Sex Tape with Kim Kardashian

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    Being so close to Paris Hilton, it didn’t take long until Kim Kardashian had her own sex tape, one that would give her a career-boost similar to Paris’.

    Kim Kardashian’s sex video

    Her sex video was from 2003, but reached surface in 2007:

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    In the video she’s with Ray J, her boyfriend at the moment. Kim’s filmed while giving Ray J a blowjob in the beginning of the video, with full sex scenes to follow. Also, 2007 is the same year that she would star in a soon-to-be hit TV show, Keeping Up with The Kardashians.

    With gaining so much media attention in 2007, Kim K. made the right call when she posed for Playboy, at least from our point of view.

    After getting past the scandal that sex tape brought her, she became a media celebrity and known to almost everyone worldwide. She’s best known for her magnificent ass and curvy body.

    Soon after all the scandals were behind her, she got into a relationship Kanye West, whom she would marry in 2014. The two of them have a daughter named North West.

    Kim Kardashian Collage

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