proclaiming an individual’s territorial affiliation is – Peta Jensen hails from Zephyrville or Zephyrhills if that’s the correct way to spell it. It’s in Florida, fortunately, this state from the US continues shocking the public with magnificent beauties!

Peta Jensen’s story probably was heard over and over again for a thousand times, like loopingly hitting the replay button. She’s the analogy of a stripper making it to the porn industry.

She was born on Christmas Eve, for those who follow the Julian Calendar, it’s 24th of December, 1990. She worked in many nightclubs as a stripper in numerous states, where ever she was able to find a proper job, until a scout finally found her, like a diamond hidden in the specks of dirt of our ancient continent – Africa.

A slight digression: If you want to learn a bit more about Peta Jensen, click here and read her interview with Sinful Magazine!

A session was held that September in 2014, and look at her now, haters! A quick review about her – cute, pretty, long hair brunette, 36 triple D’s!!! (fake), nice golden-sized ass, boundary dimensions, athletic, 5’7 ( 170 cm), weighs around 55kg, and screws like a driver! See, anything can be dumbed down to the ABC’s!

Her official web page is quite worth the attention, where you can follow her outgoings, read about her, watch some educational videos of course, and so on.

Until now, she’s made over 120 movies, and we’ve carefully picked 6 most valuable ones.
In 2016 and 2017, she hit the digits of 18 nominations, which is a vast number for a relatively short period of time.

It’s misfortune not to win one of those, but worth the mention, because it’s AVN, XBIZ and Spank Bank we’re discussing here! But who cares, Sex Top Lists is finishing for a win! An unassailable lead we’re given!

And to praise the porn lords, we’re tributing this article to our beloved, happy and gay (the right way), Peta Jensen! Try not to choke!

6. Bangbros – Peta Jensen Daily Dick Fix

Do you wonder if these titles ever actually insult the porn star and her well-being? The Bangbros seem like a porn studio that doesn’t give a fuck, and names a specific performance based on what first comes to their minds. Peta does the shooting, comes home, sits down to eat (normal food) and opens this link to find “Peta Jensen Daily Dick Fix”… It got me thinking more than it should, I don’t know about you guys.

Despite these language misunderstandings, I thought that the sticky dildoes became a trend in 2017! This movie was shot in 2015, and Peta probably even started the whole thing! She attached that sloppy dick that wiggles the entire time on the glass door of the shower, and she fucked that toy until a real man from the Bangbros came with his mighty pole!

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The sole sounds that you hear are only Peta screaming and moaning, and the guy’s groins hitting Peta’s bouncy ass-cheeks constantly, and continuously for complex minutes.

The scene starts off with Peta bragging and boasting around with that curved ass until she goes to the shower to right click then left click refresh herself. Asking for trouble, she got what she deserved after a greeting with the toy which I mentioned earlier. Then comes the Bangbro which dick was getting sucked for a time that seemed like an eternity.

Then after a long and hard fuck, the guy jizzed all over her gaping ass! Then, innovative thinking of how the title should be named. The Bangbros cycle!

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5. Fantasy Massage – Sorry My Husband Owes You Money

I’m not sure if you noticed, but I always prejudicely comment on a video before actually opening the content, that’s why I tend to “a change of heart” through a review, and that’s why I purposely create paragraphs so that you guys know the stadiums of my writing. For instance, I take a look at the headline and rate it in my head on what to expect, and then comes the real deal. This looked interesting and it was!

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Eric is Peta’s occurring husband, and he lent some money from Tommy Gunn in order to get stuff of his interest. The time has come to repay your debts, and a crisis has stricken Eric, he doesn’t know where his head is anymore!

Of course, the guy called his loyal wifey Peta, she’s good at tough situations, she’ll know what to do! Peta is aware of her privileges, so she will settle Tommy’s loan shark ambitions to a mere minimum.

Tommy was a skeptic at first, but not even he could resist the seducing powers of this sluttery girl! This is an exception since he doesn’t receive bribes in his free-time, but who’ll miss out on a massage plus some rough sex from this bombshell?

