The 9 Best Videos of Dakota Skye

I have to say that Dakota Skye is one of the rarest female porn stars who almost completely kept her pulchritude, without any drastic physical improvements or whatsoever. She joined the porn industry in 2013 when she was only 19, so we can conclude her birth date was on 1994. More precisely – adding up from my side – on the 17th of April. Aries in the horoscope, stubborn-minded by default, she came from Alaska, US.

Officially on Adult Film Database, she’s got 67 “more renown” porn titles. But it doesn’t involve most of her scenes, so we won’t trust this number, we’ll stick to our subjective truth. She came in as a cute teen girl, and a cute girl she remained up to this day and that’s joyful news, but just like I said, she kept her beauty just like the way it was, unlike some other girls.

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Dakota’s got short blonde hair which goes nicely along with her square-shaped face. Where her forehead, cheekbones, and jaw lines (that are similar width) bring out first when she shines your eyes with her beauty. That’s the Dakota Skye typical characteristic, but we’ll get to other more relevant ones that are less highlighted.

She stands around 5’5 but it’s quite possible that it’s an overstatement because I’ve seen on various websites that she’s usually shorter measures, rather around 5’3. I’m pointing this out because she’s listed as a petite girl, and she is, but there’s lots of difference in inches when we’re discussing small girls. Especially for the sake of the fans who like it when they’re packed in small packages!

What’s else small on Dakota Skye is her tits, 32A’s are the smallest they can get. However, they look cute on her teen body which mature Dakota has. Her mind is 23, but her body is around 18 for sure, making it even hotter than it would’ve been if she had bigger tits or ass. On second thought, her ass is fine, even Naughty America agrees that it ain’t bad, labeling her ass as a bubble butt! I’m definitely unanimous with it, but to say that her ass is small as well is no lie at all.

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Dakota’s big and dreamy blue eyes are the window to her well-intentioned soul. When she catches you with them while staring or simply accidentally coming across the camera lens, your heart just melts and you instantly have sentimental feelings towards this cute girlie.

I can say this for a vast amount of girls, but the intensity is what differs between each porn star and Dakota Skye is a high-flyer when it comes to bonding with your virtual porn star! You’ll see what I’m talking about and agree with me down below, where we reviewed 9 of her most exquisite videos. The best porn stars of the industry interlace with a website which has the best reviews; Sex Top Lists exclusive article about blonde Dakota Skye!

9. Anal Buffet #10, Scene #03

I don’t want to sound gay, nor that there’s something wrong with it. I just don’t want you guys to think that I’m reaching to a certain twisted point of me watching porn, but this guy’s cock is enormous! Dakota Skye and Carter Cruise are two teeny girls comparing them with Chris Strokes thickness.

The two girls are up for some mischief, having their lingerie swagger on and their sexual body movements tell us that their mutual interaction is on point! Once they get rid of their lingerie and set their ass and tits free, Chris suddenly realizes that it’s time for a hot threesome!

Carter and Dakota, the two blondies have started touching each other before Chris even arrived. But they’re just getting ready for what’s yet to come! Once he got on the show, his monster took away the spotlight from these two young porn queens, terrorizing their bumholes with his big dick!

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Oddly enough to their small size, the huge cock doesn’t seem to pinch their tight assholes. Rather it will help expand so that every next thrust goes in like a charm! This scene is very hot, anal was just the right thing to do with this scene, hitting it right in the bullseye!

8. Student Bodies #3

This Sweet Sinner video has such a simple name depending on the scene which looks a lot more serious than just Student Bodies. In the beginning, I thought that I played a music video by accident on Youtube. Dakota Skye is wandering around a spacious mansion’s pool yard, contemplating about her life choices probably, having her chin glued to her chest.

I really don’t have a clue about the background of her sorrow, but she’s thinking about jumping into the pool, attempting to commit suicide. Real genius, yes. Luckily, she was found on Steven St. Croix’s (visit his IMDB here) property, a man with great morals! He somehow sensed that something’s wrong, following poor Dakota around and once she jumped in, he sprinted to save her.

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Left to herself, she floated on water level until Steve swam to get a grip on her. He held her in his arms, quickly placing her next to the pool, trying to give her CPR and air. After that, Steven Croix gave her a tremendous reason to live, later giving her his huge cock as a gasp of air! There is hope, after all, Dakota!

7. Ass Tricks

Alright, we need a little breathing space (pun intended, of course) after a heart-twisting thrill, and Evil Angel has a great solution for harmless entertainment. Petite cutie Dakota Skye is showing the audience what she’s able to do with a hula-hoop, doing some crossovers, rolls, spins and any type of cascade you imagine, more or less.

But we aren’t here to see Dakota becoming someone’s stunt double, we want the core! Hardcore! She got the idea, so the camera hasn’t missed a single shot of her fine ass which she put up to display. Her hot lingerie is slim enough that you can see some of her juicy pussy! But that’s the point! A solo performance later, Bradley Remington just stepped in the show like he’s boss with a fully erect cock coming in Dakota’s deep throat like a nuclear rocket! Too soon?

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He helped me notice Dakota’s slave collar she had around her throat, maybe utilized as a limit for dick entrance to the first line. Who sticks by the rules anyway? Brad broke the law, forging on pushing the fictional limit. Later on, she was used as a slave by her owner Brad, taking a hard pounding from behind by him, but that’s what she wanted, isn’t it?!!

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6. Dakota Gets A Mouth Full

The Bangbros sometimes take a break of all their extreme episodes with these warm and calm ones, more resembling amateur than professional, structured porn! This is one of Dakota’s first shootings of her career, and I’m not being a double speaker now, wink wink!

