Sex Tape with Severina Vuckovic

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    Severina Vuckovic, under the spotlights of a Sex Video

    Severina is a Croatian pop artist, enjoying a great success in the former Yugoslavia. She’s to Croatia what Madonna is for the rest of the world. Women of all ages look up to her and admire her voice and songs:

    However, when a sex tape involving her was released, things didn’t go so smooth for her. She was married at the time and the sex tape was made with somebody else. Prior to the sex video, she was a strong opposer of premarital sex.

    After the tape’s release, many people believed that it was orchestrated. That it was all a marketing campaign, to raise attention towards her. Or so it was rumored at the time.

    The truth is that her sex tape is one of the best sex videos out there. She looks like she really is enjoying herself and that all that matters for her is that moment, to release that sexual tension:


    Severina Vuckovic laying down for photo shoot

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