Petite Blonde Haley Reed in 7 Scenes

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    hat’s short, blonde and has a terrific bounce on the dick? Haley Reed! It was hard to guess, but we’ve managed it (not that the title has the answer). Everybody who read our articles eariler before, has met up with our style of searching, better yet, describing young porn stars.

    Plus, I think that even the walls have the knowledge of our young girls fetish, just like we have with this gal here! Haley is so small and cute, has a short blonde hair, usually, except when the Bangbros or some else manipulative porn studio determines otherwise for her.haley-reed-blonde-ass

    Then, she becomes a sex doll, like a dress-me-up game or the Sims. Then you hop on the bed with her and have a Woo-Hoo (all rights reserved)! What? You never played The Sims before? Wow, I’m such a bad endorser. What ever the hell that means. Anyways, Haley’s got that short blond hair on which men go nuts!

    Literally, you read it right! You throw your nuts and head all over her head, as a reciprocal admiring. Her face just looks like you’d slap her with your power tool for days. Did I mention she is young? We’re talking about 1996 young. However, these potentials aren’t 18 anymore, they’re 21.

    I’m telling you this not because I’m good at math, but it’s unbelieveable how time flies by within a blink of an eye. I’m quite in a dillema when I check her official bio on AFD (Adult Film Database) and other reliable sources, which show that she’s born on December 20th, 1996 (yummy, almost 1997!), unlike how Naughty America states she was born on January 1st, 1600.

    We’re not THAT much into GGGGGGILFS, Naughty America! Get it? Great great great…etc, grandmothers I lo… nah forget it. Standing at 5’10 (178cm), she’s one of the taller, gangling girls, but she doesn’t seem like it. I’d give her belongings to petite easily. Maybe because she’s really thin and slim. Flexible for extreme sex stunts!

    She even has tattoos put up for display, to prove her wildness! She’s got them tiny tits, 34B bra cup size, but everyone knows that girls sometimes wear bigger bras to act bigger than they actually are. Admit it girls! Not there’s anything wrong with it. Little Haley’s perky tits are juicy!

    As well as her pussy! Her ass is the bright point in this tunnel vision. Haley has gone through numerous of gonzos, internals or whatevers, for the first time. I adore watching her My First Creampie vid, which I just couldn’t put in our Sex Top Lists. It’s a good watch, but for me and probably for the persons who are weirdos just like I am.

    I’m trying to be objective when I review scenes, for you guys and your desires exclusively! Her teen appearance and tendencies reserve her a spot for extravagant scenes like this, which are reviewed below! It’s so cute and twice as much arousing to watch Haley in dick-wonderland!

    Haley looks so confused, but devilish at the same time when she’s deepthroating that meat! Teens for presidents! She hasn’t got any awards or nominations, she’s a free spirit! Top 7, best of the best, scenes of Haley Reed, firsthand by Sex Top Lists!

    7. Bangbros – Kiss My Pecker


    sight for BORED eyes when I see a 3-word title on BangBros? What is this? A joke? You couldn’t add some things like “Blonde hobo hiker picked up and forced to kiss a pecker in exchange for a free ride”! Wow! I did it! Nevermind. The BangBros were cruising around, looking for some puss in their Bang Bus, on that hot day of May last year.

    J Mac was on board as our tour guide, and how likely it is to stumble on a cutie like Holly or Haley, whatever they addressed her. They asked her if she’s willing to kiss this handsome bald dude for 40 dollars in cash. Nice bait, Bang Dudes. Like she is naive enough. Oh yeah, this is a porno.

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    She resisted for a moment there, until evidence was showed. She immediately hopped in the spacious bus, sitting in the cross-legged position, so-called Turkish seat. Don’t ask me how I know. Anyways, they got her where they wanted her to be, so her liberty is being held in their hands.

    An easier persuasion is upcoming, where they first tell her to grab Jmac’s dick for more cash. It was another bait set, and this fishy has took it blindly! For just a couple of minutes, Jmac was balls deep in Haley’s pussy!

