Sex Tape with Paris Hilton

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    Number one on our list is obviously Paris Hilton and her sex tape. Called “1 Night in Paris”, the video dates from 2001. However, it was released to the public in 2004.

    The sex tape scandal blew up right before Paris’ debut on the TV show “The Simple Life” alongisde Nicole Richie, daughter of Lionel Richie. Although the whole thing gave Paris a career-boost, it was not the one she was hoping of having.

    Paris Hilton’s famous Sex Video

    The tape showed Paris and Nick Solomon having sex, under the green light of the nightvision camera. There are scenes with the lights turned on too. Soon after the whole scandal, Rick took the sex video to the next level, and together with RedlightdistrictVideo released the tape as a standalone porn movie called “1 Night in Paris”.

    All that has happened in that period of time has shattered Paris’ confidence in men, making it hard for her to really trust someone else than herself.

    And although the scandal happened about 10 years ago, it still comes back sometimes to haunt Paris’ memory and reputation:

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    This was not everything Paris shot that night. There are other sex videos that she made on her cell phone. Although nothing as explicit as “1 Night in Paris”, these videos showed a Paris naked in the bath tub or on the kitchen table, auditioning.

    Even though it is not even close to porn, it’s nice to have these videos of her being natural and talking while being naked at the same time. Seems like Paris wants to reinvent her singing career See for yourself what she accomplished in her new single, “Come Alive”:

    Paris Hilton

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