Katy Perry’s sex tape

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    Most of us know her for her voice, and some of us follow her unique fashion sense. The crankiest audience like to bring out the way she was before she became famous. But why should we dwell in the past? There`s nothing in there that can compare to the Katy of today and unlike some of her celebrity friends, she has never taken a step down on the ladder of success and fame.

    To say “it`s always the quiet ones” would be quite an understatement in her case. It might come as a surprise to you, that Katy Perry belongs to a devoutly religious family. It hasn`t always been about kissing girls, Vegas and whipped cream-spraying bras and truth to be told we can`t imagine her being ordinary. Luckily we don`t even have to! Ever since she “rose to power” with the fabulously rebellious song “I kissed a girl“, we have watched her develop into the award-winning machine that she is today.

    But wait, there`s more!

    Feminists might stone us to death, if we praise her only for her appearance but now seriously, look at her! How could you resist not to take a peak and more importantly, why would you even want to do that? Maxim`s hottest female celebrity doesn`t let herself be tempted into bad looks. And even 5 years after having been awarded this title, she`s still a sight to see for men`s eyes and a model for the women to aspire to.esquire shoot of Katy Perry

    Now we get to the key question that all fans want an answer to. Is there a Katy Perry sex tape? Unfortunately the answer is a negative one. Of course we can search for things like “Katy Perry sex tape”, “Katy Perry leaked nudes”, “Katy Perry sex video”, but the ugly truth remain the same. At most, porn websites have a video collage of her pictures which can be obtained easily from any fan website.

    Not all that glitters is Katy Perry!

    As we are well aware, everything can be duplicated nowadays, including celebrities. Some website take advantage of that fact and they lure you in with a simple Katy Perry look-a-like and probably the most successful in playing this role is the British model Rosie Jones, who is able to trick even some of Katy`s most devoted fans.

    Is it such a condemnable thing to pass someone as Katy in a sex video? That`s for you to decide. But keep in mind that in the absence of the real deal, we will have to settle down to these imagination-teasing compensations.

    Who can we blame for, for the absence of a sex tape? Maybe she doesn`t need such a fame booster or perhaps at fault is her divorce from Russell Brand, who once jokingly said “We’ll do a sex tape! Give them what they want!” There are always all sorts of speculations and even rumors about a fifteen minute long video of Katy in the bathtub, but until we’ve seen it, fans will probably remain skeptical about this topic.

    Can we still see her naked?

    Partially yes. While she`s not on the cover of Playboy (like other celebrities), this goddess-like sex symbol is renowned for her unconventional, uninhibited clothing style. Her most striking asset? Her cleavage, obviously. And she is giving us plenty occasions to decide whether they are real or fake: photo spreads, magazine covers, her fantastic videos. The opportunity is right in front of our eyes, we just have to take it.

    As an extra tease, we will bring to you attention her philanthropic work. In 2008, Katy had a mold made of her God-given 32D breasts in order to raise money for breast cancer research. The final sculpture (you can see it here) was painted by artist Jim McHugh and was later on auctioned off for $3500. Was the price right or not? That`s probably of little importance right now. Being able to touch Katy Perry? Now that`s priceless. Bet you wish you were that lucky artist spreading and shaping clay on her torso.