Sex Tape with Rob Lowe

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    Sex Videos of Rob Lowe’s threesomes

    The controversy of having a sex tape didn’t avoid Rob Lowe either. His video is one that most men would take pride with, although it heavily damaged his career.

    The video was initially with him having sex with two young women, one of 16 years old and the other being 22 years old.

    Being filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, everything was good and no laws were broken (age of consent is above 16 years old there). However, being with such young girls certainly didn’t do good for Rob’s career.

    This sex tape is from 1998 and seems like it can’t be found online. If we get our hands on it, then we’ll let you know.

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    However, there was another part of the video, filmed in a Paris. Rob and a friend of his, Justin Moritt were having a good time with a model called Jennifer in a hotel room. Seems like the threesome is the way Rob rolls:

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