Romanian Girls

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    Romanian girls are the overwhelming number 1. They can be found all around Europe because of a few simple reasons. Their beauty, nomad qualities and quick decision making are some of the factors that make them the undeniable number one nationality (in numbers) in Vienna’s sex pay scene.

    Romanian girls work for a longer period of time

    There are a lot of beautiful girls in Romania who agree to be a prostitute and the fact that they can pack their things and leave for another country gives them a certain advantage.

    Also, the Romanian girls are willing to stay in Austria for weeks, months or even years by their choice if they feel comfortable about it and they make enough money. While girls from other countries choose to work for a few days, then return and relax in their own country.

    These Romanian girls’ language skills are something to consider as well, mostly because of the Latin roots of the Romanian language which helps them a lot in learning a new language quite fast.

    Why are there so many Romanian girls working as prostitutes?

    Romania, in comparison with other European countries, is a poor country and therefore the decision or the pressure to pick this line of work is higher but the ambition is also higher. They thrive to be the best at what they do, mostly because being the best earns you the most money and reputation.

    Also, Romania is a country with incredibly beautiful girls with great bodies and it’s also a country way bigger than Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic with more people living in it. Therefore, a lot of beautiful girls that could work in this line of work, as prostitutes.