The 6 Best American Pornstars of 2017


God Bless fellow Americans! Aside all your flaws, the influence of this proud nation of mankind advancing is by far their merit, under condition that we’re talking about raising modern standards in technology, providing the development of vast number of industry branches, and the most I’m impressed by is the VR innovation, which is just applied to porn just as well.

Consider me as an Americanising lobbyist, for what I’m not because there’s a lot of side-effects leftover the leveraging sway of these people! However, we’re focused on good things, and on one and only one good thing – their taintless porn industry! There’s no other country or federation where are better systems than in the US.

As a wakeup call on the frame of reference, we take “American” implying on North America excluding Canada. Well, there are plenty of hot, kind Canadian babes, but unfortunately, this time ain’t right for them. South American girls are a whole different story, a diverse universe from our straight-forward one. But we’ll get to there once.

Nevertheless, most European and other continental habitants that strive to become famous of porn one day, have a wish to fly overseas – destination: the United States! It’s not a naive cause, no wonder they count more thousands and thousands of porn actresses aged eighteen to fifty! Regardless of age, they more or less share the same lust and desire to get plowed by a gigantic cock or two!

It’s all thanks to the brave and friendly porn companies, ranging from the biggest to the even smaller ones, that established conditions which are favorable for anyone, stimulating these babes to carry on with their talents and build on that potential, so that we classify them by numbers, even though it’s a dead race!

Most of these mentioned porn stars have a pretense to be among the top of the world, which some might are already. So, the highest quality of pornstar is put on a showdown below, so it’s hardly thinkable that you won’t find your perfect girl that you’ll stalk online!

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6. Jada Stevens

Jada’s surely the freshest babe to leave a huge mark in the industry by her incredible, both performances and beauty! She can’t make a single appearance without blistering glister, our eyes pop out each time Jada is shown on the scene! Can’t be avoided, so you just might as well enjoy the fame of this dame, otherwise, you’re too lame for a beast this big to tame!

The porn game is trembling when she’s around when she shakes and wiggles around that big apple booty of hers, vibrations spread across the cameras and attract you to keep watching until you reach her final, latest video, and still until she doesn’t release it quickly, repeating all is a highly-considerable option!

The look in her eyes, the facial constitution, and her complete posture is Earth-shocking, the magnitude is too large, just like her killer mentality! Unreciprocally, her tits are like in a 20-year-old, 36C’s that aren’t noticeable as much ASS she contains! It’s all in the shadow, but it’s better to be the best at one thing than second in multiple things, am I right??? My word order and choices are terrible, but you get my point.

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Jada was born in Atlanta, 1988, she’s of Irish descent, so if you’re feeling lucky it calls in for a round with Jada! The multiple-award-winning girl is flashy as she can be, but she doesn’t seem physically like a flaunter. Modesty is a sacred thing, and she has it. Before she unleashes the beast inside and swalllows a whole cock like it’s breadstick!

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5. Cassidy Banks

The thing what describes Cassidy fully is – passion! The fuel of her acting skills is created naturally from her well-being, not because of the competition, she simply likes to have sex more than anything else, so why shouldn’t she fullfill her affinities, makes the porn market a lot accessible place! Wow, I’m too objective that it’s hurtful!

What I’m saying is, Cassidy’s passionate performance isn’t reachable by many, that’s why she decided to use that potential and look where she brought herself! A self-made actress that lifted herself from ground zero to a winner!

She has to show gratitude to the al-mighty whatever her religion’s God is, for gifting her the unwrapped presents which are her grand 38DD tits and a envious curve drop on her ass that’s like a touristic attraction to ski enthusiasts. Imagine if we made a mountain size model of her booty! The number of sex maniacs and skiers would lineary go, paralelly!

Let’s try raise a fund open for donations to this project! I’d be the first in line! Maybe it’d be a lot easier to dumb down my urges with a night spent with Cassidy. I’m a loser and she is so dreamy!

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4. Alexis Texas

Alexis from Texas is a masterclass pornstar who’s been locked inside since 2006! An anniversary of 12 years is just ahead, and who knows for how much more years she’ll be inspired to film art with other men, crotchety is vivid in her life also, she identifies as open for all sexes, so lesbians, stay on the lookout, Texas is in town!

