Sofia Gucci

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    This Romanian beauty’s real name is Margareta Scorpie and she started her adult film career in Italy in 2001. She fucks and sucks like a goddess. This babe has many fans that are waiting for more videos because Sofia is a pleasure to watch. In 2006 she won the awards for “Best Italian Actress” at the Venus Paris Erotic Salon and in 2009 she won “Best International Actress” at the Eros Show Bucharest.

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    Finest Euro slut

    Sofia Gucci is one of the finest Euro sluts. Her long dark hair, absolutely perfect body and gorgeous facial features could easily fit her among the supermodels. This girl is a true sex lover, taking joy in every anal and cum shots she gets and is also a giver, taking really good care of the pussy or cock she has to work with. At the beginning of her career, she took a lot of Italian big cocks that eventually made her cum from all the thrusting.

    movie scene, sofia gucciThe sexy brunette has done great work for both hardcore and softcore porn. She takes hardcore to the next level, as she is all about sodomizing and filling her ass up with loads of dick but never forget to keep some for her sexy mouth too.

    If you’re not convinced just take a look at her scenes from “Sodomy for Hot Girls 2”. She’s hot and fated for anal sex and her opinion doesn’t count. She will end up with a gaping asshole. A film with anal sex, hardcore fucking, and hot helpless babes.

    Softcore porn

    Sofia isn’t always into hardcore sex, she also has a softer side where she passionately masturbates and eats other pussy. In “Alexis Brill & Jess West-Date Night”, Sofia alongside other European actresses touch and lick each other’s cunts but they are not alone. Hardcore strikes again when threesome, foursome, and fivesome engage in. You will forget all about the boring one-on-one sex scenes when you’ll see this European gangbang porn.

    If you prefer Sofia’s anal side, you could watch her in “Diva Sofia” where she performs just the way you would wish for. This is a movie in which her gorgeous body gets a bit of attention.

    Later you can see her perfect tight asshole getting fucked hard but nonetheless she is accompanied later by other beautiful ladies who pleasure each other. A compilation of body fluids, cum shots and creampies.

    Amazing sexpot

    Sofia is certainly one babe to watch out for in the future. She definitely has potential. Her body is a ten out of ten and she looks great every time. But she looks better with cocks in her mouth as she would probably agree too.

    The amazing sexpot could pull anything off and it’s because of her true love for fucking. If you appreciate a set of perfect natural boobs and a slender silhouette you will fall in lust for this Romanian beauty.