The 10 Best Videos of Cindy Starfall

Vietnam is a country far away from the United States and even further in terms of relations between these countries. But that’s the point because the greatest things all happen when no one’s expecting them. Where at first sight it seems impossible for them to exist, and that’s the case with Cindy Starfall here who brought many favorable things to the porn industry in 2011, all the way from her birthplace Saigon.

Of course she has Vietnamese descent, however, there’s also a mixture of Chinese and Thai, drawing on her those good Asian genes. This makes her eyes squint and her face a bit oval-shaped but she looks extremely hot! Allegedly, she’s the granddaughter of a famous Vietnamese entrepreneur so don’t get confused if you start to think she’s a bit spoiled, she’s quite aristocratic.

She’s got a long black hair extending to her ass cheeks easily, although it’s more because she’s a petite girl (only 5’1 = 155cm). Her chests aren’t that fully packed with some juicy tits, but it’s more of a medium-to-smallish size of breasts. Turn around and you’ll see a sexy back… oh wait, no… turn around and a bit lower, and you’ll see a nice bubble butt with a mean size, simply enough of dynamite there, so to say.

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She’s extremely lightweight so don’t wonder when you see her showing some awesome stunts and poses with strong men whom she fucked! Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention her age group. She was born on November 28, 1989, so she rightfully belongs to the Starlet age group where even Naughty America had placed her.

There isn’t a thing that this petite female porn star, isn’t capable of doing in any hardcore sex scene. She swallows, sucks, gags, deep throats, sometimes even slaps her tits with a huge dick, and even has a secret foot fetish, if I had analyzed it correctly.

She hasn’t won anything mentionable for our very important and divinely holy list. When she first debuted, she primarily became a webcam model, then a professional porn star, signing and filming with huge studio houses and the biggest of them all – Hustler!

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Well, that will be enough from us and our introduction, next up are Cindy Starfall’s best and most popular 10 porn movies in which she performed in like a Hollywood star (that’s getting banged). Exclusive reviews only on Sex Top Lists! Enjoy!

10. Cindy Starfall in Oh No Cockzilla!

If you hadn’t watched this scene by now, you don’t know how a true face of fascination looks like. Why? I’ll tell you why, it’s because Bangbros is a naughty corporation, that’s why! They invited petite Cindy over at their famed crib, where they waited for her with the enormous black beast called Slim! Ironic, ain’t it?

The guy’s both a beast and has a beast stuffed in his pants! That hanging log is awaiting it’s soaking appointment with our Asian babe Cindy Starfall, whose jaw dropped once she took a glance of his monster! She took her arm as a measurement from her palm to her elbow, and yes, his dick is bigger!

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Since it’s an Asian gathering, a considerable and proper approach has to be taken to suck that dick properly. Eventually, he banged the sh*t out of her with that donger and after a huge facial, he banged the traditional gong. I’m serious, and he did it using his own dick as a stick!

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Wouldn’t you believe that? And the outcome sound volume was exactly like he banged it with a huge headed mallet! That lucky bastard!

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9. Mail Order Brides

You are probably thinking “Uuuu, Hustler’s got something for us now, I bet they’ve filmed this with an 8K resolution camera in space or on Mars, can’t wait to see what they got cooking!”. It’s not exactly the case, but they have kept themselves to their standards for sure.

This is another great movie idea from Hustler, almost POV, where at first the cameraman (at the same time the actor) is making a toast with Cindy, having their cocktail glasses up in the air! Something is being cherished for sure. However, the real celebration happened afterward when they got home from their journey.

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And maybe even sooner, if you count a blowjob as a way to celebrate. For me, it’s more like a physiological need, like taking a leak. But yeah, Cindy sucked off her beloved one in the car while he was driving them to a complete fuck fest at his place!

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She conceded himself to him, leaving her entire body to his will. And the Hustler guy took every advantage he could’ve, drilling her pussy like a truly compassionate and caring worker he is, not to damage the concrete street whilst thrusting in. He even petted her pussy, and I guess it didn’t purr back!