Converting herself from a brunette to a blonde and vice versa kept on alternating, and in my opinion, both versions of Alexis is lustful as her alter ego! Funny how both of these girls have 34C’s whatever color you dye her in, bouncier as always, and same goes to her huge ass! Although seeming like she’s short, Alexis has a descent size of 5’8 (173 cm) in height and she fills in space, so to say!

It’s rude to point out a girl’s weight, at least that’s what I learned by myself, so Alexis I’ll spare you off my criteria that needs authoritarian attitude, not discarded as sacrifices to summon Blue-Eyes.

There’s not much covered in our full article tributed to this porn icon, but for wise men, it says more than it reads. Such aspiring, I should write a book about my insights!

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3. Allie Haze

And I thought Allie was tall! Slightly shorter than the posterior Alexis Texas, the question still is in circulation – does an inch make a difference? Guys tend to question this the most, who knows why, but it always settles on how you use your scarce resources! Allie is 29-years-old, is reaching for tiresome years, but she still has the life of a little girl left behind (and in her behind) pilled up!

For a small country girl from San Bernardio, she has overshadowed the eyes of her fans and those who consume porn on a greater level, because face it, no general public has heard of Allie Haze. That’s why I’m talking about reaching those more mature stages in life which will make her stand firmly on the top, but for now, she’s far from clingy.

There is an extensive interview with the pornstar by JodyNeilRuth, click here and check it out

Roots have to be snuck up to the ground so that no storm or burden knocks her down, and I believe that this big booty girlfriend of ours has the best chances for now! Why? Pure intuition. Argument: won. See for yourselves with what we’re dealing with, I’m not speaking empty here! Check out the full article below!

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2. Bree Daniels

This might’ve been a surprise for your sore eyes to see a porn goddess in disguise as this ulterior bomb! Those hidden mines definitely are the deadliest, and Bree Daniels is secretly haunting you while you’re a sitting duck!

Bree crossed my thoughts recently, and by recently I mean over some months ago, unlike others in this list. It had to be done, she had to be ranked high! She’s a red-hair for porn’s sake! Woo, nice catchphrase. Keep this between you and me a’ight?

Anyway, Bree was born in Montana on November 1991, later moving to a bigger city where’s she grew up, above all. Hitting the odd number of 15 years of age, she started modelling ever since and look where it lead to! So, did it pay off? Naturally, a contemporary would’ve said NO, because it was too early, plus she wasn’t promising back then, but when life catches you off guard there is no running away!

Cam-modelling was her next stadium and finally in 2010 she made a decent hardcore video, which was her first one ever! Bree is also 5’7, light on her feet and has a pair of fleet hanging on her chest, but it’s still early for lift-off. Or lift-down – her becoming a granny. 34C is prescribed as the best bra cup size to fit those juicy tits and I think that’s a fair size. Better yet, excellent!

Bree was a Penthouse Pet dated March 2014, so that’s one of her few major accomplishments, beside being ranked #2 in our book! Remember, full article link is in underlined blue.

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1. Karlie Montana

Of course the number one American actress will be the one that has a typical American name! Montana is like something I refer to an American colloquial speech, especially pronouncing it in my head with a heavy Southern accent. What’s more American than that?

Not likely, but Karlie doesn’t resemble your typical style, America. Although, she has red hair but that’s only one unarguable case that withstands versus these next I’m gonna impose to you. To preface, and ’cause we’re talking about face, it looks kinda British if you ask me. I wouldn’t be surprised if she spoke that way, it’s quite fitting to her whole figure.

She’s slim and extended, athletic bulit, nice pair of tits and she seems so tall in her videos. Guys around her look like they lack the patriarchal sturdyness, but once she’s down on that dick the embarrasment is invisible!

Karlie has no fear nor shows sign of relucting behavior when she’s gliding that pole, firemen are jealous of her quick go-down skill in case of fire hazard alerts. And Karlie is fire, by the way! Feel confused? Splendid. Read the full article to get to that zen point.

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