Sex Tape with Pamela Anderson

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    The two Sex Videos with Pamela Anderson

    Pamela Anderson, the sex symbol of the 90s, had not one, but two sex videos of herself. After being discovered at a Canadian Football match, she appeared in several Playboy issues, where she displayed her perfect body and soon to be gigantic tits.

    Pam married Tommy Lee, drummer for Mötley Crüe, and became known for a short period of time as Pamela Anderson Lee. It was on their honeymoon when they filmed their sex tape. Although the sex video is quite long, there are only a few scenes containing sex. They basically videotape themselves being naked and having fun:

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    The video was stolen from their home in 1995 and made public all over the Internet. No matter how hard Pamela tried to stop it, she couldn’t. Soon after this scandal, another sex tape emerged from the depths of Pamela’s love life.

    A sex video she did together with Bret Michaels, from Poison, before her marriage with Tommy Lee. At that moment, only a 60 seconds was available online, and Penthouse quickly took advantage and published frames of it in their magazine.

    However, now there’s a full version of it on the net:


    Pamela was a true sex symbol, she had it all: great pair of tits, great body, a role in Baywatch as a lifeguard, countless of naked appearances in Playboy and two sex tapes. What could we want more of her? Perhaps some more sex tapes..?

    Meantime, all of Pamela’s cover photos and pictorials in Playboy will have to do. She still holds the record for the highest number of appearances in Playboy.

    Pamela Anderson Collage

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