All in all, another fantastic one from Hustler!

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8. Asian Pool Party

Yet again, All Girls Massage prove to us how a male porn star is just a surplus to an already great scene consisting of girls only! 4 girls are cast: Cindy Starfall, Marica Hase, Angelina Chung, Alina Li. If you’re a good name interpreter or if you’re already ahead of someone and know these porn stars from the start, then you know that all 4 are Asian. And they’re located in a mansion far away from the urban streets where peace and quiet inhabit these cliffs and vegetation.

These 4 girls are the only ones who are making noise and things are going to be even louder! Now, for the story: Marica and Alina are the first who got in the mansion because recently all 4 of the girls got into a rough fight and they parted ways. But, Marica and Alina have an amazing plan!

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Both of them agree to call one girlfriend, one is supposed to call Cindy, and the other should call Angelina. The two of them aren’t supposed to know that the other one is invited and is coming over, so if that goes well, everything will. And it did. Once the girls have gathered again, it was like nothing happened!

The foursome got down extremely fast, where the 4 girls were eating each other’s asses, providing us with an amazing lesbian scene! Lots of scissoring, pussy licking and moaning! This scene is utterly arousing!

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7. Evan Tries Nuru

It is true that Evan Stone is old as dirt but he ain’t nowhere near being a done deal! The guy still performs like a true 25-year-old and he’s not afraid to try out something new that kids these days do, like a Nuru massage at Cindy’s parlor!

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He’s trading his war stories with us, describing every single moment he had with Asian Cindy Starfall and how a blonde Taylor Whyte joined them while bathing in a pond. In the backyard of the parlor, which is an official part of the massage of course. Cindy went 1-on-1 with Evan, they got rid of their clothes and dipped in the pool.

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Cindy offered him her perky tits on which he gladly accepted. Then she stroked his cock until the blonde marched in and ruined the solo party! Taylor got in the pool as well, and now Evan is having a great threesome! In order not to get their skin all wrinkly, they went inside to dry for a minute there, then applied Nuru oil to his dick!

That’s when the real fun began! I think Evan will recommend this parlor to all his guys at the office like he did to Rocco!

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6. Split! Flexible Cindy’s Acrobatic Fuck

This is what was I telling you about. Cindy is so short that you can do as much as everything to her. Pick her, drag her, throw her up and down on your stick, etc. If you carefully watch this video, you’ll see most of the capabilities.

Evil Angel got it covered and all that we have to do is watch and learn. Instead of torturing her from the first second, she first starts off posing solo upstairs of the filming studio, raising her leg on the handrail, opening doors to new lands! She has those girly ponytails reminding me of those American schoolgirls in their uniforms, except this gal here doesn’t have as many clothes as required!

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She’s got a fancy white fuck-dress, designer clothes, which extends to her bumhole creating a thong instead of wearing separate underwear, so it’s like a jumpsuit of some sort. Her smooth legs are covered only with a pair of pink cotton socks.

She wears high heels, just to bring out the sexiness and turn down the sportiness! Just like I described her, that’s how long the camera took for a complete tour around her until she finally got on the bed with Toni Ribas, who immediately inflicted heavy damage to her flexible pussy!

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Cindy can do a bridge whilst having a cock down her deep throat for an example. Then she can do splits in whichever pose you fix her in, which is incredible! Very few stars have the ability which Cindy has in her little finger! Did I tell you about her deep throat? I’m still shocked by what I’ve seen, so of all these videos we reviewed, I secretly want you to watch this before all.

It’s because the first attribute which goes with Cindy is Acrobatic and Athletic, so this is like a cult film!

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5. My Wife’s Hot Friend with Johnny Castle

Johnny is de facto the luckiest guy on the planet. His wife’s friend from college days is stopping by their place for a visit, but later she’s nowhere to be found! Who knows where she in the meanwhile, but what we do know is that Cindy has already arrived and she’s tanning alongside their pool.