    After he was done with her, they threw her off the bus in the middle of traffic, and I think that she even hadn’t had a bra on! I told you the Bros are pricks! Leaving a poor girl they fucked like a nobrainer off like a slut! This ain’t Vegas bros!

    This week we have J mac on the bus and were hunting for some tail. we quickly came across this cute thin white girl named Holly. We pulled up next to her and asked if shed be interested in kissing Jmac for forty dollars, at first she was all hesitant but she quickly gave in once i showed her some cash. once we got her in the Bus it was game over. she took a liking to Jmac so it wasn’t too difficult to get her to do some nasty shit for us. we offered her 130 to touch Jmac’s dick which at first she didn’t take the bait, but once Jmac pulled out his dick she quickly changed her mind. before she knew it she was sucking and riding him. This girl is a real cutie, nice tits and slim body. it was fun watching her get railed by Jmac. Hell yeah!.

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    6. Evil Angel – 20YO Haley’s Grooling Audition


    ike Adriano you say? I think you said enough. I’m switching to another scene. Sike! Mike Adriano is a porn legend, yet in the making! I was never disappointed after watching any of his scenes on Evil Angel, neither I was now, it’s far away from a miss. And Haley’s far away from being a miss. It’s too polite to call a dirty whore like this, like that!

    Haley is still new to the porn business, as heard from Evil Angel directly, who describe her as a “minx”. I like that noun. Sounds like a name for a wild animal at a petting zoo. Which she is. For Mike Adriano only, of course. We’re still not getting any, huh guys?

    She’s twerking and parading her ass for him, putting her pussy in a plate for Mike’s degustation! Her pussy looks like a slice of finely cooked meat, not that rare, but it has the specific color. Mike has no interest in utencils nor he believes in their existance, because he’ll eat it with his bare hands!

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    Maybe tossing a helpful dildo here and there, but ultimately, he’s a beast! He doesn’t fear of grout off her anal canal, however Haley is a clean girl, so it’s like eating soapy bubbles! What’s more disgusting that Mike is prolly a equal rights activist, since he requires a requiting favor. Yes, Haley Reed ate Mike Adriano’s (hairy) ass!

    What a gruesome guy! Not only that, later on, he both drowns and chokes the girl on his huge log, and we’re not talking about logarithms! She spatted his cock with her tongue as she drooled all over his cock and wider.

    Saliva bubbles were flying as she desperately grasped for air. Then, what happened next may shock you! He demolished her gaping holes and made them even gappier! Mike can be so disgusting and awesome concurrently! Worth a watch, definitely!

    5. Reality Kings – Three Is Fun


    h, Brick Danger was always a cat’s whisker! Frankly, he’s a good actor. And a funny one too. Yes, he has a big cock, are you jealous? He had his girlfriend Molly at his crib, and there was this one time when she went to get a cup of water (read, cup, logically) possibly because she had a mystic preceding wild run.

    Nevertheless, Brick was right on cue while she was sipping from her fancy red cup, and he just couldn’t resist not to let his jaw drop and curve that ass with his hands! Molly backed him off a bit like he’s some kind of a creep, until he pulled out the thing which mostly keeps their relationship alive.

    It was all wiggly in the beginning, but when blank haired Molly went down with that athletic body to examine his cock, it turned into rock! She started sucking it like she was competing with an other girl, and whaddaya know, Brick’s stepsister Haley was at home all along!

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    She accidentally drifted through the house, only to find her stepbro getting sucked off dry! Molly stopped when she saw the, sincerely devastating and heart-crushing look on Haley’s face, following up to her room for an explaination. Only thing Haley need to get checked is her ass with Molly’s tongue!

    These two lesbos shared their mutual Sapphic moment, scissoring their soft pussies until big step bro came in, ruining all the fun again. He pulled out his never-fallen dick and the threesome with step sister and girlfriend begun! He’s one lucky guy to have hotties surrouding his vicinity!


