Sexiest Game of Thrones Characters

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    Game of Thrones has hit the public like a hammer. With casual nudity, extreme violent scenes and quality production, Game of Thrones does not only impresses through the story itself, but through the characters that have beautifully grown over the seasons.

    Since 2011, when the series started we have been blasted with beautiful women and imposing men who don’t show usually remorse when stripping off secrets or clothes. Leaving us to droll over their bodies and sex scenes that stuck into our memories since then.

    Characters You Should Expect on the List

    Characters like the Dragon queen or Khal Drogo have their spot in our list but there are also characters whom you’ve might have forgotten or didn’t knew much about. It seems that whether they are covered in mud, blood or sweat, they still remain appealing to us, probably because of the image that their roles created for them.

    Some of them grew fond of us like Jon Snow and Missandei but then again some of them we just love to hate like Cersei Lannister or Melisandre.

    Lots of Sex Scenes Already, a Lot More to Go

    There cannot be a battle between them because everybody has their own sex-appeal working out great for each and every one. Some of the actors are already known from other series or movies but some of them created a reputation here at Game of Thrones, from which it won’t be easy to replace in other roles.

    For example, can you ever watch Lena Headey (Cersei) in another role without knowing that she had sex with her brother in the first season of GoT? We don’t think so either. But who knows how far these actresses and actors will go. Until then we thank the nude and steamy scenes that they provided us with until now, leaving us to fantasize for more.

    We came up with a list of what we think are the sexiest men and women of Game of Thrones, obviously with the mentioning that some of them disappeared from the show, an annoying move of the director but whom fans are already familiar with. Now that season five has started we await for new faces and bodies that we can admire and why not choose a new favorite.

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