Super HOT: Cersei Lannister NUDE!

One of the most controversial scenes in the last episode of the fifth season of Game of Thrones, The Walk Of Shame which pictures nude Cersei Lannister walking in front of thousands of people yelling at her really made its point!

Eight million people saw the scene, establishing a new record for the famous serial and now thousands of them discuss on the social networks about the end of the latest season. But not all of them know one little detail about making of the scene of nude Cersei Lannister: actually, the producers doubled Lena Headey – which is now pregnant with her second baby – with Rebecca Van Cleave.

Why not nude Cersei Lannister

41 years old now, beautiful Lena Headey or, better said, Cersei Lannister from Games Of Thrones is now pregnant with her second baby. This is one of the main reasons she needed a double for the Walk Of Shame in the last episode of the fifth season of the serial. Lena is on the last period of her pregnancy so she couldn’t show up naked in the film. Lena is now expecting a little girl and she seems happier than ever. She also has a five old son, called Wylie, with her ex-husband, Peter Loughran.

The producers of the serial seem to have had like a thousand girls on the casting for the nude Cersei Lannister double. And they chose Rebecca Van Cleave for this role. Actually, the whole scene has a pretty complicated story: the original actress, Lena Headey filmed the scene in Dubrovnik, Croatia, with her clothes on. In the meantime, Van Cleave walked naked in from of thousands of people yelling at her. Finally, the producers overlapped the pictures.

cersei lannister body


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