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Kagney Linn Karter Sexy Blonde

Everyone’s favorite busty blonde, Kagney Linn Karter is a wonderfully shaped, fit babe who has been dominating porn videos ever since she hit the adult entertainment industry.

She was born on March 28, 1987, in Texas and grew up in Pennsylvania. Kagney was attending sports even as a teen. She ran track and also was a cheerleader during her high school years. During this period, she also participated in speech and debate, where she practiced great control over her voice.

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Kagney Linn Karter perfect ass in bikini

Kagney worked as a hostess in a Mexican Restaurant and at Office Max. Her career in the adult entertainment industry debuted when she started working as a striptease dancer in Missouri. Since then, Kagney had a fine line of successes. She was soon named Missouri’s Déjà vu Showgirl of 2007 and she got second place nationally that same year.

She eventually signed up with L.A. Direct Models (a top agency) and posed an adult photographer, Holly Randall’s (check him out on Instagram) photo shoots. It was 2008 when Kagney Stated to perform in adult movies and she did her first video at with Naughty America.

In June 2009, she was nominated pet of the month by Penthouse and won a lot of other awards that same year as well. She signed a contract with a large adult entertainment company Zero Tolerance Entertainment and she continues to work with them ever since.

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Kagney Linn Karter runs a very successful career and is beloved by millions of fans and for very good reasons. Her amazingly shaped body is beautiful through every inch and she keeps it in perfect shape. This sweet blonde babe with blue eyes is 163 cm tall and has weight around 54 kg. Being in business for 8 years, she has become quite adept to all kinds of crazy action and she performs well in all situations.

You can see her having just about all sorts of hardcore sex you might have a taste for. She had many anal and lesbian adventures, so many that she probably doesn’t even keep track of them. Intense scenes bring out the best of her and it’s hard to get tired of the slutty role she plays. With her good looks and devotion, she is sure to keep racking up more awards for the years to come.

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Kagney has taken part in an incredibly wide range of videos. She got her hot holes wrecked many times ever since she started working in the porn industry. She manages to come up with something fresh and exciting when the camera gets rolling.

We have gathered some of her most honorable works and you can check each of them out through their links.

6. Some Anal Sex on a Hot Blonde

Kagney Linn Karter takes professional work seriously and that hasn’t been clearer than it is now. She has done some incredibly dirty deeds with her masseur. The lucky guy got both of them into one of their most sizzling hot adventures, stretching her holes above the limit and bathing that amazingly shaped body in massage oil.

Kagney just wanted to chill a little and treat her body to a sweet massage but she felt that the front side of her body could use a man’s strong grip. She had her amazingly shaped body covered up in oil and the masseur was showing him a lot more devotion than she is used to. All the nice care that she got has moved her fantasy a bit and she had a cock in her hand before she knew it.

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Things got increasingly more intense as the masseur couldn’t have enough of all the feminine beauty she was laying his hands on. Kagney soon got her wet pussy pounded pretty recklessly and she was moaning out loud, asking for more. There is a lot of fun to be had for the two of them, so it was time to make things a bit more serious and have some anal sex.

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Kagney got her sweet ass stretched unspeakably wide and it really impressed her horny masseur.This gorgeous video was uploaded to Bangbros.com, where you can see a lot of similar action. You can view it by clicking the link below.

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5. My Wife is My Pornstar with Kagney Linn and Isiah Maxwell

The favorite blonde pornstar of millions of people has had some sizzling hot action today and she liked it all the way. Every inch of her holes was treated just the way she likes it. Nice and rough. Kagney Linn Karter is the type of girl who likes to push things to the limit in every movie she takes part in. Isiah Maxwell has taken care of the situation personally.

She has the meat that is necessary to push Kagney above the limits. His massive black cock can take care of the job and make Kagney satisfied. This sizzling hot blonde is married by the way, but she has chosen to get down and dirty with her husband’s best friend. The two of them doesn’t mess around for too long and get straight to some serious pussy-wrecking business.

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Kagney was eager to ride that black cock and jumped right on it when she saw her chance. The reverse cowgirl pose makes her look even hotter in front of the camera. She works her sweet round booty, making it bounce up and down with incredible ease. Some interracial sex can really take her to the top and it seems that she likes every moment of what she is having.

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Maxwell can handle it all the way and the two of them work themselves towards an amazing climactic experience that was worth recording. You can check out the video at NaughtyAmerica.com, a famous American porn agency that always has something fresh cooking for you! You can access it through the link we provided below.

