Russian Girls

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    Our absolute favourite girls, Russians, are decreasing in numbers and now you can hardly find any girls from the former Soviet Union.

    Only girls from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are allowed to work in Austria because of European regulations. Girls from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other former USSR countries are not allowed unfortunately.

    Why are Russian girls so highly-praised in Vienna’s sex scene?

    It would be a paradise for Vienna’s citizens and its guests if girls with Russian features would be allowed to work here.

    The Russian girls are highly appreciated in Austria’s sexworking business due to their manners, conversational skills, education and lady-like behaviour. The Russian girls are different than the other girls, they want to be a part of the world they live in. They are also well educated and have a desire to adapt, to learn from Austria’s ways, from their culture.

    Obviously, Russian beauty is something appreciated at a world-level. Their tallness and educated behavior are desired features in Austria’s sex pay scene.