Play-mate Of The Apes

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    What could happen in a world ruled by apes to turn this into a porn movie? How about three sexy astronauts crashing their ship?

    This 2002 porn parody is based on original moviePlanet of the Apes” focuses on the lesbian Misty Mundae (playing the role of Commander Gaylor), who alongside her two hot lesbian crewmates Anoushka (as Lt. Pushkintucushkin) and Sharon Engert (as Lt. Fornication) start their sexual adventure on the newly discovered planet.

    The story

    porn parody, plamate of the apes

    Here, they discover a species of humans who couldn’t speak at all and to their surprise, talking apes. After being captured by the talking apes, the three sexual frustrated astronauts find themselves in the laboratory of Dr. Cornholeus (played by Debbie Rochon).

    What’s more astounding for the talking apes is not the weird female humans they found, is the fact that they can speak. This brings us to General Lade’s, played by Bacchus, musical moment (yes, that’s right, musical!) in which he expresses his idea that humans, unlike the talking apes, have no soul. Obviously, Gaylor and the rest of the captives manages to escape the claws of the apes, making their way to “The Forbidden Zone”.

    The rest of the movie is for you to watch and enjoy, we have said enough for now. We hope that it was enough to motivate you watch it, just like we did when we first heard of it.

    We totally recommend this porn parody, since it’s way better than Tim Burton’s remake of the origina 1968l “Planet of the Apes”.