    4. Naughty America – My Sister’s Hot Friend with Jmac


    he saga between Jmac and Haley continues, because both of them had unfinished business with each other. Mostly. This is the only time Haley was on Naughty America, in the mere beginning of this year. That’s probably the reason why they hadn’t put much effort in her bio, since she’s utterly irrelevant for them.

    One scene, pft! Make two and you’ll be a NA heroine! Anyways, Haley wants to see her friend, so she went by to her place to hang out. As it turns out, it was only an excuse to visit her friend’s brother, Jmac. She let herself in the house and after a while she went to her friend’s brother’s bedroom.

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    Jmac was quite surprised to spot her face upstairs, but he wanted his private space not to be invaded by others. Haley refused to leave, unless he shows her a piece of his meat! He whips out his Scourge of God and Haley wanted to be punished by it! Deep throat Haley wasn’t reluctant at all to measure her throat volume with Jmac’s sword.

    Like those magicians that put an entire blade to their stomach! But Haley’s more thicc than them! Jmac felt a bit odd and stupid, however he gone on with the flow, since Haley gives great blowjobs! No one will know about their mischief!

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    3. Fantasy Massage – Soapy Massage


    aley needs to break down the bad news to her client Damon Dice. The poor guy has been saving the moneys to buy a Nuru massage, and when the appointment schedule finally come, Haley had to cover her massage parlor as they postponed the all the Nuru massages for next week.

    In return, he won’t get sent back home, but they’ll use an alternative massage principle called “Soapy Massage”! Ah, what mastermind come up with that?! Damon was a bit frustrated and a bit sad, but he accepted it anyways. Haley promised the best massage with no preference! They started out typically, with client undressing to the bone!

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    Afterwards, they went to take a dip in the soaped up bathtub, where Haley gently stroked Damon’s hard cock. Then, he’s off to his “massage table”. Haley slipped and slided on his smooth body and when both of them got horny as fuck, it all turned into hardcore sex!

    Haley deep throated that glossy dick with all the soap on! Plus, it’s a good lubricant for thrusting! It’s a very soothing massage, really relaxing, even for viewers like us only! Damon seems satisied. Shall we fix an appointment, boys?

    2. Evil Angel – Haley’s Hook-Up Domination, Squirting


    nd we though that Kevin Moore and Mike Adriano were hardcore disgusting! Introducing Bryan Goozling, ladies and gentlemen (wait, women watch porn???). Did you hear something? Must’ve been the sizzling ear sensation while Haley was choking on Bryan’s rod. This is what I was talking about!

    Haley Reed is dressed up like the Joker’s girl from Suicide Squad, well, until she got beasted and feasted on, turning all her make-up to a sad waterfull, mixed with tears and spit. If you compare Haley from the beginning and Haley from the ending, it’s like a different girl.

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    Like they imported a stunt double. She was worn out! But man, you gotta see this torment with your own eyes! But, use caution: It’s not for the faint hearted. Especially for faint dicked people. Except if this is what turns you on! Then, it’s the best scene you’ll ever witness for a lifetime.

    Underwriting this. I won’t give you a heads up on what’s occuring, I’ll spoil the fun for you! But you have to believe me! Has belief in me ever failed you?! Yes! That’s rig… Wait, what?

    1. Reality Kings – Hot For Haley


    will try to be as sassy I can possibly be. Who isn’t hot for Haley, Reality Kings, a question for you? Haley went in their porn studio ’cause she heard they were hosting a “Cum Fiesta”, whatever party is that supposed to resemble, however Haley’s in! She knocked on their door and they opened their path for this blue-eyed beauty.

    She was prettier than ever, until they dissassembled her to tiny pieces using only one secret weapon. Find out what it is, but be aware, it’s so SECRET! She got served with it after she was done solo performing on the couch.

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    I’m implying on singing, of course. And she was served food. She even had a feline presence. (clues to this jigsaw – food as well as weapon (meat, cock), the feline (pussy) ). I hope you get these clues straight. Farewell!