Johnny desperately watches those round ass and tits getting some sunlight. He’s almost like a caged lion trying to get free and live on with his animal instincts and ambitions. He knows that Cindy and his wife had some mutual history together – if you know what I’m implying on – and that makes him really uncomfortable!

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Until she gets in, that is, where he faced his simultaneous fear and beauty eye-to-eye. Once their eyes met, they just simply knew what will go down very quickly! All the insecurities faded away and since she was in a bikini, he subconsciously knew that she’s in need of an oil scrub.

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He proceeded to grab the oil and spread it on her soft and smooth body! They probably haven’t got much time, so he has to oil up that big dick and inject it in Cindy’s tender pussy very quickly! Wifey won’t even have a clue!

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4. Sexy Cindy

Cindy’s friend has been promoting Cindy to the Reality Kings Cum Fiesta quite often, but the effort hasn’t payed off. That’s when Cindy decided to do everything all by herself, so she rang their phone after taking it from her friend’s hand and voila! She got a deal!

They were ready for that same day, so she quickly dressed and slipped into something nice. She picked a summer dress with warm colors and went by the door of the Kings. She knew the entry code and that was to show her perky tits to them as an access key to their crib!

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Once she got that checked, the crew rolled the camera from the very beginning and filmed her throughout the entire action! She showed us what she hid under that dress and that got the Kings really horny! Next thing you know, Cindy has her face stuffed with balls, deep throating the dick and later on playing it in her pussy!

Good thing she had the light dress on her because she took it off like it was nothing, getting ready for some hardcore action! A warm welcome, I must say, the Kings fucked her brains out!

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3. Cum On In

Another pure POV action from Hustler and they are the only porn studio which can film a lower quality/resolution movie in order to leave it as a trailer. I reckon that if you buy their subscription you’ll get the option to watch at better quality.

Cindy seems in this movie more like a black girl, she probably has spent some time at the solarium. Her pussy is as always locked and loaded, but it’s more locked in the beginning than it’s loaded, and in the end, it’s vice versa.

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These unidentified male porn stars at Hustler never get their name next to the porn title, or anywhere to be honest, but the only thing we see is that fat dick being sucked real good by Cindy. Her tunnel of a throat is so long that you could fit a baton there! Or two! Same goes for her broad pussy! These naughty Asians!

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2. Too Big For Teens 13

Cindy can play any role you exhibit to her and this is solid evidence! Along with Xander Corvus (check out his Twitter here), the big-dicked stud, the two of them play curious teens in bed where she wants to see that huge stick Xander holds in his pants! Every time I see this guy’s cock, my heart skips a beat and I get torched by jealousy! Cindy barely put it in her mouth even though she is an absolute deep throat queen!

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Thankfully, it wasn’t a problem for her pussy because it’s more used to getting a hard pounding than the oral part of her so Xander didn’t have any issues related to thrusting this Asian babe! Her appearance really is trustworthy, but deceiving because I’d give her 20 years of age tops. As for Xander, he usually looks the same, so no other comment on him. An amazing performance overall!

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1. Lesbian Beauties 13

Porn was always kinda funny if you look into it from a different perspective. Cindy and her gorgeous black friend Chanell Heart are having a racial slur about white people, but labeling it like that is plain exaggerating. It’s not like that. They’re just having an argument about a third party race, which currently isn’t on the scene.

Chanell has some problems with them because she always considers them as enemies. However, the discussion is not that relevant, what matters is that they got the tension up sky high, making an extraordinary atmosphere for the sex which is commencing!

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They got so horny and aroused by the hot squabbling, turning all that negative energy to sexual energy! It’s all about science and physics! Cindy started inserting her fingers furiously into her pussy, Chanell was stimulated to climax and they finally shared their mutual love, making my heart again skip a beat!

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