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4. Reality Junkies – Big Tit Fantasies 4

Where the hell did the Reality Junkies find this guy with a slobbering accent! Almost like he’s speaking a caveman unarticulated language!

Anyways, he’s not the only one strange here. He was approaching Peta to tell her something while she was doing the dishes, and he scared here, forcing her to drop a glass down, breaking it into smithereens! An indulging reaction girl, how aren’t you used to some sudden pressure?

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Ramon immediately wanted a compensation for that inconvenience, so he sharply demanded to see her white tits. Peta didn’t stop for a moment, she unleashed those two which we’re about to bust out anyway.

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Ramon’s look on his face tells the split of feeling he had while his heart was pounding in his chest. These two started making out and an appropriate bed was found just right next to them. That’s where they’re going to measure up their mutual love for each other! Ramon is the founder of Squirtsville, Peta’s hidden ability! After that Latin fat dick, anyone’s a squirter these days!!!

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3. Naughty America – Naughty Office with Johnny Castle

If Johnny Castle is your reoccurring character of your articles, like in my case, you know that you’re a fortunate personality!

It’s an American holiday – Labour Day! The day which America celebrates on the first of May, so I’m in no need to say when this was published. Labour Day is a celebration on the account of the achievements reached by the workers, getting the 8-hour program – precisely, 8 hours of work, 8 hours of recreation and 8 hours of rest for an individual’s life.

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How ironic a scene to make, because Peta Jensen and Johnny hit the deadlock, having to work overtime to finish a crucial job. What’s even more ironic, is that Johnny pulled out a glass dildo out of nowhere, using it as a paperweight, having no clues of its true purpose.

Obviously, Peta knows what’s it used for, so Johnny felt a bit stupid after finding out that he handled a toy which was in a woman’s pussy! Kinda hot in some way. Peta wanted to display a tutorial of its use in person to him, so she climbed his desk (if you say this out loud it sounds way better, try it) and started rubbing her pussy in front of his face!

Johnny wanted to take matters into his own hardworking hands, so they both realized that it’s the perfect time to have a fuck fest right in the middle of the office! No one will know, everyone celebrates holidays in their own rituals, don’t they?!

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2. Reality Kings – Friendly Fondling

Reaching out for this work-related topics, and how systems need to be under maintenance sometimes in order to keep it from collapsing. Mick is a good boss, however, he shows his fellow workers some tough love.

Interested about Anikka Albrite? After you’re done with this Wiki article, go to our own article on her best videos!

He’s a known for a sexual maniac, and the victimized Peta and Annika Albrite have no options but to comply to his needs. It keeps the system from collapsing, remember? It’s evident that he’s addicted to his desires, becoming a slave to the concerned. He was checking-up these two hotties what they’re up to, slowly grabbing Peta’s tit, while blonde Anikka watched in disgust!

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They asked him if he needed help, and for sure he did! Some mental help primarily, but physical contact may do the trick. They decided to go for some sweet vengeance, so they agreed to meet up at his house on the top floor where he sleeps.

Once he was passing by, they caught him single-handedly and stripped him down to the embarrassment he has in his pants! What do you know, a nice size you’ve got there mister boss! Mind if these two take care of your dirty utility?! Eat some pussy you old fart, you Mick Blue you!


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1. Sweet Heart Video – Meow Cat Fight

Brandi Love’s got the recognizable face, but the name you’ve got on the slip of your tongue, but cannot ever seem to remember at first, without checking. Yes, Peta and Brandi collided and collaborated this one time, and they made a lesbian iconic scene! It’s written in the conception that this would be a hit, especially when they have a strap-on to spice up their sexy time!

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They seem to have such a synergy, like they’re in a relationship in their personal lives! That strap-on was the symbol of their inviolable bonding and it’s way better than a hungry man fucking these two girls, making three is a crowd – a threesome! This is my top favorite scene of the six. No

This is my top favorite scene of the six. No competition. Girl power!

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