She’s showing her 19-year old body to the Bangbros, more tending towards virgin, but let Bangbros take care of that! They got their guy sat on the couch, the whole thing is in POV which is great, and he’s waiting for the head he’ll receive from this hot-tempered blonde!

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We see then that every woman starts like a slow sucker, Dakota slowly got the feeling of the huge dick in her mouth, for all of her taste buds to get stimulated! After the suck, Bang bro hooked on a condom to his anchor, so he drops his weight way below ocean level of Dakota’s pussy! The ship has(n’t) sailed!

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5. Vagina Vision

Xander Corvus was always a high-staker, implying that the porn studios have always pushed him more than most male porn stars, which is logical since he’s a great porn actor! This crossed my mind because the scene’s picture quality is better than real life!

HD is very strong in this one. Nevertheless, Dakota and Xander are in love with each other, live with each other and all which comes with a relationship. She loves the fact that with Xander everything is chill, she’s free to do anything, so she decided not to button her shirt, leaving out her perky tits to the sharp summer breeze!

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She’s making her man a cup of tea, as well as heating up her hands for a good massage she’ll later give! Xander had some things to do, but who in the world would possibly turn down the deep throat queen Dakota?!

He fired the first shot by launching his tongue up her pussy, then Dakota gave him a nice blowjob to turn back the favor. However, what happened next can’t be explained by physics because Xander crushed her pussy and he got no “Eye for an eye” in return! Dakota though got an orgasm of her lifetime! Is balance kept, after all?! I hate ending reviews with questions.

4. Back on Top, Scene #1

If you’re up for typical American movie high school stuff, you’re a lucky wretch. Ariana Marie enrolled to a new school and yes, she’s the main character here so she has a tough time fitting in a new sisterhood and she is writing all about her experiences.

Since she’s a prospered cheerleader, the new school got her a place on the cheerleading team. However, the lead cheerleader Jenna Ross is a high school bitch and she can’t hope nor withstand her for a bit! That’s not all, she’s getting hate from Dakota Skye and Alina West as well, girls who are also on the same cheerleading team.

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Jenna kept sabotaging Ariana’s clique and ambitions to climb to the top of the throne. Luckily, her wing girls Dakota and Alina turned against her once they saw what a bitch she is, being on the side of justice!

Several unnecessary segments of the movie later, they have lured in Jenna straight to their trap! They started fully undressing her, scaring her at first when they locked her in their room with a king bed! The girls undressed each other, and finally got the required team chemistry between them, for a steaming hot lesbian scene!

Every girl had to take sips from the other girls pussy while receiving fingering, tongue, and saliva at the other end of their bodies! A circle completed makes everyone happy, plus, they had to take one for the team!

3. Lesbian Adventures – Strap On Specialists #08

If I ever said that lesbian porn is sometimes boring and dull, I guess I’ll have to eat humble pie because I hadn’t taken strap-ons into account. Carter Cruise x Dakota Skye are two relatively young porn stars. They don’t have broad experience, tricks, skills, like the best female porn stars do, however, they created a great combination in lesbian porn!

It’s not a plot-manipulated scene, Dakota just attaches the giant strap-on and her girlfriend Carter starts swallowing that plastic dick no differently like she would’ve if it were a real dick! I’m for real! In fact, she’s letting in so far that she had a few choke points, getting all red in the face. However, she was able to suppress excessive spitting or coughing up/gagging.

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That’s what you call determination! And that’s not all, like in the commercials! Carter rode on that strap-on while Dakota was given golden minutes acting like a man there, fucking the brains out of her beloved friend!

It’s easy to be the best against the weak, let’s see how she’ll cope when the tables finally turn! Carter avenges her pain by placing the strap-on deep inside Dakota’s throat while spinning her pussy around until she loses her mind! This is some heavy lesbian porn, my Gosh! I’ll eat the whole pie, so wrong have I been!

2. On Point

Finally a repulsive title for two deserving ballerinas – Dakota and Sydney Cole! They’re located in a completely white room, practicing and doing those leg exercises strictly for ballerinas, extending their legs on a wide metal pole and such.

Oh yeah, ignore the fact that they’re wearing 100% white ballerina dresses or whatever it’s called, however the trick here that the torso is a see-through material with small gaps created similar to fiber. So yeah, you can see both of these nubile girls natural tits! Some ballerinas are they!

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They switched exercises, squatting for some buttocks power. And afterward, they’ve been visited and supervised by their personal trainer, who most surely isn’t a creep that has two practically naked girls obeying him. With eagle eye vision, you could have spotted a potential ass grab while he’s lively instructing them, leading the training straightly to a fuck fest!

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Sydney was the one first turning around and who kissed the trainer and as Dakota saw what’s on now, they dropped to their knees and pulled out his dick for an oral exam! The guy both anally and vaginally penetrated the girls hard and the better girl probably got her place for an international competition in ballerina stuff! Wow, I don’t know sh*t about this sport!

1. American Nannies, Scene #3

I’m beginning to think that Ramon Nomar is the only male porn star on Bskow since I can’t remember when I saw a good movie without him. He’s the cover! Anyways, Dakota signed up for nannying or babysitting if you prefer, and she greeted her taskmaster Ramon as she entered his property.

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She was doing great, other than when she stripped completely naked and talked to a friend on the phone. When she got even more bored, she grabbed her trusty dildo from her suitcase and glided it in her pussy like a violin player.

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Now, another observation of mine which you can, but don’t have to take seriously. Dakota really has a plush pussy. The skin around her pussy seems so soft when she’s masturbating that I think she doesn’t feel when a dick is inside, she probably lost all her senses of all the tension gathered there.

I don’t know, but she must be a tough girl to please! Ramon didn’t have a second thought on that one, as his only concern was where will he land the cumshot at the end! That careless fuck!

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