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4. Superhero Sex Therapist

Getting some sex advice has become a popular thing as well qualified people have a way to spice up our sexual lives by a great deal. Today, we can welcome PHD Kagney Linn Karter, who is a smoking hot professional in erotic arts.

She welcomes a few very eager clients who sure get a great deal out of seeking her advice. Kagney is the type of sex therapist who prefers to show the way in practice, ensuring that her clients will have the most intense sexual experience.

Today, she welcomes a lot of people, showing each of them how it is done. Her expertise takes all of them above their limits, experiencing some of the most amazing poses. They also study how to spice up anal sex and how to go down on a man properly.

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This big titted blonde is a superhero when it comes to therapy and helping people make their sex life more exciting. Today’s session is full of wild chaotic sex, just the way Kagney likes it.

She has dropped her clients off their feet, having their wildest sexual experience. It’s an easy job for her to make everyone around her cum and walk home satisfied. Everyone knows that this sexy superhero will give them their money’s worth.

You can check out Kagney Linn Karter’s therapy sessions at hustler.com. You can also see a lot more of her. Check it out by clicking on the link below.

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3. Office Perverts #3

It started out as another day at the office but things got more exciting when the sexiest secretary, Kagney Linn Karter went to work. She has that seductive stare going on and everyone is stunned when she walks past. She seemed really attracted to Anthony Rosano (check him out on IMDB), a guy who works there as well. She went into full seductive mode right away and sought to get Anthony’s cock into her hands.

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She slowly began stroking on it and things started to get down and dirty really quickly. Rosano couldn’t resist Kangey’s charm a bit, not that he wanted to anyway. She went down to give him some head as well and started to make their adventure more and more interesting with each second that passed.

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That sweet mouth got fucked full right away and she was ready to give it her all. Anthony was ready for the best and Kagney jumped on his cock right away. Some hot cowgirl riding looked incredibly good and Kagney went all in, bouncing pretty hard.

Her loud moans could be heard outside of Kagney office as their romp got more and more intense. It was a good day’s work for both Kagney and Anthony as well. Both of them had an amazing adventure and it has put a smile on each other’s faces on a busy day at the office.

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2. Lex is Up Her Ass #2 Scene #01

Kagney Linn Karter has been a naughty girl and it is time for Lexington Steele to spank her booty. She has been waiting for the right man with whom it feels right to scream DADDY and she sees an intense orgasmic experience ahead of herself. When Kagney got hold of Lex’s massive stiffy, she did not believe what she was seeing. She soon began to beat on that meat and try if it fits in her mouth. Kagney is a pro, so sucking that massive penis wasn’t a big problem for her.

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The two started out with some reckless pussy pounding and some hot pussy to mouth action that made the situation even hotter. Kagney loves to play it dirty and likes when a guy knows how to take the lead.

She sure got that amazing pussy wrecked, so it was time to stretch her other hole too. It didn’t take too long for her to get it stretched and to have Lex drill it nicely. She was moaning out loud from the intense interracial anal fuck she was enjoying and Lex liked to have it in that tight hole.

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Kagney soon took the lead and went wild with some anal cock riding, and she got that massive black meat deep inside herself, just the way she likes it. It was a crazy adventure for both of them and it sure made for an amazing adventure.

You can check their video out at Evilangel.com, along with a lot of other dirty adventures, by clicking the link below.

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1. Savanna’s Anal Gangbang

Savanna was arguing with her boyfriend and the guy told her to have sex with other men, some strange men, in order to experience something new. She took that argument to her heart and hit a local bar, where she seduced not only one but six guys who were looking for a late night romp. She soon found herself in a circle, having the most intense gangbang experience. She soon asked the guys to go all out on her ass.

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She planned on having all six of them wreck that ass to the max. None of the men were shy about it and they gave it all they got, just like Savanna asked. While she heard her boy’s voice echoing inside her head, she felt naughty and happy at the same time. She took the challenge to heart and has proven herself that she is able to stand up for herself all the way.

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Each of the guys unloaded some hot cum on her sweet face and chest. She has soon found herself covered in cum as each of the guys we’re done with the action. She was proud to see so much cum as she didn’t have so much unloaded on her before.

She walked home with a bright smile, having done her craziest and most outrageous sex scene in history. The footage of this crazy group sex was uploaded to Vivid entertainment’s website, Vivid.com. you can check it out by clicking the link we provided below.

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